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Chapter 209 : Wu Clan’s Descendant (1)

“Young Noble Li, just name a price, my Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom will not hesitate!” At this moment, a second was worth many pieces of gold; the old man wished that Li Qiye would withdraw his troops so he decisively made this ridiculous offer to quell this matter.

This turmoil was a great loss to their Ancient Kingdom; it was to the point of spurting blood and losing teeth.

However, saving their ancestor was more important!

Li Qiye lightly glanced at the man and said: “Your Ancient Kingdom thinks too highly of yourself.

If I wanted to slaughter all of you, it will be my wish and even a mountain of gold would not be able to change my mind! Today, not slaughtering all of you is simply to give some face to the Nine Saint Demon Gate!”

“Yes, yes…” Even though these words were offensive, the old man could only nod in agreement.

“Hand Dao Child Shengtian over!” Finally, Li Qiye looked at him and added: “As for your compensation, talk to the Nine Saint Demon Gate!” Finished speaking, he turned around and left.

Li Qiye was very excited for today’s battle, he wanted to absolutely annihilate the Ancient Kingdom’s Heavenly Grotto.

However, since they didn’t kill everyone today, it was difficult for him to be happy! Nonetheless, he still gave Chi Yun and the Nine Saint Demon Gate some consideration.

Since they did not want to wage war against the Ancient Kingdom, he satisfied Chi Yun’s wish!

Respectfully escorting Li Qiye out of the mansion was not only the Ancient Kingdom’s old man, but also Chi Yun.

The group of Li Shuangyan also left along with Li Qiye.

From start to finish, Li Shuangyan did not give her opinion.

She knew of her young noble’s intention to massacre, but he only stopped out of consideration for the Nine Saint Demon Gate today.

Not long after they left, the one to blame for this storm — Dao Child Shengtian — was tied up by five immortal ropes and handed over by the Ancient Kingdom, leaving his fate in others’ hands!

Outside of Dao Child Shengtian, there were also a few escaping protectors and sectional leaders of the Heavenly God Sect! All of them were tied up and brought to Li Qiye’s door.

Seeing Li Qiye again, Dao Child Shengtian no longer had the glory of the past.

His face was deathly pale for his fate was sealed.

“Take him out and behead him tomorrow.

Hang their skulls on the gate so the world will know that anyone who messes with me is courting their own death!” Li Qiye only spared a single glance, then he waved his sleeve before commanding.

“Li Qiye, you, do you dare to truly fight me with your own skill or not!” As he was being pushed out, Dao Child Shengtian was not willing and he coldly called out.

The Li Qiye who was initially leaving stopped and stared at Dao Child Shengtian, then he smilingly replied: “Dao Child Shengtian, do you really think you are something great A genius How many coins are you worth Don’t show that arrogant face in front of me! You’re only a loser to my maid, do you think you are worthy of me personally killing you Take him out and decapitate him!” Finished speaking, Li Qiye turned around and left.

“Surname Li, even if I become a ghost, I will not let you go!” Dao Child Shengtian struggled to rush forward while coldly shouting, but he was stopped by the protectors of the Nine Saint Demon Gate.

“With just you Even if you become a ghost, you will still only be a cockroach beneath my feet! I would even kill true Ghost Immortals; a little ghost like you should wake up already.” Li Qiye’s voice rang from inside of the door.

“No…” Dao Child Shengtian snarled with all of his grievances, but it could not change his pitiful destiny!

Once the night’s curtain lowered, there were many pieces of news traveling inside Ancient Sky City.

Countless great characters of the big powers held a secret meeting to discuss the matters.

This matter — of course — was about the unparalleled giant sleeping inside Ancient Sky City! This truly shocked everyone in the world.

After the battle between the Black Dragon King and Immortal Emperor Ta Kong where the Heaven’s Will was torn apart, signaling the entry to the Difficult Dao Era, Heavenly Sovereigns were already rare.

As for the more powerful Heavenly Kings and Virtuous Paragons, they were completely in seclusion to pause their blood lifespan in order to avoid this arduous era!

As for the unparalleled giants comparable to the gods, they were only legends.

Today, when someone suddenly suppressed the Immortal Emperor’s Life Treasure along with the ancestor of the Ancient Kingdom, this meant that there was an extremely terrifying existence sleeping inside the city.

All kinds of legends regarding Ancient Sky City began to clamor overnight, as well as strange tales.

“Legends has it that Ancient Sky City was not built during the Desolate Area and absolutely not the Desolace Expansion Era.

It was most likely built during the mythical Legendary Era.” An extremely old cultivator who grew up in Ancient Sky City stated.

This living fossil continued on: “According to the legends, the Ancient Sky City and the Heavenly Ancient Burial Ground are closely related.

During the Legendary Era, the Heavenly Ancient Burial Ground was an imperial burial ground for True Gods after death, and the Ancient Sky City was a divine city in the nine firmaments.

After the era of the True Gods collapsed, the divine city fell to the earth and it became the Ancient Sky City ever since!”

“I have heard of such a legend before when I was a kid.” In Ancient Sky City, the living fossils who grew up in this vicinity all gathered together and secretly discussed this rumor: “There is another old legend that believes the True Gods are still alive.

However, they are hiding in this world.

Maybe, there is a sleeping True God in Ancient Sky City!”

Thinking about the big hand, many people glanced at each other.

To be able to suppress an Immortal Emperor’s Life Treasure underground, it was probably the mythical gods — a once supreme True God!

“Ancient Sky City has withstand countless battles and gained countless visits from Immortal Emperors.

It can remain standing till now as the oldest city in the Grand Middle Territory — this is not without reasons.

I’m afraid that there really is a sleeping True God or an unparalleled giant from the legends!” Many sect masters and royal lords were also secretly discussing this matter.

Everyone in the city knew about this gigantic hand and the sleeping monster.

However, what piqued their curiosity was the origin of this giant, whether he was a mythical True God or a paramount being from another era.

There were some sects and royal clans that were discretely searching for this giant’s origin, but they didn’t dare to be too boisterous out of fear of upsetting this supreme giant.

That would absolutely be a sect-destroying disaster!

“Even though the Difficult Dao Era wasted 30,000 years of time for cultivators, but in the current era, the strongest beings aren’t Ancient Saints and definitely not Heavenly Sovereigns.

Even Heavenly Kings wouldn’t dare claim to be invincible!” An Ancient Saint from the last generation finally lamented.

There was one undying old man who pondered for a moment before finally bemoaning: “The Difficult Dao Era really did suppressed all of us; even Heavenly Sovereign’s had to live in seclusion.

However, this didn’t mean that there weren’t powerful enemies in this world.

Today, it is still full of hidden dragons and crouching tigers.

Even if a Virtuous Paragon came into being, would he dare claim to be invincible”

Above Royal Nobles were Enlightened Beings, Ancient Saints, Heavenly Sovereigns, Heavenly Kings, and finally Virtuous Paragons! Who in this world would know how many Heavenly Kings and Virtuous Paragons were halting their blood span In just one night, countless people secretly discussed this matter, but in the end, it was all for naught.

No one actually knew about the origin of this sleeping giant.

As for Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao, the ones who knew that it was the old ghost, they were very curious about his origin, but they couldn’t ask about it since Li Qiye didn’t say much.

No matter where the sleeping giant came from, he had become a lingering shadow inside everyone’s hearts.

Even a few Immortal Emperor lineages carrying Immortal Emperor Life Treasures and even True Treasures didn’t dare to take any action.

The ancestor of the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom was the perfect example of what happens when waking up this sleeping giant!

Meanwhile, during the night, another piece of news quietly spread.

The Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom withdrew during the night.

Even though they were very secretive and kept a low profile during this retreat, people still found out.

Some people saw many Royal Nobles, Named Heroes, and even Enlightened Beings along with Ancient Saints guarding an ancient coffin as they covertly left Ancient Sky City.

Many disciples also left the Heavenly Grotto in the inner city, only leaving behind a few as guards.

Seeing a monster like the Ancient Kingdom having to secretly withdraw from the city — this truly stunned other people! This was a heritage with two emperors ah! They had terrifying hidden strength.

But today, it was still forced to leave the city, leaving everyone aghast.

“Facing an unparalleled giant, even the Ancient Kingdom can’t do anything but to acquiesce.

Unless they have a hibernating divine ancestor coming into being, they have no other choice.

Any heritage would have to retreat in the face of such a monster.” A few undying old men softly sighed.

Yielding in this manner was far from shame because any sect in this situation would be forced to retreat for they could not afford to become enemies with such an existence!

Some people were secretly ecstatic seeing the Ancient Kingdom’s restraint.

Countless sects had suffered in the hands of the Ancient Kingdom.

However, even though they were happy, they did not dare to show it.

In the end, this was merely a setback; they were still a standing behemoth, and no one dared to create enmity against them!

There were also many people who cared about whether the ancestor inside the coffin was dead or alive as they spied for this news.

Nothing was impossible for a willing heart, and finally, there was a grand character who found out that the Ancient Kingdom’s ancestor was still alive!

This information amazed many great characters.

An Immortal Emperor Life Treasure, in the end, was still an Immortal Emperor Life Treasure.

It still managed to protect the ancestor inside the coffin.

If it was someone else (even a Virtuous Paragon), from the power of that hand, they still would have been rendered into nothingness without the Life Treasure’s protection!


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