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Mortal Reversions comment made people look around at each other.

It was indeed something threatening World Emperor.

Emperors had their advantages but so did the High Gods.

First, putting aside the stronger argument between the two, emperors had advantages in battle such as being more resilient and harder to kill.

Even a top High God would have a hard time killing one due to the underlying issue of destroying the Heavens Wills.

Of course, the pros for High Gods included having a much lower chance of facing the Heavenly Execution.

Thus, they could walk around after their own generation, unlike the emperors.

Both Mortal Reversion and World were top existences but World always had to evade the execution.

Right now, Worlds own was looming above him while Mortal Reversions was nowhere to be found.

Unless World could kill Mortal Reversion in around five moves, the situation would only get worse for him.

Who knows if he could survive dealing with both the execution and Mortal Reversion at the same time

Of course, it was impossible for him to take a rare Ancient God down so fast.

“Yep, a good item.” Because of Mortal Reversions interference, Li Qiye obtained the carapace and clapped his hands.

Darkness expression became unsightly after seeing their jewel fall into the hand of an enemy.

He had tried to recall his carapace but it had been locked by the Primordial Will.

Possessing the summoning chant wasnt enough unless he was capable of forcefully taking the Primordial Will.

Of course, this was impossible.

“Dao Brother, help me get it back!” He had no choice but to ask World Emperor.

A thunderous growl seemed to be answering Darkness instead.

World wasnt happy to see this while the rest kept their distance from him, not wanting to deal with the extremely powerful execution.

“Use the Peacebringer Art.

Ill watch over.” Having said that, he went back inside his dao portal.

“Very well, World, if you dont attack, I wont either.” Mortal Reversion also manipulated space and stood inside a different dao portal.

Both of them came prepared with these two world-crossing portals.

Only they were capable of crafting such a thing.

It was clear that Mortal Reversion came to hold World back with no intention of joining the fight.

Darkness expression changed after hearing World, the part about the Peacebringer Art.

In the end, he gritted his teeth and ordered: “Fellow Daoists, help me use that art to destroy this person!”

All the emperors were not ready for this, especially the ones from the three races.

“We must do this” An emperor hesitated; they only came for the treasures and didnt expect for the situation to deteriorate like this.

“What is this art” A new High God became curious.

“The cruelest incantation in this world.

Losing control would mean bringing down everyone, death is assured even with the Heavens Wills.” An older High God spoke with austerity.

This art was created by the three races to deal with the Ancient Ming.

It was neither a merit law or an offensive art, just a spell for the user to add their life force, Heavens Wills, and vitality into it.

If the opponent was not strong enough to withstand this spell, only death awaited them.

However, in the opposite scenario, the casters would die.

Back when the Ancient Ming ravaged the thirteen continents, they were extremely hard to kill due to the evil nature of their race.

The three races had no choice but to muster all of their efforts and came up with this cruel spell.

Some said that its foundation originated from Purewood and eventually perfected by the Grand Emperors.

Other sources didnt include Purewood, only the Grand Emperors.

“Victory will be decided today!” Darkness roared after seeing the hesitating emperor: “We have so many Heavens Wills, how are we going to fail But hesitate Even if you manage to run today, you wont be able to escape later!”

He was indeed speaking the truth, not just an empty threat.

“Alright, well do it!” The other emperors decided to go all out.

They didnt give the Dark Crow any face today so even if they were to leave this place alive today, he would come for them later on.

Everyone knew of his style - murderous and merciless towards his opponents.

“Peacebringer!” Darkness chanted and runes flew out.

The words engraved themselves on the forehead of the emperors.

“Peacebringer!” Their mind became connected right away, ready for Darkness to carry out this spell.

This was the culmination of the old Grand Emperors effort.

They would never teach it to outsiders but today, Darkness had given the ones who didnt know about it the seal.

They didnt need to understand it and still could work together with him.

“Buzz.” Their wills, vitality, longevity blood, and grand dao fused into the spell, turning into a faint energy of death.

This energy engulfed the entire place and anything with life.

Even if the enemy were to run far away, there was no escaping this curse! Li Qiye was no exception either.

His body was also shrouded by this lingering and omnipresent curse. 

Li Qiye laughed after feeling the power of the curse: “When you all chased the remnants of the Ancient Ming down to the nine worlds, I came up in order to ask for a way to destroy them yet you all hid this from me, and now, you use it on me!”

When the Ancient Ming had total sovereignty in the nine worlds, Li Qiye had no choice but to come up for help.

This evil race was too hard to kill.

The three races certainly had something to deal with the Ming since they successfully repelled this race down to the nine worlds.

Of course, the three races refused the request.

Li Qiye was left all by himself before eventually coming up with a new way to kill the Ancient Ming. 

“Buzz.” He channeled all of his vitality and grand dao to hover around him.

However, this massive defensive energy didnt stop a tiny, black spot from appearing on him.

Suddenly, it started expanding.

He focused his power again to expulse this particular dot.

His vitality was powerful enough to make it small again.

Alas, another dot appeared in a different location and began expanding as well.

“Buzz.” A holy glow erupted around him.


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