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“Time to get the hell out of the academy!” Li Qiye chuckled while sitting on his chair in the sky.

He raised his hand, creating a buzz.

“Crack! Crack!” Next, the buildings in Study Room suddenly assembled together to form a majestic palace.

“Boom!” It emitted a world-destroying power that expanded towards all the invaders.

“Retreat!” Even the emperors were shocked, not wanting to withstand this power.

They instantly soared above the nine firmaments.

A few High Gods were too slow and instantly turned to ashes without the chance to scream.

The spectators shuddered after seeing this wondrous power.

“High Heaven Palace!” The lion-headed figure revealed the origin of this power and reached for the palace with a gigantic palm.

“Ha.” Li Qiye sneered and turned the palace into a source emitting a blazing light, capable of murdering emperors.

It was too fast and the figure couldnt escape from being penetrated in the chest.

“Coward, show yourself!” Soaring Immortal Prince roared and took advantage of this moment.

Laws from the academy instantly rushed out and locked the fourteen wills inside the lion-headed figure.

“Rumble!” The palace then spewed out a flame capable of refining the wills.

“Not good! We gotta get here now!” The eleven-will Immortal Monarch was astounded and commanded.

“Boom!” Fourteen majestic figures emerged right away in order to regain control.

“Clank!” The laws locking their wills were severed.

This was indeed a terrorizing group.

“Freesky Immortal Monarch!” A spectator gasped after seeing the eleven-will monarch.

“Hes an alumnus...” A High God quietly stated.

“Goddamn you!” A member of the hundred races gritted their teeth.

Freesky was one of the strongest monarchs of the hundred races, the progenitor of Freesky Sect.

“Five monarchs from Freesky Sect, three monarchs from Rumination, and six more from the hundred races.

Outside of Freesky Immortal Monarch, three other ones were alumni.” Someone counted.

Rumination had four monarchs but the first one had fallen to a Heavenly Execution.

“The hundred races want to destroy the academy even more than us.” A devil High God commented.

“The pavilion closest to the water enjoys moonlight first, or rather, a mountain cant have two tigers.” A Grand Emperor from the divine race sneered: “Im sure they have coveted the academy for a long time now.”

For example, Freesky Immortal Monarch was an alumnus so he knew just the amount of treasures the academy had.

How could he not be tempted by this He wasnt the only one either.

“Ungrateful bastard!” The prince stared at them and uttered harshly.

Freesky turned slightly red, this was indeed a despicable action.

Nevertheless, he said: “Prince, this is a world where the strong prey on the weak.”

The prince snorted and didnt bother responding.

He had indeed experienced this logic many times throughout the course of his life.

“We only want the High Heaven Palace, hand it over and well leave right away.” Freeskys group was fixated on this artifact.

A Grand Emperor heard this and stared at the ancient palace: “Thats the legendary High Heaven Scroll, rumored to be the best”

Of course, no one knew whether this claim was true or not.

However, after seeing its power earlier, they found it to be quite reasonable.

“You must be dreaming.” Li Qiye chuckled and gestured at the palace, causing it to shrink down to the size of a fist while floating around him.

It didnt take long before people forgot about the rest of the academy.

All eyes were on this ultimate artifact.

After all, what could be more precious in comparison

It was best to seize this item first before doing anything else!

“Dao Brother, I dont know who you are but it doesnt matter how strong you are, the situation is already settled.

You won\'t be able to protect the academy or keep that artifact.

Hand it over, well protect it for the sake of the hundred races.” Freesky stepped forward and led his group of thirteen emperors.

The only thing in their eyes right now was the palace.

“How shameless.” A sneer answered him with the appearance of a blue expanse.

A person was riding a bull over.

He seemed free and relaxed, capable of shouldering the world and acting as its shepherd: “Freesky, a wretch like you being able to become a monarch is indeed a miracle of the ages.”

“Immortal Emperor Mu Tian!” Someone recognized this bull rider.

“Another emperor from the nine worlds.” One person became excited. 

This was an emperor from Heavenguard and had access to some amazing techniques.

Freesky remained calm despite the shameful position he found himself in: “This is just the nature of life, Fellow Daoist Mu Tian, can you honestly say you have never taken something from others”

Mu Tian smiled in response: “I have bullied and killed numerous who were weaker than myself.

However, I was never an ungrateful traitor! Someone like that does not deserve to be an Immortal Monarch.

Thus, I shall slay you today to rid the academy of its vermin!”

“Mu Tian, you think I am afraid of you Well see who will be the one falling.” Freesky shouted after hearing the harsh comment.

“Come, well have our battle.” Mu Tian waved and challenged.

“I shall also rid the academy and the hundred races of these wretches!” Soaring Immortal Prince was also itching to kill.

His bloodthirst engulfed the other thirteen monarchs behind Freesky.

“Haha, count the two of us in, Imperial Prince.” The Tyrant Tiger laughed and said.

“I also look down on traitor the most!” Lifepeach was ready to take down these monarchs with the prince.

Meanwhile, the Grand Emperors from the three races had a sneer on their face because this was an embarrassing moment for the hundred races.

Of course they would be willing to see the monarchs kill each other while they wait for a better opportunity.

“Protect the academy first.” The ancestors of the academy were eager as well but Li Qiye told them with a smile.

The ancestors finally realized this was the time.

They once again took over the platform.

It lit up and the academy was stabilized with its defensive barriers strengthened.

“Mu Tian, no need to rush to kill these fools.

Many people are still watching.” Li Qiye told the emperor.

“You are right, Teacher.” The emperor bowed towards Li Qiye.

He then turned towards Freesky and said: “My eyes are on you.”

Freesky snorted and wasnt in a hurry to attack either.

He knew that the Grand Emperors were waiting to take advantage of the situation so he remained focus on his goal - the High Heaven Palace.

The Grand Emperors glanced at each other after seeing that these monarchs werent going to fight among themselves.


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