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Virtuous slightly raised his brows.

This was indeed the case because Nine-sword wouldnt let his only son die like this without doing anything.

There was no way he would forgive the killer!

Li Qiye continued: “Dont worry about this, just back off.

But if you must demand justice, then just know that my will is justice.

Is that good enough of a reason”

Virtuous did not like this contemptuous response; it was pretty much a challenge.

The headmaster shook his head and didnt want to interfere.

This was a crucial moment for the academy so this matter was insignificant.

Virtuous took a deep breath and said: “Dao Brother, you are too unreasonable.

It doesnt matter who is right or wrong right now, but I wish to see if you are qualified to act so domineeringly.”

This was a tough response.

As an emperor, he couldnt back down after just a few sentences from the guy.

“Challenging me” Li Qiye couldnt help but smile.

“Yes, overestimating myself I might be, I still wish to try.

If I lose, Ill leave and stop asking about this matter.” Virtuous said.

“You are indeed overestimating yourself.” Li Qiye nodded: “Your power right now is insignificant.

Forget it, because you are a human, I wont make it too difficult for you.

Return from whence you came, youre not ready to participate in this muddled water.”

“Does he think everyone is beneath him!” A student was indignant and stood up for Virtuous: “Who does he think he is, a twelve-will emperor No one can take this sitting down.”

Virtuous wasnt ready for this verbal slap either.

He was still an emperor and demanded more respect.

“If thats the case, let me witness your invincible arts.

I have a bad habit of not giving up until seeing it for myself.” His expression turned cold.

“Buzz.” Strands of imperial light oozed out from his body.

Each ray seemed to be opening a new world and carried boundless power.

His aura engulfed the entire academy.

Every student could sense this direction suppression, causing them to tremble.

“A fight is about to break out…” One murmured.

“Virtuous hasnt fought anyone after becoming a monarch so Im looking forward to this.” A student licked his lips and said with anticipation.

Li Qiye simply chuckled and didnt really mind - perhaps he had no intention of starting.

“Only a four-will monarch, no need for Young Noble to personally fight.

Im more than enough.” Jinsheng behind Li Qiye stepped up and calmly challenged.

This old man was completely unnoticeable standing behind Li Qiye.

But now, he didnt give Virtuous any face either to the crowds astonishment.

Li Qiye being arrogant was one thing, but now a student from Study Room was also the same way Was this a case of like teacher, like student

“Who is he Daring to speak to Virtuous like that” A student wondered.

Another became unhappy: “Does he think he can act like that with a teacher backing him up He needs to weigh himself first.”

Virtuous immediately turned his attention towards Jinsheng.

In the beginning, he really didnt notice this old man and thought that he was only Li Qiyes servant.

It was already an impressive showing of self-restraint for an emperor to not slap the old man for being disrespectful.

However, his eyes eventually became serious.

Though Jinsheng was hiding his power, he still had an aura capable of taking in everything, as if he could devour any force.

Virtuous had seen something similar on Nine-sword.

Virtuous had associated with top experts so he was perceptive in detecting them.

Thus, his heart naturally skipped a beat.

“May I ask for your name” He took a deep breath to calm his fiery mood and asked.

“Im senile now, dont remember my name, but if you wish to fight, Ill play with you for a bit.” Jinsheng answered.

“Let Jinsheng play with you for several moves then.

My temperament has been bad recently so I dont want to kill you by accident.” Li Qiye chuckled.

“So be it.” Virtuouss endless vitality erupted like a tsunami and rushed into the sky.

“Relentless Bloodline.

It has been well-trained, alright, lets go.” Jinsheng nodded and said.

Having said that, he slowly raised his right hand and shook it.

In the blink of an eye, an indiscernible shadow danced around his hand.

It looked like a dog that could swallow the entire world.

This shadow made others feel as if their very soul was being devoured - a sensation akin to falling into a pit of ice.

Virtuous shuddered after seeing this and thought about a legend that Nine-sword used to bring up quite often!

“Senior, do people refer to you as Nether Lunatic” Virtuous quickly cupped his fist and said with a solemn expression.

Jinsheng sighed and said with a tinge of disappointment: “Ive forgotten this nickname and stopped using it after losing to Mortal Reversion Ancient God back then.”

He was sentimental to hear this title; the scenes of his arrogant youth replayed in his mind.

“Nether Lunatic!” Many students jolted in shock and fear.

One from Emperor Mansion murmured: “The most gifted student in the academy, a High God with eleven totems…”

This name resounded thunderously among the student body.

They all knew who he was despite never seeing him in person before.

His tales were still passed down to this day.

He was perhaps one of the first students who dared to boldly challenge a teacher.

Back then, he defeated five teachers in a row and became a legend.

At the same time, the academy let this legend pass down without any limitation.

The guy was only one step away from the peak.

Unfortunately, he disappeared after challenging Mortal Reversion back then.

Many believed that he had been killed by the Ancient God.

No one expected to see him still here at the academy.

This inconspicuous student from Study Room was the famous Nether Lunatic 

The students were naturally shocked but Li Qiye was still nonchalant.

Same with the headmaster, it was as if he had known this already.

The young ones were amazed.

An eleven-totem High God was right before them!

After confirming this, even Virtuous was astonished and staggered several paces backward.


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