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Chapter 1977: Chrono Disk

The three dao hearts were the top in the world.

One would find it exceedingly difficult to find another like them in the entire river of time.

Darkness, light, or accumulation of time - these were the power of dao hearts, not within the boundary of the dao or anything else.

Most didn’t understand that the most important thing for cultivation was not merit law or talents but rather the dao heart.

It was because the majority couldn’t reach this level.

Only emperors at the top would be able to understand.

For example, the ocean of darkness from Samsara.

Merit laws and dao couldn’t do anything against the absolute darkness.

Only Saint’s purest dao heart could refine and burn it away.

As for Li Qiye, with his current cultivation, there was no way for him to travel back in time back to the wildland.

However, his firm dao heart was able to do so, regardless of the distance.

Moreover, it wasn’t afraid of being devoured in the depth of the ocean because the darkness couldn’t touch his will.

Furthermore, the indomitable affinity of his dao heart could resonate with Saint’s own.

This allowed Saint’s holy light to become mightier.

Many emperors were questioning themselves whether they would last against the darkness of Samsara.

But if the top masters of the epoch could have such a firm dao heart, there wouldn’t have been so many dark overlords in the wildland.

“So rare.” The past Samsara saw this scene and said with a tinge of emotion: “One everlasting dao heart is already rare enough, let alone three.

Why must we kill each other Why not work together to flip the heaven over There might be a chance at the final battle.”

Despite saying so, he didn’t halt his offense.

His darkness continued to crush down on the grand momentum.

Alast, there was no progress.

The momentum of Li Qiye and eighteen emperors and more than one hundred wills were simply unbreakable.

Samsara was indeed mighty but he wouldn’t be able to break it down in a short time unless he had other methods that were even more heaven-defying.

“What a shame, the Paragon Artifact was destroyed back then, or I would be able to break this down.” He remained calm due to his age and having experienced countless dangers before.

He took out an item with a solemn expression and said: “Very well, since it has reached this point, might as well let go of all caution.”

This particular weapon looked like a circular disk with the same color as the moon.

Its light was quite dimmed as if hasn’t been taking out in a long time.

This was a very simple weapon, not much different from an ornament and seemingly lacked power.

However, his expression spoke otherwise.

“Fellow Daoist, victory or defeat will be determined with this.” Samsara remained cool and friendly even in the face of battle: “My weapon is named Chrono Disk.

Will I be the one to not withstand the test of time or you two”

“Only through actual practice would we be able to tell.” Li Qiye’s true body back inside the momentum chuckled in response.


You are here for the Paragon Artifact, so if you win, everything will belong to you.

A few of my treasures are only slightly inferior to the old artifact that was destroyed.”

“I thank you then, I will at least get something from this battle.” Li Qiye smiled.

Though they were quite courteous and friendly with each other, they certainly didn’t hold anything back while fighting.

“Boom!” The Chrono Disk descended without any oppressive pressure.

It was only hovering above the barrier like a seal printing down.

“Buzz.” It left behind an indelible mark.

His body was flowing with a temporal light that hastily gathers on the weapon.

This supreme overlord immediately turned into an old man on the verge of death.

The guy grew old.

His hair turned white with many wrinkles appearing on his face.

He started hunching over in a feeble manner.

Samsara was channeling his lifespan into the disk.

He had harvested countless generations and existences in order to strengthen his power and increase his lifespan.

Each little existence gave him a little bit of life.

Though he couldn’t reach the immortality level, he could live for a very long time, virtually endless if he didn’t leave the wildland.

Thus, he was using the power of longevity through the disk in order to break the momentum.

He had no other choice because he couldn’t do it without resorting to this monstrous treasure.

If their Paragon Artifact was still around, he could use it to destroy the momentum.

Alas, he needed the Chrono Disk right now.

“Buzz.” The barrier was turning coarse as if it was being heated, something similar to the process of porcelainization.

“Not good.” The emperors inside the barrier felt the power of their Heaven’s Wills being separated. 

The momentum required massive resource and their wills to function.

However, they found the channeling process to be much slower.

It was as if they have been separated from the momentum by an endless period so they couldn’t add their wills’ power to the barrier.

Without this empowerment, the barrier became weaker and withered before the power of the disk.

Its glow became white instead of resplendent and colorful like before, unable to withstand the withering property of time.

“Rumble!” Li Qiye and the others increased their output but the temporal gap made the process difficult.

“Buzz.” If this continued, the barrier would be destroyed.

That would be a terrible development for the group.

“Fellow Daoist, this won’t do since time isn’t that easy to withstand.

You need to recall your firm dao heart or defeat is assured.” Samsara said flatly.

“I know.” Li Qiye chuckled: “You want to save your present self, but don’t be so certain of the outcome just yet.”

“Let’s finish this then.” Samsara smiled.

“Buzz.” The withering process intensified.

Destruction was imminent for the barrier.

Even Immortal Emperor Ming Du a bit farther way in the wildland became anxious.

Alas, he couldn’t do anything right now because the momentum has reached a state of balance.

His careless involvement could break the momentum.

That would only make it break down even faster.

The spectating emperors felt the same way.

There was no way for them to defeat this temporal attack either.

The only way right now was for Li Qiye to recall his dao heart.


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