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Chapter 1838: Smashed Into Bits

Li Qiye’s remark about the War-Monarch Clan was simply too arrogant.

No one would dare to repeat this sentence outside of top emperors with twelve wills.

The more stunning part was how lightly he viewed the Qian Clan.

This made everyone shudder or even wanted to get away from him like the plague.

The Qian was an existence striking fear into the hearts of all throughout the thirteen continents.

This was one of the most awe-inspiring lineages in the three races.

Even though the Qian was located in the far Essence Continent, but any cultivator with a bit of knowledge had heard of it and its many legends before.

This was the supreme symbol of authority within the three races.

It had nine emperors, with the fifth being World Emperor.

He was also the fifth to have twelve wills in the tenth world.

One could easily imagine how terrifying this clan capable of producing so many talents was.

It didn’t end there.

Two even more horrifying rumors existed about this clan.

First, that it had one of the nine Heavenly Scriptures but no one knew which one exactly.

Second, World Emperor might have a True Immortal Armament.

Just these two things alone could let the Qian become invincible and look down on the world.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the Qian was the leader of the three races.

So many emperors wanted a Heavenly Scripture but this was easier said than done.

Alas, the clan had a complete version.

Furthermore, there had only been five True Immortal Armaments in history yet World Emperor had one.

Two were missing among the five.

One belonged to Immortal Emperor Min Ren who went on an ultimate expedition.

It was never seen again.

The other one was with Six Dao Monarch but after he fell to the Heavenly Execution, it disappeared as well.

Thus, there were really only three left and World Emperor had one of them.

He was one of the most brilliant emperors in history with twelve wills, supreme arts, and a True Immortal Armament.

But now, a youth like Li Qiye looking down on the War-Monarch Clan was one thing, but to go as far as looking down on the Qian Clan The War-Monarch would only be a child compared to the Qian.

Even Peng Yi and Peng Yue were shivering with a pained, pale expression.

Peng Yi was praying for this little ancestor to speak a little less.

Offending the War-Monarch was one thing but offending the Qian can scare someone to death.

Their clan could face the consequence of offending the War-Monarch but the Qian was a whole different story.

Everyone knew that offending the Qian was the same as offending the three races.

To put it bluntly, the Qian just need to say the words and the billion and billion members of the three races could drown someone to death with just their spit.

This was the reason why the guests stood far away from Li Qiye in order to avoid being implicated.

“Haha, shameless fool, someone like you isn’t qualified to comment on the Qian Clan.

Just a hair from that clan alone could crush you to death.” Donggong Zheng smiled deviously.

“Is that so” Li Qiye tore up another piece of beef and said: “Not to mention talking, I’ve killed many people and I’m still fine and well right now.”

“Little animal, you won’t make it past today!” The royal lord shouted: “I will chop off your head and dig out your heart and offer them to my dear son!”

With that, two nine-section whips exuding imperial light appeared in his hands and looked just like two divine dragons.

These strands of light could easily pierce the heart of everyone in the room.

“Nine Dragons Whip!” Someone blurted out after seeing the whips.

This was an imperial dao weapon created by his kingdom’s progenitor and left behind for the descendants.

It was of the Heaven Bestowment rank.

The royal lord became magnificent with this dao weapon.

His vitality surged as if he had become several times stronger.

 “If you want to fight, I’ll take you on.” Peng Yue said coldly.

The two sides have let go of all pretension so he had no qualm of fighting against Heavenly Phoenix.

At the same time, he felt that Li Qiye was too young and was afraid of him being bullied.

“Clank.” He took out a giant sword of immense weight, akin to a mountain.

“Peng Yue, this is you and your clan courting death for opposing us.” The royal lord had quite an oppressive aura.

Peng Yue snorted without replying.

Suddenly, Li Qiye waved his sleeve and told Peng Yue: “For every grievance someone is responsible, for every debt there is a debtor.

If he wants revenge for his son, I shall indulge him and reunite the two of them together so that his son won’t be lonely in the Yellow River.”

“Little animal, die! Dual Dragons Aiming For the Pearl!” The royal lord’s face twisted with ferocity after his son was brought up.


“Whoosh!” The two whips went straight for Li Qiye with surging imperial aura.

In the blink of an eye, the whips were replaced by two huge dragons dancing and mercilessly made their way forward.

The claws on these dragons were incomparably sharp just like swords, capable of destroying all in their path.

This was an imperial technique from Heavenly Phoenix, meant to subdue the enemy instantly, leaving no room to run.

At the same time, it had enough destructive power to tear the enemy into pieces as well.

This was a domineering technique.

Those who weren’t strong enough to face it would go down instantly.

Many guests were alarmed to see this technique.

Not too many could handle this imperial aura so their legs went weak.

They felt as if they were the victims of the two dragons.

“Scram.” Li Qiye didn’t even spare a glance.

He simply had a thought.

“Boom!” An invisible fist slammed down with the annihilative force of a planet.

“Bang!” The two dragons howled pitifully with sparks flying everywhere before they got crushed.

The two whips were blown away and pinned on the wall by this invisible attack.

The royal lord was slammed down into the ground and cracks emanated from the point of impact.

“Pluff!” He vomited blood as his bones broke.

Blood stained both his clothes and the surrounding area.

“Cease your assault!” An old voice sounded along with a sword hymn.

An old man with gray hair appeared out of nowhere.

His 70,000,000 chaos units erupted and gathered on his star-cutting sword.

The slash came down like a waterfall straight at Li Qiye who was still sitting in front of the table.

“High Ancestor Lin!” Peng Yue snorted at this ambush and wanted to fight against this Heavenly Phoenix High Ancestor. 

The royal lord didn’t come alone.

His guard was this Dao Celestial with 70,000,000 chaos units.

“Boom!” Another invisible hand took action before Peng Yue.

It blew away the old man’s sword before slapping him to the ground.

Blood splashed everywhere.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” Before everyone could regain their wits, a flurry of punches descended and created a symphony of bone-breaking noises.

This High Ancestor didn’t even have the chance to scream.

His body was flattened into a thin, fleshy patch.

The remaining bloody paste painted the soil red. 


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