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Soaring Immortal wasnt in a rush to attack the Mortal Emperor World.

After building their military platforms, the tornadoes began to rage again, causing the entire Grand Sea to quake.

The cultivators here could feel them crazily sucking the worldly energy from the earth vein like gigantic water pumps.

The ten of them in different locations around the Grand Sea was enough to take over all the earth veins from this region.

They channeled this energy into the platforms, causing them to light up with a sacred light that illuminates the entire world.

At this moment, numerous faint shadows emerged.

It looked as if the sect was ready to mobilize to any corner of the nine worlds.

Meanwhile, Hai Lins alliance was also growing stronger with more sects joining, including those from the Hundred Cities, Barren Earth, Grand Middle Territory, and Desolate Wasteland.

Some were imperial lineages.

Since Soaring Immortal had created their platforms even before having an emperor, people became even more frightened of their aggressive intention.

The imperial lineages right now were afraid that Soaring Immortal would go on a rampage of destruction without scruples or needing any justification.

Because of this, the alliance grew in number.

The initial waves of imperial lineages were able to convince more of their peers.

Without a doubt, there was no turning back from this war.

It was either chasing Soaring Immortal away or being ruled by them.

The determination on the alliance side only grew stronger as time passed.

Soaring Immortal didnt maneuver at all against the increasingly powerful alliance.

It didnt send any messenger to negotiate peace or state their intention.

It looked like they were ready to go all out against the Mortal Emperor World.

Not only did this show their determination, it also advertised their confidence in their power.

Of course, this fueled the sects in Mortal Emperor, even more, to fight against Soaring Immortal.

If Soaring Immortal had sent out some messengers to certain imperial lineages and agreed to cut them some pieces of the pie, the alliance wouldnt have reached this level.

The inaction from Soaring Immortal meant that it didnt care for the alliance.

It would take down this force in whole later on.

The result would be very few sects daring to oppose them.

Mortal Emperor would be theirs for the taking.

“Boom!” After seeing that it was time, Li Qiye gave the order for the Azure Dragon Legion to mobilize straight for the military platforms!

Azure Dragon began its march with a murderous bloodthirst engulfing the entire Mortal Emperor World.

Though it was few in number, each veteran had a tremble-inducing aura.

It was obvious that this was a machine of war, a gigantic meat grinder, capable of turning a battlefield into hell!

Worldkeeper led the way with his bronze stallion and spear.

Each stomp from the stallion shattered the sky.

He looked completely invincible and unstoppable.

The world quaked beneath his presence.

Even the extremely powerful ancestors from Soaring Immortal became serious as Worldkeeper slowly approached.

They were uncertain of victory before this man.

Like he had said previously, Asura might be the only one who can match him.

Others wouldnt be able to stop a single blow! Though many ancestors were still unconvinced of this claim, they waited with caution!

“Rumble!” Meanwhile, Hai Lins alliance also joined the fray.

A flood of cavalry made its noise across the Grand Sea.

This particular army was too gigantic compared to the Azure Dragon Legion.

There were so many battalions and banners.

This magnificent scene also shocked the world since few have ever witnessed this kind of number before.

The myriad races and sects were all included.

Demons, humans, golems, blood race, charming spirits… the sea monsters were especially going all out.

Any surviving sea monsters all joined the alliance and swore to fight to the death!

They claimed to be ten millions strong.

Although this number was exaggerated, it did include all the different factions in Mortal Emperor World.

Ninety percent of all great powers in the Grand Sea joined in as well.

Thus, if it wasnt ten millions, it would at least be seven millions!

Hai Lin was nominated as the commander.

There were also certain influential Godkings acting as his aides to lead this great army

He had agreed that when Azure Dragon marched, they would be willing to take the vanguard and open a path of blood.

In fact, the alliance didnt have any other choice.

If they wanted a home in the future, they must pay with their blood. 

Many cultivators who couldnt join the alliance felt their blood boiling and became excited.

“When united, Mortal Emperor can fight against all invaders.

Alone we might be insignificant but together, all foes shall fear us.

Let them know that Mortal Emperor isnt so easily bullied!” A hot-blooded cultivator declared.

It didnt matter how this war would end.

This time around, everyone in Mortal Emperor was involved.

It rekindled a spark of hope for all inhabitants.

At the very least, in the time of a great disaster, the myriad races would drop their personal grievances and feuds to band together against the foreign invaders!

The massive army and the Azure Dragon Legion were posturing outside of the platforms, ready to attack at any moment.

As long as they took these platforms down, the portal to the Soaring Immortal Sect would appear before them.

“Whoosh!” Immortal lights rushed from the platforms and became thick, crystal walls.

They have been augmented by Immortal Emperors before so they were extremely hard to break.

Moreover, the army from Soaring Immortal had already taken formation.

They were ready to meet the two incoming forces.

“Brother Li.” Hai Lin personally went to greet Li Qiye as the two armies were preparing outside.

At this time, Hai Lin was adorned with a divine armor with an ancient, majestic aura.

It was obvious that this was the ultimate artifact of the sea monsters.

This particular tribe had great hopes for Hai Lin.

Thus, regardless of the battles result, they wanted him to survive.

Thats why they gave him this divine armor.

Of course, he also had Ding Yuanhou, the golden dragon, and several powerful Godkings from imperial lineages to his left and right.

These particular Godkings were reminded by the sea monster ancestors so they were especially respectful towards Li Qiye.

Li Qiye simply looked at Hai Lin and nodded while sitting on his throne.

Hai Lin didnt beat around the bush.

He prostrated and said: “Brother Li, the great army is before you, awaiting your command.

Just say the word and we will jump into the boiling water!”

Li Qiye glanced at the army blotting out the sky and nodded: “This will be a harsh battle, life-and-death will be up to fate! The Mortal Emperor World will be your responsibility.

All of you shall be recorded in the historical annals just like the wise sages in the past!”

Finished with his preamble, he added: “The enemy is before you, begin.” 

Hai Lin didnt say anything else.

He returned to his army with the Godkings and shouted: “Its time for war, begin!” 

With his command, the army instantly entered a state of battle, ready to fight Soaring Immortal to the death.

Meanwhile, Worldkeeper and his legion were as emotionless as ever.

This type of battles to them was an ordinary occurrence.

In fact, he didnt give a damn about the alliance since he had no use of them as cannon fodders.

If he wanted to start, he would immediately rush for the platforms.

However, His Excellency wanted to sharpen this alliance of the Mortal Emperor World.

Thus, Worldkeeper let the alliance have the chance to initiate the battle.

“Clang!” Soaring Immortal have also begun readying their troops on the platform with a battle gong.


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