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Chapter 1590: The Twelve ScalesHow Matriarch Yu got the mountain from this mythical race remained a mystery.

In short, she placed it in Discover right after.

From then on, people called it the “twelve scales” and it became a beautiful scenery in this place.

Because the Yu Clan didn’t place any restriction, anyone could come and try to climb it.

It was a test of comprehension, determination, and dao heart.

Cultivators were more happy to try at least one, especially the younger ones.

If they could climb up high, they would gain fame and reputation.

Some even considered it to be an examination mountain.

The higher one could climb, the greater the future potential.

Because of this, many geniuses have tried since Immortal Emperor Yin Tian’s generation.

Of course, some didn’t care for this test either.

Each day, many experts would come to watch or try to climb.

The younger ones were much more eager since they wanted to prove their worth!

There were even more people here than normal, resulting in a lively and young crowd.

The reason was very simple - the golden daughter of the Yu Clan, Yu Yulian wanted to try. [1]

The youths came to cheer her up.

Moreover, Matriarch Yu had come out so many older experts came to Discover as well.

Their juniors followed along.

This was a good chance for them to befriend her.

People were everywhere around the scales.

Conversations began to form.

There were twelve large steps that made up the scales.

Each step was at least three meter high so it wasn’t easy to go up at all.

Cultivation didn’t matter here because the entire mountain was created from the shackles of the grand dao.

Only an Immortal Emperor who has broken through these chains would be freed from suppression.

Otherwise, cultivation was useless.

This was because the higher the cultivation, the greater the pressure from the dao shackle.

It wouldn’t help the ascension at all.

Each step had its own note.

Others wouldn’t be able to hear anything, only the climbers.

This note was the sound of the grand dao.

After each successful step, another note would ring.

With sufficient talents, one would be able to understand the mysteries of the dao note.

With that, they would have a much easier time climbing the steps.

Of course, it was fine to be average talent-wise.

With enough determination and a firm dao heart, they could still withstand the dao note.

This sound became increasingly more powerful at the higher steps.

It would resonate with the climber’s own grand dao and created a proportional pressure.

Thus, the steps were a great challenge to all of the characteristics required for cultivation.

If one could reach the eighth step, it meant that they were dragons and phoenixes among men.

Above this step, they could leave behind a shadow.

This was a record of their achievement and glory.

Because of this, one could see many shadows on these upper steps.

They consisted of famous people.

Thus, the young generation considered the eighth step to be the challenge.

Once successfully reaching this particular height, they would have made it and be considered a genius.

As the saying goes, a man must leave a long-lasting legacy.

Because of this, the young ones wanted to leave behind their shadow on these steps in order to become famous.

The eighth step had many shadows of all sex and age.

The ninth level had much fewer compared to the previous.

As for the tenth floor, it was a sad amount that could be counted with one’s fingers.

Needless to say about the eleventh floor, there was only one shadow.

It was a supreme figure that was quite young.

It had an imperious presence just like a crownless tyrant.

There was only one shadow for the last one as well, a man in gray.

Despite being very fuzzy, this shadow has carved itself on the twelfth step.

Many people stared at these steps enviously.

There weren’t that many shadows after the ninth step.

However, there were some in the middle of the ninth and tenth.

This made the crowd curious.

One person asked: “What’s the stop between the ninth and tenth”

“Nine and a half.” One young cultivator from Discover said. 

An eagle-eyed youth saw the shadows there and shouted: “Isn’t that the Sky Dragon King, Golden Dragon Prince, and Hai Lin”

These three were in the middle zone.

Their shadows looked as if they were there in person.

“Yes, they’re the most brilliant geniuses from the last generation of our Grand Sea.” A cultivator from this region proudly claimed.

“He’s right.

The Sky Dragon King is in charge of the Crouching Dragon Cliff now.

She was capable of challenging any other prodigy in the past.” One fan explained: “The Golden Dragon Prince is in charge of Mu Zhuo’s Demonic City.

He’s quite famous now too.

Hmm, Hai Lin came out a bit later compared to these two.”

“That may be but he’s quite fierce, causing trouble everywhere.

I mean, he’s still alive now after being chased around so much.” A demon recalled.

“These guys are quite amazing but the tenth step has even more frightening people.” One powerful cultivator looked at the tenth step and said: “If I could leave my shadow on the tenth step, there would be no regrets in life.”

There were three shadows on the tenth steps.

Two were a bit older and the last one was very young.

“That’s Ding Yuanhou from our demon race, the most amazing Godking in the Grand Sea.

Rumor has it that he can assail an emperor.” A demon proudly pointed at one of the shadows and said. [2]

The mass was drowned in admiration after hearing the name, Ding Yuanhou.

He didn’t have the same astonishing battle record like Matriarch Yu.

However, he withstood the Difficult Dao Era and eventually became a Godking.

Some even said that he was the greatest genius after the Black Dragon King’s generation.

Because of this, many demons viewed him as their pride.

“That person is an ancestor from our Heaven Suppression!” In the middle of the field was a Heaven Suppression disciple.

Of course, he was only an ordinary outer-sect disciple.

“Ye Jiuzhou!” Someone blurted out but immediately shut up right after since they felt that this was very disrespectful.

This particular shadow was left by Heaven Suppression’s invincible ancestor, Ye Jiuzhou!

He was very famous in the Grand Sea due to his current authority.

People were quite wary whenever his name was brought up.

“What a pity… Wolong Zi.

If he is alive right now, his achievements would be amazing, no less than Ancestor Ye and Dingyuan Hou.” A cultivator who had some ties with the sea demons sighed and said.

“The Crouching Dragon Cliff is amazing this generation, one sect with two prodigies.

Wolong Zi and his sister, Wolong Xuan are brilliant.

Some do think that Wolong Zi is more gifted than his sister though.

What a shame, even the heaven is jealous of his great talents so he died during the Life Reduction.” Another person lamented.

Those who knew him felt quite bad.

Even the ones who had never met him sympathized as well.

Wolong Zi was famous alongside Heaven Suppression Goddess.

Unfortunately, a peerless genius like him fell to the tribulation.


Two different Yu but same pinyin


This could also be Marquis Dingyuan or Lawkeeper Marquis.

Dingyuan is a pinyin name for a battleship/province but I would do Lawkeeper over it.

But then again, it depends on if he's an actual marquis or not.

We'll find out later. 


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