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Chapter 1440: Awakened Bloodline

He brought her through the starry sky.

There were so many celestials in this vast world that he couldn’t cross them all in a short period of time despite his great speed.

Eventually, they arrived at a particular location.

It was a frigid world of ice that contained an aura of death.

Outside of stars, this space was empty and solitary.

There might be a galaxy here, but it was without movement, giving the sense that this was a forgotten world.

This space was completely desolate without any signs of life.

It was made up of countless stars in the formation of a maelstrom.

However, it was completely void of starry lights, only a scene of gray could be seen.

One could tell at first glance that this galaxy was dead.

Because of its current state, this maelstrom slowly rotated as if it would take millions of years for a full revolution.

This was not a corrosive aura of death but an eternal silence that will remain unchanging for years to come.

Just staying for a moment in this place would drive people crazy.

Its macabre nature took away breaths.

“This is the place” Xiaoxiao asked, to her own astonishment.

She thought that he would take her to a magnificent or mysterious location and not this space of deathly stillness.

“Yes, this is it.” Li Qiye flatly said: “Here is where you can find your source, your bloodline’s magical properties and origin.”

“How do I go about it” She couldn’t help but state: “This is a dead zone, everything here is dead.

Life, the grand dao, universal laws, other forces… all are dead already!”

She truly had trouble breathing in this place and was about to go crazy from the oppressive aura.

“How can there be rebirth without death” Li Qiye smiled: “Death and rebirth dualities.

For a life, there is only reincarnation after death.

Only this place will allow you to find your root.”

“You are saying my bloodline will be reborn through death” The intelligent girl immediately understood what he was implying.

“That’s one way to put it.” He replied: “Go, you don’t have to be afraid or reject it.

Just follow your heart and feelings.

Regardless of what you see or dream, don’t be afraid since I am here.

I shall guarantee your safety.”

She felt relieved since nothing offered more solace than Li Qiye’s assurance.

He had enough strength to be her backing.

Even if the sky were to fall down, as long as he was around, she could stay safe and sound!

Finally, she took a deep breath and entered the maelstrom at the center of this galaxy.

When standing in the middle of this place, she looked around and couldn’t see what it could offer her.

She shouted at Li Qiye: “What do I do now”

He answered with a grin: “It’s very simple, just release your blood energy in a natural manner.

You don’t have to let it erupt or anything.

This isn’t a battle, you are only trying to find your root.

Let it pour down like the quiet rain in spring.”

After hearing this, Xiaoxiao sat in a meditative pose at the center.

Her true fate appeared and her blood energy flowed out.

Her energy was quite powerful.

Even though she was releasing it naturally, it still gushed out like a large river.

However, it was very gentle without any waves.

It slowly flowed patiently and peacefully.

This energy flowed into the galaxy.

However, this galaxy was simply too big, it would require many years before it could reach all the corners.

Of course, since Li Qiye had told her so, she wasn’t in a hurry.

It looked as if she was sleeping and in a mental trance.

She felt that she was traveling through time to an extremely ancient era.

Li Qiye smiled while watching from a distance, paying attention to her focus and the tiny changes.

He had great confidence in her.

Despite her tender age, lack of experience, and inferior dao heart compared to Ruyan and Jianshi, Li Qiye still had high hopes for her.

She was a coarse jade that required polishing.

However, just a minor change would allow for her to shine.

Before one knew it, her blood energy fused with half of the galaxy.

In the beginning, the gradual flow made this seem like it would take a long time for a full integration.

However, it unexpectedly reached the halfway point quite quickly.

It was just as he had said, her blood energy was the gentle rain in spring that was slowly filling up the galaxy.

During this process, the initially gray galaxy began to turn red with her blood energy.

However, it wasn’t actually the color of red, it was more of a ruby.

Its hue was bright and beautiful in a breathtaking manner.

At this moment, the galaxy seemed to be waking up.

This seemed to be a king of rebirth since everything was being filled with life and power.

After an immense wait, life finally appeared in the dead galaxy.

“Boom!” The dead galaxy suddenly erupted.

A tidal wave of endless height shot straight into the sky and swept through this void.

It seemed as if an ancient existence was awakening at this moment.

Xiaoxiao suddenly opened her eyes that had no semblance of a young girl anymore.

It looked like she had experienced a billion years of vicissitudes!

“Rumble!” The world trembled for a short period of time.

Even the stars hanging in the sky were rustling as if they were about to fall down at any time.

There was an unprecedented storm raging across this red galaxy.

The heaven and earth quaked under this raging storm along with all existences.

The outside world at the Divine Tree Ridge was also shaking from these explosions; it was as if an earthquake was coming.

Not only were the withered pale from fear, so were the visiting cultivators.

A majestic aura soared straight into the sky of the ridge.

It contained an unimaginable life force that pierced the clouds as if wanting to take down all the stars up above.

“What’s going on” This sudden development left everyone in fear.

Even God-Monarchs were shaken after sensing it.

Back at the Divine Ridge Citadel, Terminus opened his eyes and murmured: “What an ancient bloodline, the origin of the treants.”

Back in the unknown world of boundless space, Li Qiye was still sitting while calmly watching the development.

At this time, the galaxy and the raging storm were nowhere to be found.

Everything had calmed down and even Ye Xiaoxiao had disappeared.

An ancient tree of a size too monstrous to describe appeared in her place.

It must be the number one tree in the world.

Galaxies were floating around it along with myriad worlds.

Trillions of existences were living under this almighty tree.

Its leaves could support stars and its branches could break through temporal constraints.


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