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Chapter 1434: Pregnant Treecorpse

“Well, you don’t need to know.” Li Qiye laughed at the inquisitive girl.

“Hmph, whatever then, I don’t want to listen anyway even if you want to tell me.” She glared at him with dissatisfaction.

Li Qiye was amused at her duplicitous response.

Suddenly, his gaze shifted.

The very next second, he pressed his palm on the ground and seemed to be one with the world.

He was standing right there, but it looked like he had disappeared from sight.

He stood up again the next moment and pulled Xiaoxiao’s arm: “Let’s go!” 

In the blink of an eye, his speed erupted in an incomparable manner.

Even time couldn’t compare to this swiftness.

“Where” She was alarmed by this sudden movement and his rare dignified demeanor.

Even though Li Qiye didn’t answer, she knew that something big has happened.

Unfortunately, she didn’t know the exact details.

He crossed this world so fast that Xiaoxiao couldn’t see the surrounding scenes at all.

The sight before her rapidly changed and became a shifting image, so she had no idea what kind of world she was in.

Li Qiye seemed to be very familiar with each mountain and river in this area, allowing him to maneuver without the slightest mistake.

He eventually stopped, allowing Xiaoxiao to get a better look of her surrounding at last.

She found herself to be in the middle of a large heavenly grotto.

She had no clue as to where this was.

The ceiling was quite high with rocks as hard as metal everywhere.

They were standing at the entrance of this cave.

In front of them was a giant valley below a steep precipice.

When she got a good look at the valley, she was quite startled due to the sheer amount of treecorpses below.

Not only that, she had seen all of them before.

These were the ones that wished to relocate back at the Divine Tree Ridge.

She didn’t expect to see them again today.

Moreover, the little planks and wooden huts were moved to a corner of the valley here as well.

They seemed to be building a fence for a courtyard inside.

They stood in a group of several layers around a dried up tree.

It had fallen to the ground and looked just like a large bed.

There was actually the body of a treecorpse lying on this old tree.

They were called corpses, but they belonged to the living corpses category.

Life was present, only the soul was missing.

However, the body on the tree was a real corpse.

It was completely dead without a sliver of life.

Judging from its characteristics, this was a female corpse.

There was a protrusion on its belly that was big and round.

Moreover, it was undulating as if something was inside.

“This is…” Xiaoxiao almost screamed, but she quickly covered her mouth.

She took a deep breath and eventually calmed down: “Is, is it about to give birth”

“Yes.” Li Qiye nodded with a serious demeanor: “This is really a miracle.

I thought treecorpses could only live for one generation, but this doesn’t seem to be the case anymore.

They also have a chance to give birth to a completely new life.”

“What happened here” Many treecorpses had fallen around the dead female.

Without a doubt, they had died tragically here.

“Keep watching and you’ll see.” Li Qiye continued to stare at the big belly.

He didn’t dare to think about the birth of this particular race.

Was this heralding something ominous What would be the effect of this on the world Will the treecorpses surpass the withered in terms of reproduction

Even an expert like him wasn’t certain.

The only thing he knew was that the future would be full of the unexpected.

At this time, several powerful treecorpses gestured at each other with signs only they understood.

Eventually, four treecorpses walked out and slowly went towards the female corpse on the tree.

“What are they going to do” Xiaoxiao was worried that these four beings might do something to the new life.

“Just watch.” Li Qiye pressed her down to prevent her from acting rashly.

“Crackle!” A burst of thunder resounded right when the four treecorpses got close.

The huge belly shot out thick rays of lightning that instantly struck these four.

They shuddered after this hit.

Despite being powerful, they couldn’t withstand such a horrifying attack.

Nevertheless, they persevered while shouting something.

Meanwhile, three more treecorpses from the crowd instantly rushed out.

They clearly made a plan beforehand as these three leaped for the bell.

They were using these other four to divert that lightning.

“Boom!” However, the belly shot out a terrifying flame this time and ignited the three.

They miserably screamed and were burnt to ashes.

At the same time, the other four finally fell straight to the ground with green smoke billowing from their bodies.

Seven powerful treecorpses had been killed in an instant.

The crowd turned chaotic after seeing this.

Even though they wanted to come closer to the new life, there was nothing they could do.

Xiaoxiao murmured: “Just what are they trying to do They want to forcefully take that new life from the womb”

“No, they’re trying to save it.” Li Qiye gently shook his head while watching without blinking.

“Save it” She didn’t expect this answer: “How”

Li Qiye slowly explained: “By helping it come into being.

This is a unique life form, a miracle.

Its life began from the heaven and earth.

If it could actually come out, this might be the start of an entirely new race.”

He took a deep breath and continued: “Since it is a gift from this world, it must accept the heaven and earth.

When its mother was alive, she acted as the medium, allowing it to connect with the world.

Alas, she is now dead, so it is trapped inside its mother’s body and severed from the world.

If this continues, it will die for sure.”

“But if all the treecorpses here are trying to save it, why is it attacking them” She was quite puzzled.

“Because it is just a baby with zero knowledge of the world, it's completely ignorant.” Li Qiye said: “In its mind, outside of its mother’s body, all other existences that come close are potential threats.

Without its mother’s protection, it is a frightened little beast that will attack anyone who comes close.”

“What should we do then These corpses can’t get close and can’t help it come out.” She felt worried.

Li Qiye didn’t say anything while watching this situation.

“Hey, Ego King, you are omnipotent and omniscient.” Xiaoxiao immediately swung his arm back and forth: “Nothing is difficult for you, so maybe you should save this little life.”

Li Qiye glanced at her and chuckled: “You need to know that the coming of this new life is full of the unknown.

Its birth might be the will of the heaven and earth, but so is its death.”

“What is this about the heaven and earth.” She wasn’t satisfied with this answer and pouted: “Are you going to watch this little baby die without doing anything”

Li Qiye smiled in response: “You don’t understand.

Letting it come out is not hard, but you don’t know what it will bring to the world, especially for treants like you.

It can result in an unimaginable consequence.

If you understand the implications within, from a selfish standpoint, I wouldn’t want this lifeform to be born in this world if I were you.”

“Well, leave that for later.” She unhappily said: “Save it first.

It is only a baby, who knows if it will be good or bad Maybe it will even become the savior of the world.”


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