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Chapter 1342: Distributing The Treasures

At this time, the group was sitting on the deck with Li Qiye to watch the outside scene.

It was a vast emptiness with darkness as the centerpiece.

Looking forward, they seemed to be heading towards the sky vault.

This area was simply too empty.

There was no end in sight, making it seem as if this place was unimaginably vast.

Just like Li Qiye’s ship, all the other ones lost their weight as well.

In this particular state, everything floated upward with the bow on top.

“Ah!” Some cultivators on certain ships failed to stabilize their bodies and dropped out of the ship.

They looked like meteors with their screams echoing across the entire area before disappearing into the dark expanse.

Others shuddered after hearing such pitiful cries.

They subconsciously held onto the ships even tighter to avoid falling off.

“What is down there” Qianbei looked down and saw a creepy darkness.

He grabbed onto the deck as well since he felt that the rope alone was not safe enough.

“A dead zone.” Li Qiye replied without looking back: “Get ready, miracles are about to happen.

It is up to your own fortune whether you can obtain anything or not.”

Having said that, various colored lights of all shapes flashed in the sky.

They looked like gems carved into space itself.

The ships continued to float upward.

Eventually, they made it to the end.

Many cultivators looked curiously around with greed in their eyes…

Treasures were floating everywhere.

A seemingly endless amount was scattered in this void.

Ruyan’s group was shaken as well.

They came from imperial lineages and were no strangers to treasures, but this was their first time seeing so many floating around in the void like this.

There were all kinds of them, not limited to just weapons and jewels.

Some were simply indescribable.

Not far from Li Qiye’s ship was a large palace made out of gold.

It was lit up in flames as if it was the palace of a sun god.

Its gates were shut tight, so who knows what treasures lie beyond them

“What is that over there” Jianshi pointed at a spectacle in the distance.

There was an active volcano in this void, spewing out bubbling magma.

However, this magma was actually a golden liquid.

Occasionally, the volcano would spew out treasures instead of scorching magma.

They consisted of seals, bright jewels, disks, and mysterious vessels.

However, after gushing upward, they would fall back into the volcanic crater.

The other experts took note of this volcano as well.

One started drooling and had to lick his lips: “If you obtain this volcano, you could feed an entire great power.”

Li Qiye smiled while looking at this volcano: “In the distant past, there was a divine beast who devoured treasures from all over the world.

The more it swallowed, the more powerful it became.”

Jianshi immediately inquired: “This volcano is a divine beast”

Li Qiye gently shook his head: “No, even the bones of this beast no longer exist.

The most precious part of its body should be its stomach.

Even though it has died with nothing left, its stomach was too precious and was able to be preserved.”

“That’s because all the treasures are stored there.” Jianshi understood what happened.

This gigantic volcano-shaped stomach contained numerous treasures.

The boneship continued onward.

After a while, a treasure floated by Li Qiye’s group.

It was a wooden chest that made strange vibration noises, as if there was something alive inside that was occasionally shaking.

Ruyan heard a phoenix cry from the chest and asked: “Is something alive in there A phoenix, maybe”

“How could that be The treasure inside doesn’t matter, the chest itself is the important part.

The phoenix hymn you are hearing and why it is shaking has nothing to do with the treasure inside.

It is the wooden chest itself.” Li Qiye shook his head.

Ruyan asked: “What kind of treasure is it”

He took a look before replying: “It isn’t a treasure, just a precious chest made out of wondrous wood.

Rumor has it that in the ancient times, if one used Immortal Phoenix Wood to make a chest, it could change rotten items into magical items, a common pheasant into a phoenix.”

“A pheasant into a phoenix Really” Daoist Puresun’s eyes lit up.

Li Qiye answered: “Who knows I haven’t tried it.

If you can get it, then you can give it a shot.”

The daoist was immediately tempted and quickly summoned a treasure.

It was a long rope that aimed for the chest at lightning speed in order to pull it back.

However, when it almost wrapped around the chest, it failed to make contact.

The rope fell into the dark expanse.

“Interesting.” The daoist turned serious.

He stretched out one hand that had a golden glow; it was empowered by his Immortal Physique.

The sound of bones breaking immediately came when he almost touched the chest.

He was aghast and withdrew his hand with his fastest speed.

He saw his arm bloodied and completely broken, a truly horrifying scene.

The girls took deep breaths after seeing this.

Even under the power of the diamond physique, his arm was still shattered.

In fact, the other cultivators saw a few treasures drifting by and became tempted just like the daoist.

They quickly took action, resulting in screams.

All the ones who tried to grab the items failed.

The good cases ended with grievous injuries while those who were worse off ended in their deaths.

Some of them still didn’t give up.

They tied their bodies to the ships with rope and flew out in order to reach some treasures.

“Ah!” More screams echoed across the void.

These cultivators and their ships fell into the darkness along with all the other passengers.

Li Qiye shook his head and told his group: “The treasures here can’t be forcefully obtained.”

At this time, Ruyan pointed at a bronze sword in the distance: “See that sword It looks like the one on your back.”

The daoist looked over and found a sword floating in a faraway corner of the void.

It looked exactly like the one he was carrying.

The only difference was that his sword looked much older while the floating one still emitted a dazzling light.

He subconsciously touched his Ancient Purity Blade and wondered if that was an identical blade.

Ruyan chuckled and commented: “Don’t tell me your blade from the Ancient Spirit Island was picked up from this place by your ancestor, Immortal Emperor Gu Chun”

“I don’t know.” The daoist smiled wryly.

He would never believe that there was an identical sword to his own if he didn’t see it with his own eyes.

“Your sword is quite good.

Of course, that one over there isn’t bad either.” Li Qiye looked at the sword and smiled at him.

At this point, the daoist felt some doubt about the origin of his sword.

Even though it was said to be his ancestor’s true treasure, they, as the younger generation, didn’t know whether it was created by him or if it had some other origin.

Xiong Qianbei suddenly shouted and pointed far ahead: “What about that”

The group turned around and saw the darkest world they had ever seen.

It seemed to be a terrifying black hole capable of devouring all light.

Not a single glimmer of light could escape from its maw.


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