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Chapter 1303: Ever-present Threat

“He really is coming out.” Even a paragon who had been born in the same generation as Meng Zhentian gasped.

In the past, those who were lucky enough to see him could never forget his invincible disposition.

Even if he couldn’t become an emperor, he was still worthy of being admired for a lifetime.

“The Heaven’s Will now has a master, others shouldn’t think about becoming an emperor.” Other geniuses and their seniors were drowning in despair.

His name, for many people, was the start of a nightmare.

Almost all people in Heaven Spirit had heard of him before.

They might not know about the powerful Dream Empyrean, but they couldn’t possibly not know Meng Zhentian.

Legend states that he was born in the same era as Immortal Emperor Ta Kong.

The two of them became sworn brothers and developed a deep friendship.

It went on to say that Meng Zhentian was unbeatable in his life.

Even the emperor in his youth had lost to Meng Zhentian.

Future generations had always wondered why Meng Zhentian didn’t become an Immortal Emperor.

Some said that it was because of his love for his brother.

He didn’t want to compete and fight Immortal Emperor Ta Kong for the Heaven’s Will.

Others believed that he was one step slower than the emperor and lost the initiative, so he lost the Heaven’s Will.

Regardless of the reason, his prestige didn’t diminish.

Even after becoming an emperor, Immortal Emperor Ta Kong still treated him as an elder brother like before.

From this point alone, one could see just how powerful and frightening he was.

Meng Zhentian didn’t become an emperor in the previous generation, but he has now come out with the intention of aiming for the throne in this one.

Everyone in Heaven Spirit knew the day of his coming meant that no other genius had the chance of becoming an emperor!

The most alarming thing was that during the previous competition, he didn’t only accumulate enough experience, he gained sufficient strength as well.

There were many Godkings under his banner in addition to a formidable legion.

Other geniuses simply couldn’t compete against such an opponent!

An old paragon saw the scouting cavalry and exclaimed: “Heaven Suppression Legion, what a domineering name! In the past, outside of Immortal Emperor Ta Kong’s own legion, no one else could compete with it.”

Just imagine the year of past, Meng Zhentian led his legion and swept through the world while defeating every opponent!

A junior enviously stated while looking at the bird: “That golden phoenix… only an Immortal Emperor would enjoy such treatment.” He dreamed of the day that he could experience this treatment.

A senior explained: “That’s not a true phoenix, it’s only an eagle with the bloodline of a phoenix.

Nevertheless, it is still very rare and strong.”

A treant recognized the old man driving the carriage.

Even while dazed, he managed to murmur: “Isn’t that Ancestor Crimsonflame from our treant race He, he is already an amazing Grand Godking, why is he driving for Meng Zhentian”

“Meng Zhentian is qualified to have this treatment.” A jealous spectator had to admit: “He is the leading candidate to become the next emperor.

Once he becomes an emperor, a Grand Godking will be nothing.

It would be an honor to be Meng Zhentian’s driver at that point.”

His appearance shocked the entire Dragon Demon Sea and even Heaven Spirit as a while.

Due to the volume of travelers heading towards the Bonesea, many of them got to saw his divine style with their own eyes.

The entire region was in a clamor.

Liu Ruyan was walking on the blue waves when the carriage of Meng Zhentian was crossing the sky.

Her group saw the frightening scene as well.

Zhuo Jianshi commented with emotion: “The Dream Empyrean is considered the oldest charming spirit lineage.

Even though they have never produced an Immortal Emperor, they never had a lack of talents.”

It was the biggest charming spirit sect in the Dragon Demon Sea and one of the strongest in all of Heaven Spirit.

“Even though we are all charming spirits, I have to admit that their divine reflections are unmatched when compared to lineages like us.

They can be praised as supreme.” Even someone as proud as Liu Ruyan had to nod her head in agreement.

There was a particular saying in the Heaven Spirit World.

If the Void Imperfection Three Schools had the best immortal physiques, then the Dream Empyrean had the best divine reflections.

A divine reflection was a unique talent of charming spirits and varied from one individual to the next.

However, disciples who came from the Dream Empyrean were believed to have the best reflections in Heaven Spirit.

Their progenitor was Shen Mengtian, the one who created and named the sect after his own name. 1

Legend states that when he was still alive, he cultivated his divine reflection beyond all the other charming spirits and surpassed the limit.

His achievement in this regard was at the very peak.

Though Shen Mengtian didn’t become an emperor in his generation, he stood shoulder-to-shoulder with Immortal Emperors.

Back in that era, some historians believed that even the emperor back then respectfully called him “teacher”.

Another tale claims that his ultimate divine reflection could see through both past and future, gazing into the mysteries of this world.

Because of this, even Immortal Emperors have had to rely on him at times.

Jianshi nodded and said: “The Dream Empyrean has the most orthodox and purest bloodline out of all the charming spirits.

Because of this, their divine reflection far exceeds that of other charming spirits, it’s not strange at all.”

Li Qiye smiled and told the two girls: “Most orthodox and purest It’s not their turn to receive this praise.

In terms of purity and history, this can only belong to the Buzhan Clan.

Even though the Dream Empyrean originated from the Spirit Abyss, their bloodline isn’t that pure.”

“The Buzhan Clan…” Both the sisters glanced at each other.

The Buzhan Clan was ancient to an untraceable level.

Only they themselves knew just how old their clan and bloodline was.

Maybe the clan itself didn’t even know all the details.

“I heard the Buzhan Clan consists of descendants of immortals, far from just having an ancient bloodline.” Ruyan became interested as her pretty eyes blinked: “Young Noble, do you think this rumor is true”

Li Qiye looked at her and replied: “How are you defining immortal Are there immortals in this world”

This was a very confusing and difficult topic because no one had seen an immortal before.

Jianshi interjected: “Well, the Celestial Pavilion has been known to house an immortal in the past.”

Li Qiye glanced at her and smiled: “Young beauty, are you borrowing your sister’s cunningness to try to set me up”

Jianshi slightly blushed and lowered her head without answering.

Her elegance had a hint of youthfulness this time around.

“Celestial Pavilion…” Ruyan was much bolder compared to the slightly reserved Jianshi.

There was no topic that she would purposely avoid: “Young Noble, you are too nice towards Mu Shaolong.

Could it be that you are aiming for the pavilion’s secret, the Immortal Dao City”

The low-key Celestial Pavilion was rumored to be attached to one of the nine heavenly treasures, the Immortal Dao City.

Outsiders couldn’t confirm this, and the pavilion itself never addressed this question.

“You are looking down on me too much.” Li Qiye couldn’t help but laugh: “If I wanted their secret, would I need to start with a junior I just need to directly ask them, it isn’t difficult at all.”

“What is your relationship with the pavilion” Ruyan gave a cute wink that contained boundless grace.

Both of the girls were quite curious after noticing Li Qiye’s special treatment of Mu Shaolong.

After all, he was someone who wouldn’t even bother looking at a young junior of Shaolong’s level.

Li Qiye didn’t reply, he only stared at the blue waves in the distance in silence.

He was worried about many things at the Celestial Pavilion.

It was not only due to the Lunargrasp Fairy, some past matters played a part as well.

It was just as the two girls had said, he had a special spot for the pavilion in his heart.

Mu Shaolong’s special treatment wasn’t only because Shaolong had Mu for his last name.

The two girls were quite curious, but they didn’t dare to pry any further, not even Ruyan who was very daring.

At this time, a disciple from outside reported: “Schoolmaster, Young Noble Bao from the Dream Empyrean is requesting to board our boat.”


Shen Mengtian means Divine Dream Heaven — Dream Empyrean. 


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