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Chapter 1291: Two Beauties In Waiting

Li Qiye was pleasantly occupied while staring at the elegant and bashful Jianshi.

He leisurely said: “Okay, come give me a shoulder massage.”

She hesitated for a moment before moving behind him to give him a massage.

This was a first for her, so her actions were quite jerky.

Nevertheless, a touch as gentle as water still left room for enjoyment.

Ruyan smiled and poured more tea for Li Qiye with a smooth, flowing style that was quite beautiful.

Li Qiye looked at the gentle Jianshi and then the seductive Ruyan before commenting with emotions: “To tell the truth, I’m a bit envious of your Void Imperfection Schools.

No matter the situation, it is always of the same heart.

Despite being divided into three schools, the disciples are unusually solitary.

This is definitely a rare matter.”

“Young Noble, your remark is mistaken.” Ruyan chuckled: “Even though I’m helping her right now, discord and competition plagued our youth.”

He faintly smiled: “Is that so”

In fact, the school wanted for Jianshi to keep Li Qiye back.

Even though she was the main actor and Ruyan was the assistant, the two of them still had a great relationship.

Even though they had conflicting views at times and competed against each other, they were still martial sisters who loved each other.

Minor things such as arguing and fighting didn’t affect their true relationship.

For instance, right now.

Jianshi was a wise and elegant woman, but she was still very inexperienced and lacked the boldness found in Ruyan.

The latter was the one who could help her keep Li Qiye back.

“Competition is a good thing.

A sect without competition will lead to stagnation.

Competition on top of great comradery, nothing is more precious than this.” Li Qiye enjoyed the massage and commented: “Your ancestors did a good job of passing down such a big lineage.

It would be difficult for a sect with these characteristics to not last for a long time.

Regardless of the era, your sect has always been an enviable existence.”

He was only stating the truth.

Among the powerful lineages in the Heaven Spirit World, the three schools rarely showed themselves.

However, they didn’t weaken, their strength remained a deterrence against the rest of the lineages.

Jianshi softly spoke while massaging Li Qiye: “Young Noble, if you will it, the Void Imperfection School will be yours.” Her words were gentle like water, making others want to drown in them.

“Are you really willing” He looked up to meet her countenance only inches away and smiled.

“I wouldn’t deceive you.” She hesitated for a moment then met his gaze with her limpid autumn water eyes: “In the past, I really didn’t want to marry you, but after interacting with you more, this marriage wouldn’t be insulting to me at all.

In fact, I would be the one reaching above my post.”

“People from the Void Imperfection School are indeed wise.” Li Qiye smiled but shook his head: “Void Imperfection has its own fate while I have mine.

If your ancestor was still in this world, I’m afraid she wouldn’t want to see it tied to my war chariot, so forget about this matter.”

Anyone else would be excited to no end after hearing about the possibility of grasping this great authority.

At that point, beauties and power would come too easily.

Who wouldn’t desire these things

However, Li Qiye didn’t care for it since it wasn’t what he desired, even though Void Imperfection would give him plenty.

Plus, he didn’t want to involve the school in his personal goals.

Even though Immortal Emperor Wu Gou wasn’t his student, the emperor still respected him.

Because of this, he was even more hesitant on breaking the school’s serenity. 1

Jianshi gently sighed after seeing his demeanor.

She knew that this man had no interest in their schools’ power.

A man capable of keeping calm against the temptation of power was incredibly unfathomable.

This only made him even more frightening.

“Let’s not talk about such boring topics.” Ruyan smiled: “May I ask if you are going to the Bonesea for the item of immortality”

It was time for Ruyan to lend Jianshi a hand by diverting the conversation away from the refusal.

“The immortal item” He smiled and shook his head: “Immortality isn’t my pursuit.

Plus, the Bonesea won’t necessarily have it.”

Ruyan replied: “I heard many people are going there with this goal.

Even a few Godkings from the previous generation are coming into being.

Gu Chun’s four branches, the Roaring Conch, the Seven Martial Pavilion, and the Dream Empyrean — these behemoths are all going for the artifact.

If you are not aiming for it, why are you going”

He chuckled: “Let me ask you that instead, why are you two going”

Ruyan winked in response: “We are going because of you.

Just who is it that made you so charming Others have no choice but to chase after you.”

He gently shook his head and said: “Hahahaha, I do enjoy listening to such flattery, but don’t go too crazy in front of me, little beauty.”

“We came in search for the skeletal horse.” Jianshi spoke softly into his ears.

It was a very pleasant feeling.

She continued: “Our ancient scrolls have recorded certain rumors about how Immortal Emperor Bu Si once had a mount when he was still alive — a skeletal horse.

However, this horse completely disappeared later on.

The emperor’s destruction was very mysterious, so now when this horse appeared out of nowhere, we are curious to see what is going on.”

“Your speculation is right.” Li Qiye nodded: “The horse is indeed Immortal Emperor Bu Si’s mount.

To be exact, it was only his mount during his youth.

Later on after Bu Si became an emperor, the mount was hidden away to never be ridden again.”

Ruyan immediately became interested and asked: “Why was it hidden away”

Li Qiye looked at the two and chuckled: “There are several different legends about this.

One states that it has something to do with the emperor’s origin.

Another believes that it has something to do with his ultimate end because he had been unkillable for so long.

And lastly, some people think he is still trying to reincarnate.”

“Reincarnate” Both Ruyan and Jianshi were moved after hearing this.

Reincarnation was, in fact, another form of immortality.

It was just that the method was different.

However, all of them had one similarity — no one had been known to be successful before.

Many cultivators believed in reincarnation as part of the cosmic cycle, but no one knew whether it was real or not.

Nevertheless, this mysterious emperor had always been a hot topic.

So now, when Li Qiye brought up reincarnation, the two girls were naturally surprised.

Ruyan winked her alluring eyes and asked: “Which theory is most likely correct in your mind”

Li Qiye looked at her with one eye and replied: “There’s no need to rope me into answering.

Plus, even if I knew the truth, I wouldn’t necessarily let you know.”

She coquettishly responded: “I’m only asking casually, why do you have to be so cautious”

Li Qiye chuckled: “For the two of you, the Bonesea is still worth the trip.

If you are lucky, maybe you can find your Void Imperfection School’s Windchase Break!”

“What!” Both of them cried out loud.

Ruyan’s hands that were holding the teapot were trembling; tea almost spilled out of the pot.

Jianshi also stopped her massage and opened her eyes wide in disbelief.

Jianshi excitedly stated: “Are you saying that our Windchase Break was lost at the Bonesea!”

Although others once claimed that their three schools had the most immortal physique laws, they had lost one of the most important things, an immortal physique strike!

The Windchase Break was the attack created by Immortal Emperor Wu Gou.

It was considered the strongest attack from their school.

However, they lost it later on.

Juniors like the two girls didn’t know how it went missing.

Whenever their disciples toured the world, they would keep an eye out for clues about this attack.

Nevertheless, nothing had ever turned up.

Thus, Li Qiye’s revelation was a pleasant surprise to the two of them.

“Is our Windchase Break really there in the Bonesea” Ruyan’s eyes flared up as she stared at Li Qiye in astonishment.

Li Qiye only smiled and didn’t answer.

Ruyan calmed down and actually brought the cup next to Li Qiye’s lips this time instead of just handing him the cup.

Meanwhile, Jianshi gently began to massage his shoulders again.


The author used “she” earlier, so this is a female Immortal Emperor, but until it is explicitly stated, neutral will still be used. 


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