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Chapter 1280: Public Execution

An invincible attack from a sea god would take everyone’s breath away.

Countless quivered in fear before this suppressive aura.

“Clank!” The saber sang again and became exceedingly bright.

The blade itself disappeared to turn into the world’s most brilliant light.

It illuminated the ten continents and imprisoned everything with its resplendence.

It was the combination of an imperial aura and an unstoppable saber intent that culminated within Li Qiye.

This saber intent rose above the heaven and earth before suppressing the Yin and Yang.

Up in the sky, Li Qiye was the saber and the saber was him.

A peerless blade — there was no better word to describe this current saber intent.

It was omnipresent and engulfed the entire world; there was no escaping it.

At this second, everyone could feel themselves being immersed in its intent instead of the sunlight.

It was as if the Benevolent Saber had replaced the sun over yonder.

“He has not only been accepted by the weapon, he has also mastered an invincible dao of the saber.

With the blade in his hand, he can combat an endless horde of foes!” Even God-Monarchs felt chills while looking at Li Qiye becoming one with his weapon.

“Die!” There was no other way for Feiyan.

She let out a cry after offering everything she had.

In this moment, it was either death for her or Li Qiye.

She didn’t mind mutual destruction either.

Her only choice was to face him directly.

Death was certain whether she tried to flee or fight, so she might as well go all out!

“Rumble!” As her battle intent surged, the sea god made out of water stepped towards the sky.

Each of his steps shattered the void as if it was made from porcelain.

This was a magnificent scene.

Moreover, the laws of the grand dao were screaming.

They couldn’t contend against this sea god.

“Bang!” The figure finally attacked with a hand that stretched across the world in the form of a mudra.

Ancient aquatic runes erupted like a volcano.

Each rune resembled a tiny star.

These stars then came together to crush everything in its path to ashes.

People’s souls left their bodies the moment this sea god’s mudra emerged.

Its power of suppression sank deep to the soul; everyone was completely powerless under its might.

They were currently helpless kittens and as insignificant as specks of dust — not enough to reach the apex.

Li Qiye made his move against this mudra.

His blade traveled through the sky and illuminated myriad eras.

It severed the Yin and Yang and extinguished the karmic cycle.

“Clank!” One sabre to alarm countless realms.

This light lit up every single corner of the world, even hell itself was no exception.

The gods and devils had nowhere to hide.

This was the first of the three Benevolent Slashes, nothing in this world could hide from its brilliance! Everything became straightforward and clear.

Dark and light, Yin and Yang, life and death — everything lost their abstruseness in the face of this slash.

It was no longer just a saber technique but a type of righteous will that belonged to Immortal Emperor Min Ren.

He wished to save all sentient beings.

Everyone would feel inadequate and ashamed when met with this attack.

Evil had no place to hide; it would turn into smoke from this illumination.

Sea gods and devils seemed especially insignificant in the face of this attack.

“Boom!” This slash didn’t waste time as it severed the sea god’s mudra and the divine creature itself.

“Splash!” The water returned to the ocean like waterfalls as the gigantic figure slowly disappeared.

The banner was left in the sky, but a corner of it had been cut off by the Benevolent Saber.

“Buzz!” The damaged banner howled and quickly fled to the horizon.

“No—” The one to scream was not Shangguan Feiyan, but rather, a few of the spectating sea demons.

It was too great of a blow for them.

A sea god was killed; their supreme had been defeated.

A sea demon sect master murmured in a daze: “That’s not a real sea god anyway, it was just a battle intent of the weapon.” Even though he was correct, it didn’t hide the sadness in his mind.

“Slaughtering a god…” The human cultivators, on the other hand, felt their blood boiling.

Keep in mind that in the current Dragon Demon Sea, sea demons reigned supreme.

Sea gods were untouchable existences and were considered to be invincible in this race’s mind.

But today, the Benevolent Saber came out and immediately killed the sea god in addition to severing a piece of the banner.

This was an affront to the confidence and morale of the sea demons.

The humans were elated by this event.

This would go down as a glorious part of their race’s history.

A human couldn’t hide his pride and resoundingly exclaimed: “Our Immortal Emperors are invincible, regardless of the era!”

Jian Longwei witnessed this scene and emotionally spoke: “The Benevolent Three Slashes are said to be the emperor’s proudest saber techniques.

Some even said that he placed it even higher in his heart than his Heaven’s Will Secret Law.

A rumor states that this technique combined with the saber is completely unstoppable unless the opponent has the Heaven’s Will!”

Feiyan was petrified like a statue.

The thing she relied on the most had flown away after being defeated.

Her only hope has been shattered, so she stood there in a daze.

“Kneel and accept death.” Li Qiye emotionlessly stared at her with his blade pointing straight at her.

Feiyan’s mind returned.

She immediately tumbled backward with no color in her complexion.

She shouted: “Never!” Even at this moment of defeat, she still held her head up proudly.

With the shining blade in his hand and a surging saber intent, Li Qiye coldly uttered like a supreme emperor: “It is not up to you to decide!” The imperial aura continued to assault the world.

His order was completely irresistible.

These auras absolutely trampled over her pride.

With a bang, her knees gave in to the pressure.

“No!” Even before death, she still stubbornly derived laws in order to turn into a phoenix and soar to the sky.

In her mind, she would rather commit suicide than be killed while kneeling.

“Bang!” However, her transformation was quickly put down by the saber intent.

Her struggle only weakened her.

She prostrated on the ground with her kneecaps shattered.

Her resistance could have been stronger.

Unfortunately, she had offered all of her longevity blood to the Seavinity Banner, so she no longer had the same strength as before.

Li Qiye slowly raised his blade and declared: “In this world, I don’t care about those who oppose me.

Even a defeated enemy can be allowed a dignified death.

However, those who think that my human race has become weak and tiny enough to become slaves or incubators, mere objects for sex… I shall destroy their entire race and devoid them of a dignified death…”

“I am not the guardian of the human race or the savior of this world.

However, sea demons and treants, listen to me well, I am a human, so if you wish to enslave my people, think carefully about the consequences!” Each of his words was resounding and sonorous with determination.

They pierced straight into everyone’s minds.

“Pluff!” The blade chopped down and Feiyan’s head flew up.

It eventually rolled on the ground as her blood gushed and stained the sky red before dripping down into the sea.

A beloved daughter of the heavens, a genius of the sea demons, a young God-Monarch has been beheaded while kneeling.

This scene shook the heart — this was especially true for the suffocated sea demon spectators.

“Our race might be weak, but we will never become slaves!” A human cultivator had tears in his eyes while he tightly clenched his fists.

In the Heaven Spirit World, the human race was quite weak.

Cultivators from the Exquisite Valley were better off, but as for vagabonds or smaller sects, they suffered bullying and repression from the sea demons everywhere.

Today, Li Qiye’s actions made the crowd jubilant with pride.

As for the sea demons, they stayed silent before this blatant provocation in the form of an execution.

They knew that without sufficient strength, opposing Li Qiye was suicidal!

Li Qiye put away the Benevolent Saber and returned to the banner.

He gazed at the horizon and commanded without mercy: “Indomitable Legion, heed my order.

Destroy Wyvern and the Bloodshark Village.

When the sun rises tomorrow, they must be no more.”

“Bang!” The battalion answered with action.

The expedition had begun as the troops separated into two groups.

One headed straight for Wyvern while the other aimed for the village.

This invincible regiment instantaneously crossed through space.

Someone without any knowledge of its origin murmured in a daze: “This, this spectral army is too invincible…”

An old charming spirit ancestor watching from the distance murmured: “A legion from the legends… Even an imperial legion suffered continuous defeats.

Even if they have died and turned into ghosts, they are still invincible! A truly unstoppable force.”


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