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 Chapter 123 : Heaven Extermination Devil Ape (1)

At this point, the great ape exuded a stormy atmosphere.

Under its torrential pressure, half of the experts were immediately paralyzed where they stood.

“A Heaven Extermination Devil Ape…”

Someone aghastly screamed:

“A one million year old Heavenly Beast…!”


At this moment, everyone was scared **less; even the arrogant Jiang Zuo Tie Yi was also deathly pale.[1] He yelled and turned around to escape.


But as Jiang Zuo Tie Yi was escaping, a bony spike came from the sky and pierced him to the ground! He let out a pitiful and miserable squeal!

“A one million year old Heavenly Beast…”

The cultivators at the back all lost their minds and turned around to run way.


Suddenly, all of the experts from the great sects that were originally surrounding Li Qi Ye turned around and ran.

At this point, they wished they had two more legs in order to quickly flee from this place.


The Heaven Extermination Devil Ape bellowed loudly.

A bone from its back swept through the sky and a rain of blood suddenly painted the horizon; a countless number of bones and flesh fell down.

One saw the Heaven Extermination Devil Ape take one step forward to block the escape path of everyone.

Bone after bloody bone crashed down from the heavens.

As long as it was a location swept by the bones, blood viscerally covered the sky!

“Ah… Ah… a…”

At this time, this place became hell.

Countless cultivators were slain and their blood dripped down the entire mountain.

No matter whether they were Named Heroes or Royal Nobles, under this bony spike, only death reigned supreme! Even an Enlightened Being would just be seeing death, here.

Essentially, no one could avoid one move from the Heaven Extermination Devil Ape.

“Six Wise Monarchs Formation, slay!”

At this time, there was no path to escape, so Jiang Zuo Hou loudly roared.

He commanded the cavalry to form the formation; he wanted to break through to reach an exit.


However, formations were completely useless wherever the bony protrusions reached.

Blood — again — rained from the sky and was accompanied by the screams of the victims.

The one thousand members of the cavalry of the Jiang Zuo Clan was entirely massacred, including Jiang Zuo Hou!

“Flee ahhh…”

Not only were the experts on the mountain running, but also the cultivators who only just got here.

Regardless of where one was, all would turn around and run.


At this point, each and every one of the bones combined into a grinding millstone that swept through everything.

All of the cultivators here were wiped out!


The giant wings of the great ape flapped and he flew up to chase the fleeing cultivators.


Within a blink of an eye, in the far distance, the shrill screams continued to resound time and time again.

One could only see the bones from the sky killing all of the fleeing cultivators.

Suddenly, nonstop screams for their mothers and fathers filled the air.

All of the cultivators wished they could immediately leave this hellish wasteland.

However, no matter how fast they were, they couldn’t escape the slaughtering of the Heaven Extermination Devil Ape.

From start to finish, Li Qi Ye was still sitting on the snail without moving, but the Heaven Extermination Devil Ape never even glanced at them.

It was as if it didn’t care for the existence of Li Qi Ye’s group.

The moment she saw the Heaven Extermination Devil Ape, Li Shuang Yan’s expression greatly changed.

Luckily, it didn’t look at them at all, so she finally sighed in relief.

“This is… What is going on”

The great ape massacred more than ten thousand cultivators, but it completely ignored them, and this surprised Li Shuang Yan.

Looking at Li Qi Ye, she said in astonishment:

“This is because of the fruit juices on our bodies”

“You are correct.”

Li Qi Ye smiled and said:

“If a snail was covered in **, would you still step on it”

“We aren’t covered in **…”

Niu Fen couldn’t help but protest.

Li Shuang Yan was a little scared because all women liked to be clean.

Li Qi Ye smiled and answered:

“In the eyes of the Heaven Extermination Devil Ape, this filthy fruit is no different than a pile of **.

It hates this thing the most.”

“How did you know this And how did you know that this place had a Heaven Extermination Devil Ape”

Li Shuang Yan astoundingly asked.

“Any area with the Filthy Fruit would have the Diverse Serpent Fruit.

And anywhere with the Diverse Serpent Fruit would surely have a Heaven Extermination Devil Ape, because they like to eat the Diverse Serpent Fruit the most…”

Here, Li Qi Ye glanced at Li Shuang Yan for a moment, then continued:

“Even though all the Longevity Spirits and Heavenly Beasts ran away at this time, but for one million year old beasts, unless a life or death matter appeared right in front of them, they wouldn’t easily leave their nest.

There are a few problems happening here, so the one million year old beasts are hiding in their nests.

Even if you step into their territories, they wouldn’t attack you.

However, if you come to their nests, that would be a different story.”

“How did you know all of this”

Li Shuang Yan couldn’t help but ask.

“This is common sense.”

Li Qi Ye smiled:

“If you know where to pick the Diverse Serpent Fruit, then you will know that the areas with the Filthy Fruit will have the Diverse Serpent Fruit! This type of common knowledge, any common alchemy record would have this written down!”

Even though Li Qi Ye said this, Li Shuang Yan essentially did not believe this story.

If any common alchemy record would have this, then countless people would have known.

Li Shuang Yan naturally didn’t know that Li Qi Ye had lived for countless ages and had met so many Heavenly Beasts and Longevity Spirits.

As the Dark Crow, he actually raised many of them.

This little knowledge to him was nothing at all.

Li Qi Ye jumped down from the snail and squatted down to watch Jiang Zuo Tie Yi, who was on his last breath, on the ground.

His body was pierced by the bones and even his True Fate was shattered.

At this moment, he could only lie there and wait for the last breath.

“Millions of years have passed yet the Jiang Zuo Clan isn’t any smarter.”

Li Qi Ye looked at the dying Jiang Zuo Tie Yi, and said.

“Little… Little… Little animal… My, m-my Jiang Zuo Clan will never let you go…”

At this moment, Jiang Zuo Tie Yi struggled to speak, but he still ferociously spat out the words.

Li Qi Ye was not angry, and he revealed a faint smile, instead.

He nonchalantly said:

“Even if your Jiang Zuo Clan wants to forgive me, I will not forgive your Jiang Zuo Clan! Given a chance, I will personally go to your clan and, sooner or later, I will annihilate your Jiang Zuo Clan! During the era of Immortal Emperor Min Ren, all of you should have been slaughtered.

If Min Ren didn’t ask to spare you, then there wouldn’t be a Jiang Zuo Clan today!”

“You… You… You…”

Jiang Zuo Tie Yi was speechless from anger.

Li Qi Ye didn’t want to chatter with him for long so he directly beheaded him, as well as Jiang Zuo Hou.

“Escape ah…”

In the no man’s area, many cultivators pissed their pants from terror while screaming in fear.

At this point, all of them were using their fastest speed to escape, but running from the massacre of a Heaven Extermination Devil Ape was not such an easy matter.

“A one million year old Heavenly Beast! The Heaven Extermination Devil Ape…”

The slower cultivators or the uninformed ones, who had just entered the no man’s area, saw the great ape from afar and their legs became weak from horror.

They quickly turned around and fled.

Even the cultivators in the dangerous area immediately ran away after hearing about the great ape.

At this point, not mentioning the great sects and nations, even the group of Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan would still turn around and leave!

In this place, one million year old Heavenly Beasts and Longevity Spirits were almost invincible.

Even Enlightened Beings were not enough and would just be devoured and massacred.


Any cultivator who entered the no man’s area couldn’t escape their fates of being massacred.

Even if they were faster, compared to the great ape, it was not enough to reach the apex.

Finally, the great ape murdered his way to the boundary of the no man’s area where it finally stopped and no longer chased on.

When it was standing at the boundary and glanced at everyone, the escaped cultivators in the dangerous area all lost their wits and their souls escaped from their bodies!

Ultimately, it turned around and headed back to its nest.

It killed all the way here and was successful in killing all of the cultivators who invaded its territory.

After the massacre was over, there were only a few cultivators that made it out of the no man’s area alive.

In order to chase Li Qi Ye for the Emperor Merit Law, there were more than one hundred sects and a few dozen thousands of cultivators.

However, in the end, those who were able to escape with their lives did not number more than one thousand, and they were only those who lagged behind at the beginning!

Seeing the great ape leave, these terrified cultivators finally fell down to the ground and their legs were so weak that they couldn’t stand up.

The entire Evil Infested Ridge was silent and filled with the stench of blood that penetrated the high sky without dissipating, causing others to feel nauseous.

The great sects and nations who didn’t enter the no man’s area were in an indefinite state of panic.

Many people who scouted the area didn’t find any fierce beasts, so they all assumed that the no man’s area was safe without Longevity Spirits or Heavenly Beasts.

But suddenly, there was an unequaled Heaven Extermination Devil Ape — this completely shattered their illusions.

A one million year old Heaven Extermination Devil Ape could even easily slay an Ancient Saint.

Here, it was invincible — no one could contend against it.

Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan was in the common area.

Having heard that there was a Heaven Extermination Devil Ape in the no man’s area, his face became very dignified.

“Your Highness, do you want to bring the Emperor Treasure along”

The old man next to the prince whispered.

The prince was in quiet contemplation while he maintained his frightening gaze towards the no man’s area.

Without enough power, wanting to trespass the no man’s area would only lead to one’s demise.

“Brother Qing Xuan, I will go back to the sect to see if I can bring an Emperor Treasure to help you out”

Leng Cheng Feng said.

At this point, Leng Cheng Feng was trying his best to help Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan.

He wanted to climb up the giant behemoth that was the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom.

“Then I will bother Brother Feng.”

Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan gently nodded his head and spoke in a deep manner.


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