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 Chapter 115 : Little Silly (1)

After successfully escaping, Li Qi Ye utilized the dark cover of the Evil Infested Ridge to counter this three hundred thousand year old Longevity Spirit.

Unfortunately, this spirit was also very cunning.

After being wounded twice by Li Qi Ye, it became a lot more cautious and no longer took careless actions.

However, it didn’t run away and kept on following Li Qi Ye.

This was the reason why Li Qi Ye despised Longevity Spirits.

Heavenly Beasts would fight until the collapse of one party, but Longevity Spirits would always hide and sneak attack without ever giving up.


A sad scream rang after the Longevity Spirit, who was hiding in a mire, was killed in one decisive blow.

There was suddenly an arm that appeared from the mire.

The Hell Suppressing Godly Physique, one hand as heavy as ten thousand mountains.

Even if this spirit was stronger, it wouldn’t be able to bear the weight of this one hand.

It pierced through the head and chest of this spirit with an unblockable strike.

“Mother**er, unkillable ghosts… Even if you are a ghost, you would still fall into the trap of your grandpa!”

Finally, Li Qi Ye climbed out of the mire.

In order to deal with this spirit, he spent a lot of effort and created a trap before finally tricking the spirit and dealt a deadly blow!

When it came to calculations And scheming Although Longevity Spirits were gifted in these arts, they were not comparable to Li Qi Ye.

One had to know that when he was the Dark Crow that year, he plotted against the entire world!

After obtaining the Longevity Blood and Life Ring, Li Qi Ye became stiff and slowly turned around.

At this moment, he gazed intensely at one direction and felt a chilling presence.

“One million year old Longevity Spirit!”

At this moment, Li Qi Ye realized that he was targeted by a one million year old Longevity Spirit.

It was still more than ten thousand miles away from him, but even from such a far distance, it was able to lock onto Li Qi Ye and considered him as its prey.

A one million year old Longevity Spirit — not to mention Li Qi Ye’s shallow cultivation, even if he was an Ancient Saint, he would still die at the hands of this monster.

“Treating me as prey”

Li Qi Ye laughed and murmured:

“That year, Little Brat Xue Xi left many things here that remained unused.[1] Today, I will let you see the schemes of your grandpa.

Let us see who will be trapping who…”

Li Qi Ye finally headed west.

This spirit was still watching Li Qi Ye, but wasn’t Li Qi Ye trying to trap this beast

Many people always thought that Longevity Spirits were smarter than Heavenly Beasts.

A one million year old Longevity Spirit would have an extremely frightening intelligence.

It tracked Li Qi Ye but didn’t make a move.

Regarding a weak human that dared to travel alone in the no man’s land, it smelled the scent of danger, so it didn’t make a move and remained vigilant.

While on this road, Li Qi Ye’s path became mysterious.

He started to twist and turn, and not just move in a straight line westward.

Meanwhile, the spirit was still watching.

After a long time, seeing that Li Qi Ye didn’t have any hidden cards, it finally couldn’t wait any longer as it took action.


Longevity Spirits always killed with one move.

A blow from a one million year old spirit — not mentioning Li Qi Ye, even an Ancient Saint would have to die.

However, Li Qi Ye disappeared as the blow was coming.

No one knew how he did it while being watched by this spirit’s spiritual sense, but Li Qi Ye actually disappeared.


From the sky, there was suddenly a bloody light and a bloody spear pierced straight downward.

This spear that traversed the sky, not to mention this spirit, but even a Virtuous Paragon would shiver in fear!

“Hoooooh-” The million year old Longevity Spirit bellowed.

This spear penetrated the top of its head.

Under this one murderous spear, no matter how powerful one was, death would be the only result.

However, the moment when it was about to die, it saw Li Qi Ye standing still without moving.

He essentially never left his position.

“Plotting against me You should know that this is my territory.”

Li Qi Ye smiled and said.

At this moment, he reminisced and murmured:

“That year, it seemed like Little Brat Xue Xi expended a lot of effort to prepare inside of this place.

Originally, this place was meant to slay that evil being, but he only ended up using a small part of it.

Today, they would only be used for things such as this.”

With Li Qi Ye saying “Little Brat Xue Xie”, he was referring to Immortal Emperor Xue Xi during the Ancient Ming Era.

During that era, the Evil Infested Ridge was not the private property of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect.

It was a small world, a holy land per se, but there was an evil existence in this place.

At that moment, Immortal Emperor Xue Xi had not carried the Heaven’s Will.

Li Qi Ye brought him around to increase his understanding of the Heaven’s Will, and they went inside the Evil Infested Ridge.

At that time, they wanted to slay the evil existence.

One had to know that even then, Immortal Emperor Xue Xi could have been considered unbeatable, but that evil existence saw that he didn’t carry the Heaven’s Will and challenged him.

Because they wanted to eliminate and destroy the evil existence completely, Immortal Emperor Xue Xi prepared countless methods in this world to form an inescapable net.

At that time, Li Qi Ye and Immortal Emperor Xue Xi both didn’t allow for this evil existence to remain, not even one hair, because it was simply too nefarious.

However, they didn’t expect for there to be an accident during that moment.

Therefore, there were many methods left behind by Xue Xi that were unused in this place.

But today, Li Qi Ye ended up using some of these preparations!

After killing the one million year old Longevity Spirit, there was a great harvest for Li Qi Ye.

The Longevity Blood and Life Ring of this spirit would even be coveted by Heavenly Sovereigns and Heavenly Kings.

After taking these things, Li Qi Ye wore the Life Ring around his body and continued to go west.

No other beasts dared to come close to Li Qi Ye after seeing the Life Ring on his body.

Even a one million year old Longevity Spirit was killed! All of the other beings were left in fear and didn’t expect this little human to be so terrifying…

Li Qi Ye finally reached his final destination after an unknown amount of time.

This was a vast piece of land, but after stepping into this place, Li Qi Ye’s expression greatly changed as he quickly rushed forward!

He reached a stone monument and it had the word: “Amnesty”.

It was shaped like a flying dragon and a dancing phoenix and had an invincible atmosphere.

Under the stone monument was the signature: Immortal Emperor Min Ren!

Without a doubt, this stone monument was left behind by Immortal Emperor Min Ren! With the word “Amnesty” inscribed on this stone, it meant that existences were not allowed to hunt beasts in this location!

Li Qi Ye approached closer.

In front of his eyes were the broken remnants of mountains and rivers that were demolished into little pieces.

This land was completely annihilated with terrible holes and craters that had an unknown depth on the ground.

Standing on this land, Li Qi Ye’s expression sunk heavily.

In a short amount of time, it became very ugly.

If Li Shuang Yan was here, she would be able to feel the terrifying aura from Li Qi Ye.

It became murderous, as if Li Qi Ye had became a death god — if gods were in his way, he would slay gods, if Buddha was in his way, slay Buddha.

“Little Silly, Little Silly…”

Li Qi Ye walked around this area and screamed into the craters on the ground.

However, only his echoes replied; no one was there to answer him.

“Little Silly, Little Silly, are you still here”

Li Qi Ye screamed loudly:

“Do you still remember the Dark Crow in the old land Do you remember the Dark Crow in the jasper pond Little Silly, Little Brat Min Ren carried you to this place, do you still remember”

However, no matter how many times Li Qi Ye screamed, there was no answer.

Li Qi Ye’s expression became as cold as ice.

He knew exactly what had happened here.

This place had Min Ren’s godly aura and even his amnesty mantra! No one dared to to kill here.

Thirty thousand years ago, Li Qi Ye taught the Black Dragon King.

Even though the Black Dragon King didn’t become an Immortal Emperor, but as the dao master for the Black Dragon King’s three generations, he had supreme authority.[2]

Ever since he left Little Silly in this place, one billion years have passed and it was always safe here.

Even though the descendants of Immortal Emperor Min Ren did not welcome it, they would follow the amnesty order of Immortal Emperor Min Ren.

Little Silly had always been safe in this place.[3]

During the era when the Black Dragon King’s three generations was revered while it also had the amnesty of the Immortal Min Ren, as well as the supreme aura of Li Qi Ye, this could have been considered one of the safest places!

However, something unfortunate had happened.

This incident definitely happened when he was asleep during the last thirty thousand years!

At this moment, Li Qi Ye knew who did it.

He was chilled to the bones, but he didn’t give up and continuously yelled:

“Little Silly, Little Silly, are you still here Dark Crow came to visit you!”

However, no matter how long he called, there was still no response.

There was only dead silence in this place.

Li Qi Ye called again and again.

He visited all of the holes, but in the end, he couldn’t find the shadow of Little Silly! Little Silly did not answer him.

Eventually, Li Qi Ye stood there in silence.

If anyone could see Li Qi Ye’s expression right now, only dread would appear in their hearts.

At this moment, there was a thing that dropped on top of Li Qi Ye’s head and it fell into his palm.

This was a dao bone, shining like a crystal jade.

Li Qi Ye tightly held this dao bone.

He knew that the thing he didn’t want to happen the most, happened.

Finally, Li Qi Ye carefully stored the dao bone, turned around, and left this place.

After leaving, he went towards the north.

He had the faint sense of an ominous omen in his heart.

He wanted to go north, but he restrained his desire because he had left the holy ground for too long.

He had to go back, otherwise Gu Tie Shou’s group would become worried and search for him.

Li Qi Ye finally left and this time, he quickly went south.

With the million year Life Ring hanging on his body, no Heavenly Beast nor Longevity Spirit dared to provoke him, allowing him to quickly return.

[1] Xue Xi = Immortal Emperor Xue Xi — meaning Blood’s Seal

[2] You will see the words three generations a lot with the Black Dragon King, but this will be explained later when you find out more about her

[3] The text was actually one thousand of one hundred of ten thousand years so one billion.

1000 x 100 x 10000 = 1,000,000,000 years.

But this number feels so outrageous to me that I believe this might just be a literary expression of many million years


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