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Chapter 1153: Parting

Li Qiye teased by playing with her hair, but his tone was very serious: “I’m not belittling your patriarch’s grand dao, but you won’t be able to walk down this path.

He had severed his seven emotions and six desires as well as all ties with the mundane world.

Furthermore, he cut off everything about himself to embark on an emotionless and cruel path.

Traveling alone in this world — this was his choice.”

Li Qiye slowly explained: “Even though he actually became an Immortal Emperor in the end, he had lost too many things in his life.

Moreover, he also hurt those close to him, his lovers and those who he loved.”

Bai Jianzhen was quiet.

She began cultivating the dao of the sword at a young age, so she naturally understood the sword dao back at her sacred ground.

He patiently went on: “Your Mad Sword has broken through and stems from your sacred ground’s dao.

As for your Buddhist Sword, it is slowly melting the negative emotions from your dao while shaping it into a righteous path of kings!” He gave her a serious glance at this point and solemnly spoke: “But you still haven’t done enough.

Your heart and sword still haven’t opened.

They cannot accept something even greater.

Only when you open your heart would you understand that there are things other than the sword.

It doesn’t stop at coldness and violence!”

He reminded her one last time: “Remember that the sword is more than a weapon or a tool for killing.

It has emotions, so you have to feel it with your own emotions in order to truly sense its existence.”

Bai Jianzhen took a deep breath and bowed respectfully: “I will engrave your advice in my mind and carefully comprehend them.”

“I know you can do it or I wouldn’t have picked you.” Li Qiye chuckled and nodded his head.

She had one more thing to say, but she was hesitant.

Li Qiye noticed this and told her: “Go ahead, say what you want.

Since you are staying with me, it means that you are one of us, so there’s no need to be so reserved.”

She eventually asked: “What happened to our patriarch”

Li Qiye had brought up this topic before and revealed that Immortal Emperor Ye Ti’s end was not very good.

This problem had been weighing on her mind.

After all, he was the Sword God Sacred Ground’s patriarch and also their Immortal Emperor.

He smiled while looking at her: “It is not that I don’t want to tell you, but the time isn’t right.

Once you step onto a righteous path befitting a sword king with a dao that belongs to you, I will tell you then.

After all, I won’t know what kind of effect it will have on your dao heart.

Don’t worry, when that day comes, I’ll tell you even if you don’t ask me.”

After hearing this, she gently nodded without pursuing the matter any further.

“Going on the wrong path can devastate others, but it will also hurt the user.” Li Qiye explained: “You need the dao alone, search with passion and comprehend the sword.

With this, you will be able to break through the limit of the sword dao and open an unprecedented path meant for you alone.”

She took meticulous care in savoring each of his words.

Meanwhile, by gazing at her demeanor, Li Qiye was also secretly approving after knowing that she wouldn’t follow the footsteps of her patriarch.

As an emperor, Immortal Emperor Ye Ti was a hot topic for debate, but at the same time, no one really wanted to talk about his ultimate fate.

“Boss, wait a bit, this lowly one is here to see you off.” At the time of parting, a loud body shouted about and rushed over with extreme speed.

It was Little Autumn.

While glittering with a golden light, it rushed through the sky like a golden ray.

In the blink of an eye, it arrived in front of Li Qiye and unhappily shouted: “Boss, you don’t care for my feelings at all! If you were going to leave, you should have told me.

This really hurts my cute little heart.”

Little Autumn’s frolicking appearance made the girls laugh.

They knew that nothing good would come from its antics.

Li Qiye gave it a quick glance and said: “Don’t waste my time, fart if you have to.”

Little Autumn laughed happily and said: “Boss, I heard you want to go to the Heaven Spirit World.

It is a vast watery world with the Skyvault Bonesea.

Then there is the lost Godhalt Continent as well as many gentle and tender beauties—”

“Okay, there’s no need to be so poetic.

Play nice and stay here, don’t even think about going to the Heaven Spirit World.” Li Qiye interrupted it before it could continue.

Its expression immediately turned bitter and it spoke as if it had been wronged: “Boss, you can’t treat me like this.

This lowly one is your loyal dog.

I have to follow wherever you go in order to serve you to the best of my abilities…”

Li Qiye glared at it instead: “Stop your blabbering.

How is your cultivation of the Space Scripture going”

“Uhh—” Little Autumn abruptly choked and coughed awkwardly: “Ah, a little bit of harvest, not bad at all.

Of course, it is nothing compared to Boss.

You are the most brilliant genius.

In the nine heavens and ten earths across all the seasons of the eons, no one can…”

The girls chuckled amusingly while watching Little Autumn.

The truth was that with regards to space, the worm had an unparalleled advantage.

However, this fella was not trustworthy at all.

It treated cultivation like playing.

If it actually practiced hard, it probably would have evolved already.

“You’re thinking about going to that distant place in the future with your meager cultivation” Li Qiye gave off a glare.

“Well… yes…” It smiled awkwardly.

Li Qiye flatly said: “Then train hard or you won’t be qualified to go since you are so weak.

What is the Space Scripture One of the Nine Grand Heavenly Scriptures.

Others dream of having just one word or one phrase from the scripture, but now, you have the entire book yet you are not treating it seriously.

You are wasting a godsend opportunity.”

Little Autumn obediently lowered its head after being scold like this.

“Buzz—” Li Qiye pierced one arm into the void.

With a buzz, the space in front of him seemed to melt away.

A lake-like mirror emerged before him.

With the channeling of his law, the mirror slowly unraveled and revealed a bottomless dimensional space.

“No way, deep dimensional space!” Little Autumn was horrified and took several steps back.

It was a spatial master, so it naturally understood the significance of a deep dimensional space.

This belonged to the level of eternal banishment.

Once exiled into this type of space, it would be extremely difficult to return.

Although there were many emperor laws with the power of banishment, they were only capable of exiling someone to a shallow dimensional space.

Even a Godking could easily make their way back.

However, the deeper dimensions were different.

Once banished to these deeper levels, very few could come back alive.

They needed to be unimaginably powerful or extremely adept at spatial construction.

Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to find their way back.

The worm knew that it wasn’t looking good at this moment and turned around to flee.

However, it was instantly caught by Li Qiye.

Little Autumn cried out: “Boss, you can’t treat me like this, this is a deep dimensional space! It is a horrific place! You are playing with my life if you throw me in there!” It didn’t want to face a realm of this level.

Li Qiye coldly glanced at it and said: “How can we squeeze out your potential without sufficient pressure If you can’t make your way back, then stay in there forever!”

With that, he threw Little Autumn inside.

“Boss, you are too cruel—” It wailed miserably before disappearing into the deep dimensional space.

“Clang, clang, clank!” The sound of laws came about.

Li Qiye didn’t only banish him into deep space, he also sealed this dimension.

In this way, it would be even more difficult for Little Autumn to come back unless he could comprehend the mysteries of the Space Scripture.

The girls actually laughed again after seeing the fate of Little Autumn.

This guy was done for sure this time.

Being trapped in a deep dimensional space was absolutely maddening!

However, they also understood that it would not make any progress without motivation, thus wasting its race’s great potential.

“Okay, all of you can return.

I have to leave.” Li Qiye bade farewell to the girls and pointed forward.

“Buzz!” A formation appeared while the spatial coordinates began to shift.

Next, a huge celestial array emerged.

Li Qiye pointed at a particular coordinate.

The formation activated and turned into a door with starry lights pulsing everywhere.

He entered the door and immediately crossed through space and time.

This was one of the mysticisms of the Space Scripture.

It could allow one to teleport across any space and time without needing any refined jades!

In order words, as long as the user was strong enough, they could go to any location with their own virtues.


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