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 Chapter 111 : Sky Shouldering Ape (1)

“Eight Gale Blades–”

At this moment, Li Qi Ye uttered a long sound and yelled:

“Have a taste of Little Brat Min Ren’s favorite technique!”

Finished with these words, the shadow of the Invisible Dual Blades became faster and eight blade edges swept all of the directions.

Suddenly, there was a visceral rain of blood.

Li Qi Ye rampaged amidst the wolves and killed them in the most vivid manner.

Not long after, there were mountains of corpses while blood flowed like the rivers.

The stench of the blood pierced the nose, causing a nauseous feeling.

Li Qi Ye unleashed seven blades after seven steps, and the blades’ edges skyrocketed.

The Invisible Dual Blades were extremely formidable.

Even though they were made from mortal steel, after aggregating the essence of Immortal Emperor Min Ren, they were no less than any Life Treasure.

Over a short amount of time, Li Qi Ye had killed so many wolves that he had lost count.

“Rawrr –” Finally, the Earth Wolf Monarch, at three thousand year of age, let out a sad bellow.

A blade immediately cut through its neck.

The head of the Wolf Monarch was like golden metal.

Its nails were sharp like cold steel, and its fangs could even tear through armor with a lightning-like speed.

However, under the presence of the Invisible Dual Blades, its neck could only be instantly slashed.

When its head fell to the floor, Li Qi Ye, with his two hands crossed behind his back, suddenly unleashed a backhanded blade, like a butterfly playing with the flowers, directly through his ribs.

Fresh blood shot up and the figure behind Li Qi Ye froze.

The dual blades edged the figure into two halves.

This was not a wolf, but a strange monster.

It had the body of a badger, with two wings protruding from its ribs.

There was an old tree branch on top of its head.

This monster was either a four-footed beast or a Longevity Spirit.

“Where there are Earth Wolves, there will be blood-sucking Wretched Plant Spirits.

Unfortunately, I had noticed you earlier.”

Li Qi Ye sheathed his blades and leisurely smiled while looking at the fallen monster.

This monster had its eye wide open because it was readying a sneak attack.

However, it had no chance to make a move before it was struck by Li Qi Ye.

It thought that it could kill Li Qi Ye with a surprise attack, but Li Qi Ye was faster.

Longevity Spirits were fierce existences that were well known, just like Heavenly Beasts, in this world.

However, Longevity Spirits were even more frightening than Heavenly Beasts.

Heavenly Beasts and Longevity Spirits were two entirely different races.

The Heavenly Beasts in the legends that came into being at the very beginning, during the era of the gods, were known as some of the most ancient creatures.

The most horrifying thing about Heavenly Beasts was that they possessed an extremely strong body that was able to stop Life Treasures and True Treasures.

Their claws were able to even tear through Life Treasures and godly armors.

As for Longevity Spirits, there were two different claims to their origin.

One believed that it was a type of monster raised by the world.

The other claim assumed that they were demons with the blood of immortal devils.

However, as for what the lineages of the immortal devils were, no one knew for sure.

Regardless, most people believed in the second claim and considered Longevity Spirits to be an evil creature!

Same lifespan Heavenly Beasts and Longevity Spirits were close in power, but to cultivators, Longevity Spirits were more frightening.

The reason was very simple.

For a Heavenly Beast, when there were people invading its territory, it would appear and fight, and would even eat the humans.

However, Longevity Spirits were different.

When people were in the wilderness, they could have been unknowingly targeted by a Longevity Spirit.

Once targeted, it would be very difficult to escape.

Longevity Spirits were like the ghosts in the dark.

They would often come and go without casting a single shadow.

They didn’t possess tough and unrivalled bodies like the Heavenly Beasts, nor did they have their sharp claws, but the Longevity Spirits could borrow the power of the heaven and earth and use the grand dao to kill the enemy.

Once a Longevity Spirit took action, it would normally be a one-hit kill.

They wouldn’t make a move unless they were certain and then, they would also suck the blood dry from their prey.

Thus, there was a saying amongst cultivators: meeting a Heavenly Beast, there is a chance for survival; meeting a Longevity Spirit, unless it is dead, you will be dead!

Even so, Longevity Spirits were still as valuable as Heavenly Beasts.

The Longevity Blood of the spirits were the main medicinal ingredient of blood medicines.

Also, the life rings of these spirits were used by cultivators to create Longevity Treasures.

There was one special thing about Longevity Spirits.

They were like the trees, and they had life rings, one year would be equivalent to one ring.

Seeing the bodies of the wolves scattered on the ground, Li Qi Ye couldn’t help but shake his head with a helpless feeling.

With so many bodies, it would take such a long time to gather the marrows and bones from them, but there was no other choice.

At the moment, the sect’s foundation was still shallow and lacking in resources.

The new disciples absolutely needed these marrows and bones.

Li Qi Ye killed many beasts and spirits on his way towards the west.

The beasts and spirits became stronger.

In the beginning, he was able to come out unscathed, but later on, using all of his means to kill the powerful monsters, he became wounded in many places.

Despite this being the case, Li Qi Ye became more ferocious and bloodthirsty the more he fought.

Inadvertently, his body carried a ferocious presence and had a murderous aura.

This aura became even more corporeal.

Li Qi Ye’s gaze caused others to feel as if there was a ferocious beast watching them, giving rise to goosebumps.

Cruel and unmerciful fighting was the best test for Li Qi Ye, the best type of devilish training.

Struggling in such a dangerous place was the best way for Li Qi Ye to regain the sensation of that year, when he plotted against the entire world — a feeling of flying freely high in the sky and diving deep into the sea.


Li Qi Ye roared and the Dark Space Transformation appeared.

The world no longer had a spatial gap.

He immediately appeared before a Longevity Spirit and slashed it from behind.

This Sinister Bird Plant was fifty thousand years old.

From under his blade, it suddenly disappeared — Li Qi Ye knew this was a bad sign and he felt pain from behind his back.

Even at his maximum speed, he was still slashed by the dao runes of the Sinister Bird Plant, and his blood began to spurt from the gash.

A fifty thousand year old Longevity Spirit was a frightening existence.

Even cultivators at the Named Hero level would be weary of them.

The winner between the two would not be clear.

Li Qi Ye’s shadow instantly flashed and his body jumped up high.

The moment his shadow reappeared, he was already one thousand zhang away.

He disappeared and reappeared again and again.

The Kun Peng’s Six Variants, Dark Space Transformation — space belonged to my will! Li Qi Ye had mastered the profound truths of the Kun Peng’s Six Variants, but his cultivation was still shallow.

Otherwise, with the Dark Space Transformation, he could easily travel a thousand miles with a single step.

The Sinister Bird Plant also chased after Li Qi Ye, who suddenly escaped.

It flashed and disappeared towards Li Qi Ye’s direction.

Li Qi Ye ran into the thick forest and finally ended up at a peak.

The speed of the Sinister Bird Plant was also frightening and it kept on chasing Li Qi Ye down.

However, after reaching this peak, Li Qi Ye’s flashing figure disappeared completely.

Once locked onto a prey, the Sinister Bird Plant would never let it go, so it immediately hovered in the air to find Li Qi Ye.

But suddenly, Li Qi Ye appeared behind it with the Dark Space Transformation.

There was no distance between the two!

The Sinister Bird Plant flashed, wanting to escape.

This was the reason why Longevity Spirits were so annoying to deal with.

They were like ghosts and wouldn’t fight directly.

After missing a strike, they would hide and wait for another opportunity.

“It is too late, Sinister Bird, this old man is fed up with you.”

Li Qi Ye roared.

He pointed his finger to the sky and yelled:

“Have a taste of a Heaven’s Will Secret Law.”


With one finger defying the heavens, Li Qi Ye’s chest suddenly became as bright as the sky.

The Sinister Bird Plant lost its color as a powerful aura came down from the sky.

The finger of Li Qi Ye, in a flash, became the heaven’s will.

Who dared not to follow the will of the heavens.

This finger become the heaven’s will, with accompanying brilliances; one finger carried the power of the ten thousand daos.


The spirit bellowed, wanting to escape, but it had no chance.

As a Longevity Spirit, it could channel the grand dao, but under the heaven’s will, it couldn’t communicate with the grand dao.

Under the heaven’s will, how could the fireflies compare to the brilliance of the moon!


Blood exploded along with floating feathers.

Under this one finger, the Sinister Bird Plant became scattered ashes and dispersed smoke.

Heaven’s Will Secret Laws were extremely frightening.

All Emperor merit laws, no matter how powerful, would pale in comparison! The heaven’s will alone ruled all of the ten thousand daos.

Under the dao of the heaven, the power of the ten thousand daos seemed insignificant!

This was why, whenever cultivators were fighting against their enemies, their worst fear was to meet a Heaven’s Will Secret Law.

This was the highest achievement of an Immortal Emperor after shouldering the Heaven’s Will.

Nothing could exceed the Heaven’s Will Secret Law!

“This Little Brat Min Ren’s Heaven’s Will Secret Law is really amazing.”

Li Qi Ye murmured.

He then covered the opening of his wound.

The pain was so terrible that even Li Qi Ye had to grit his teeth to withstand the sensation.

Li Qi Ye borrowed the Daylight Sky Merit Law in order to help the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect find the Daylight Sky Immortal Secret, but he also practiced it when it was convenient.

Of course, he knew about the terrifying power of the Heaven’s Will Secret Law, but he tried his best not to use it.

This Heaven’s Will Secret Law would cause others to drool.

The sect wouldn’t want to let others know about it at this moment; otherwise, many extremely powerful sects and nations would become envious with greed.

Li Qi Ye also didn’t want to rely on the Heaven’s Will Secret Law too much, he had many other means.

When it wasn’t necessary, he wouldn’t use it.

After killing the Sinister Bird Plant, Li Qi Ye disappeared and continued westbound.

Far in the ravine and inside a deep cave, Li Qi Ye hunkered down inside and channeled the “Revolving Crescent Sun Merit Law’”.

He also activated his blood to form the “Kun Peng’s Six Variants” while devouring the energy of the heaven and earth.


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