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Chapter 1109: Knowing That There Is A Tiger On The Mountain Yet Still Continuing To Climb

After a huge group of cultivators arrived.

They saw Jikong Wudi standing on the mountain without running.

They were all quite surprised and had to glance at each other.

“Oh Not running anymore” Li Qiye smiled while looking at Jikong Wudi.

Jikong Wudi took a deep breath.

He arched his chest in high spirits to once again assume his normal imperious posture and looked down on the world.

He was back to his former self — arrogant and conceited with an imposing momentum.

This was a striking contrast to his previous appearance of running like a dog with a dead master.

“Li, you really think this Young Noble is afraid of you” Jikong Wudi stood with both hands crossed over his chest and coldly said: “Earlier was only a strategic retreat.”

“I see, strategic retreat.

To describe fleeing in such a manner, you are indeed the descendant of an Immortal Emperor, how extraordinary.” Li Qiye laughed and clapped loudly after leisurely jesting.

“Li, do you dare to come and fight me!” Jikong Wudi suddenly challenged Li Qiye.

This challenge confused many people.

Everyone knew full well that he was not a match for Fiercest.

Earlier, he ran for his life, but now he suddenly turned into a different person, actually daring to directly challenge Li Qiye.

This was indeed worth thinking over.

“Challenging me” Li Qiye looked at Jikong Wudi with a mocking glare.

Jikong Wudi pointed at Li Qiye with an imperial weapon in his hand: “That’s right, do you dare to come and fight me or not If you are afraid, then you will have to call me granddaddy!”

“So you are certain you’ll win.” Li Qiye laughed again.

Jikong Wudi snorted and coldly said: “You are only an insect.

Killing you is as easy as turning my hand.

I just need one hand to crush you to death.”

In the past, no one would find such words from Jikong Wudi problematic.

Back then, he was praised as Deity.

Some even considered him to be the best among the younger generation.

But now when he uttered this statement towards Fiercest, everyone felt that he was too arrogant.

Even if he had an imperial weapon, there was no chance of him beating Fiercest.

“I actually want to see just what you have up your sleeves.” Li Qiye clapped his hands together: “Even though your goading is quite crappy.”

“I am full of confidence, there’s no need for any psychological tactics against you.” Jikong Wudi declared.

“Whether it is a tactic or not doesn’t matter.” Li Qiye leisurely smiled: “Regardless of the circumstances, I am someone who likes to do one particular thing: shatter the self-esteem of others.

They think that they are certain of winning, so I like to defeat and stomp them beneath my feet until there is nothing left of their confidence.

Only despair shall remain.”

“Be careful, I’m afraid it is a trap.” Mei Suyao quietly reminded him after seeing him accepting the challenge.

In fact, many people could faintly guess it.

Jikong Wudi had completely changed his attitude and brazenly said that he would crush Li Qiye.

This made the crowd think that he had something up his sleeves.

Li Qiye smiled and glanced around the area before ordering the girls: “I will be careful, but remember, no matter what happens, do not do anything or it will ruin my plan.”

The girls looked at each other before silently nodding.

Li Qiye stepped onto the mountain and looked at Jikong Wudi with his imperial weapon: “Go ahead, show me all you have.” With that, he revealed a big grin: “Like I said before, even if the deities choose to protect you, your head will still be a chamber pot.

You better do everything you can since I’ll chop off your head with one move!”

Being shown such blatant disdain by Li Qiye left Jikong Wudi with an extremely ugly expression.

He had always been untouchable.

Even though recently, his fame was overshadowed by Li Qiye, he still couldn’t swallow his anger from Li Qiye’s mocking tone.

“Go!” Jikong Wudi shouted coldly.

“Zzz—” In a split second, the four directions were sealed.

A temporal vortex appeared right above Li Qiye.

He seemed to be lost in a swamp of time with his body sinking down as if he was about to disappear completely.

“Not good, it’s a trap.” Many people were startled.

Even the girls shuddered slightly.

No one knew what it was.

They only saw time flowing with Li Qiye seemingly disappearing.

He involuntarily sank into the river of time and couldn’t return to this world, to be forever erased.

“Little animal, die!” Jikong Wudi was overjoyed to see this.

This was the best time to attack.

With a roar, his blood energy surged and a Heaven’s Will Secret Law emerged.

“Boom!” Jikong Wudi utilized all of his blood energy, resulting in quite a moving scene.

This energy as vast as a sea was channeled into his imperial weapon and instantly dried up.

At this moment, a beastly imperial aura poured down like a terrifying flood breaking the dam.

“Boom!” A majestic figure emerged.

An Immortal Emperor came out and unleashed a strike capable of destroying myriad realms.

“Imperial Massacre!” Someone shouted after sensing this terrifying blow.

“Imperial Massacre…” The crowd became absent-minded.

This attack meant that Jikong Wudi was untouchable among the younger generation.

An Imperial Massacre could destroy all things.

Even a Godking might not escape the fate of annihilation.

“Watch out…” Li Shuangyan and the others became worried as well as they reminded Li Qiye to be careful.

Li Qiye was drowning in the temporal river as the attack was approaching.

The shocked crowd was wiping their sweat for Li Qiye.

Someone commented: “This is too dangerous.”

“Right, a trap below and an Imperial Massacre from above.” Most thought that Li Qiye wouldn’t be able to escape this time.

“Good effort.” Li Qiye smiled in the face of this attack.

With a hum, his cauldron of life rushed forward and spewed out an endless amount of fire with great life force.

Inside the endless fire of life, the Heavenly Dao’s Primal Chapter was ringing continuously and seemed to be turning into a boundless ocean.

Countless runes of the grand dao were floating inside this ocean-like fish.

There were also primordial lights flashing inside as if this place was the beginning of myriad dao in this world.

It was continuously gestating new heavenly dao.

“Boom!” The Imperial Massacre was stopped by this boundless ocean.

It was easy to imagine the might of this attack.

It set off a gigantic tidal wave in the sky and instantly brought down many stars.

Nevertheless, the primal chapter still blocked it.

The attack from the Imperial Massacre seemed to be endlessly slowing down in this sea full of brilliance.

Suddenly, everyone saw the attack explode into countless little bits and pieces.

The power of these little parts were all sucked in.

In this process, the primal chapter analyzed the Imperial Massacre’s composition and transformation before sucking in everything like a vortex.

All the offensive power and grand dao power of the imperial weapon was instantly funneled into the runes of the primal chapter.

In a short period of time, not only did the primal chapter stop the Imperial Massacre, it also turned the attack’s power into its own.

“Impossible…” Jikong Wudi blurted out and was stunned right away.

Li Qiye was not annihilated like he imagined! He couldn’t believe his own eyes.

It was a sure-kill blow, but this was the result instead.

It could even be said that no one understood this event.

No one could imagine an Imperial Massacre being taken down like this.

Of course, they didn’t know that the primal chapter had a matchless origin.

Some people even called it the beginning of all grand dao in this world, or at least a great part of it.

“My turn.” Li Qiye laughed out loud.

With a buzz, the fire of life poured down like a waterfall.

Strands of universal laws from the primal chapter instantly pierced the vortex and sucked away the forces of time before turning them into its own.

With that, he flipped his palm, causing the stars to mimic his movements.

“Boom!” Myriad realms trembled.

This palm attack didn’t only have the power of the Imperial Massacre from earlier, but also the power of time from the formation.

The formation quaked as if it was about to break into pieces in the face of these two powers.


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