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 Chapter 110 : Godly Tree Covering the Sky (2)

“Yo-you have seen our ancestor”

Hearing Li Qi Ye’s words, Niu Fen became shocked and his vision became clouded.

He looked at Li Qi Ye with complete astonishment and remembered that there was only one existence in this world who understood the Eighteen Solutions of his race! Since Li Qi Ye understood the Eighteen Solutions entirely, this implied that he had seen the existence in the legend!

“This is not important.”

Li Qi Ye said:

“As long as you provide your best service, then one day, you will be a god!”

“As long as it is Young Noble’s command, Niu Fen will definitely go through water and tread on fire!”

Niu Fen bent down on his knees and performed a ceremony.

Li Qi Ye nodded his head and said:

“Now listen carefully, I don’t want to say it again.

Don’t throw away the prestige of your tribe.”

Niu Fen gathered his spirits and carefully listened to each of Li Qi Ye’s words.

After passing on the Seventh Solution, Li Qi Ye prepared to leave; he didn’t want to stay here long.

However, with Li Qi Ye’s current cultivation, Gu Tie Shou was still worried.

During the moment of departure, Gu Tie Shou handed the Immortal Emperor’s portrait to Li Qi Ye and formally said:

“Bring this item with you, it will protect you!”

From Gu Tie Shou’s perspective, Li Qi Ye was too important to the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect.

If something were to happen to him, then it would be such a great loss to the sect and was not something they would be able to withstand.

Li Qi Ye shook his head and smiled:

“Elder Gu, I am not a flower vase to decorate the interior.

Rains and winds are normal occurrences to a cultivator.

Plus, since I am daring to go alone, I have my confidence.”

“In my opinion, the Heavenly God Sect has not given up.

You should still be careful.

With this portrait, at the very least, you could still slaughter them once or twice.”

Li Qi Ye finished speaking and gave the portrait back to Gu Tie Shou.

Seeing Li Qi Ye’s determination, Gu Tie Shou quietly accepted the portrait and reminded him one last time:

“Be careful, and quickly return.”

“Be at ease, Elder.

This time, I am going to hellishly train my cultivation.

Short will be three months, long will be one year.”

Li Qi Ye said.

Then Li Shuang Yan, Gu Tie Shou, and Niu Fen, one by one, came to say goodbye.

Even the quiet Tu Bu Yu also came.

As for Nan Huai Ren, the self proclaimed henchman of Li Qi Ye, he didn’t come because he knew Li Qi Ye wouldn’t bring him along anyway.

Li Qi Ye looked at the quiet Tu Bu Yu and said:

“You want to follow the path of the Patriarch.

To be frank, you won’t be able to do it.

You have started way too late.

Plus, you don’t have the luck and hellish training of the Patriarch.

However, you can cultivate the God of War Manual and will be a Virtuous Paragon in the future.

And not just any Virtuous Paragon, but one with extremely powerful offensive power.

No Virtuous Paragons would be able to compete with you.”

The God of War Manual was an extremely unfathomable ancient merit law.

It could be considered a scripture.

That year, when he taught this merit law to Immortal Emperor Min Ren, in the end, he became an invincible Immortal Emperor.

“Thank you for your guidance, Big Brother.

From now on, this Little Brother will focus on this merit law.”

Tu Bu Yu bowed and smiled.

Tu Bu Yu always referring to himself as “Little Brother” caused the group of Gu Tie Shou to feel weird.

He could be even older than Gu Tie Shou, but he kept referring to himself as Little Brother in front of Li Qi Ye.

Longevity Laws, Fate Merits, and Technique Forms — these are the three types of cultivators’ merit laws.

A Technique Form, to a large extent, referred to the pure offense and defense dao methods.

To be more exact, they were the techniques used in battles.

In reality, many Fate Merits also have techniques for offense and defense, but not all merit laws used it to build the dao foundation.

This was the biggest difference between a Technique Form and a Fate Merit.

Technique Forms couldn’t be used to refine the True Fate, they were simply battle techniques.

Eventually, Li Qi Ye said farewell to the group of Gu Tie Shou and left this safe holy ground.

Li Qi Ye left and headed towards the west.

He had his own purpose for leaving.

Outside of using this time to cultivate, he also wanted to deal with some personal affairs.

Li Qi Ye wanted to hone his own skills but didn’t want other people to be by his side.

First, he didn’t want others to see the real potential of his “Hell Suppressing Immortal Physique”! Second, he also had some hidden cards that shouldn’t be revealed to others.

“Rawrr –”

However, Li Qi Ye had only just left the holy ground — less than one hundred miles away — before he met a Heavenly Beast.

Even though this was not far from the Cassia Lotus Tree, there were still a few Heavenly Beasts nearby.

Of course, the one million year old Heavenly Beasts wouldn’t dare to come close.

At this moment, this Heavenly Beast was blocking Li Qi Ye.

It resembled a rhinoceros, but was three times bigger and had a horn as sharp as a sword.

It exhaled hot fiery air at an exceedingly high temperature.

If someone were to be sprayed by it, it wouldn’t be just a simple wound.

“A Sword Rhinoceros.”

Seeing this Heavenly Beast blocking his path, he leisurely said:

“Just a one thousand year old Heavenly Beast, yet you still dared to come out.

Be smart and step aside, or I will slay you and take your beast marrow and dao bones.”

“Boom, Boom, Boom–”

However, the thousand year old Sword Rhinoceros used its thick legs to dig into the ground behind it.

It took a few steps back, preparing to charge ahead.

“You want to compare pure impact power with me”

Seeing how the Sword Rhinoceros didn’t want to back up, Li Qi Ye smiled and rushed straight forward.


After extending the distance, the Sword Rhinoceros charged forward with extreme speed and power.

Without a doubt, this impact could shatter a small peak.

The Sword Rhinoceros was a heavy type of rhino, plus its power and impulsive speed was extremely fast.

Its offense was very simple and direct.

Once trapped inside its attack range, its horn would pierce through the body or trample the prey into meat paste.

The impact power of the Sword Rhinoceros was amazing, but Li Qi Ye’s was even more frightening.

When he stomped on the ground, the earth immediately shook.

His simple activation of the Hell Suppressing Immortal Physique was already millions of jin.


Finally, Li Qi Ye and the Sword Rhinoceros collided.

The body of the Sword Rhinoceros immediately flew away with its blood spurting out like heavy rain.

Under this impact, the Sword Rhinoceros didn’t even have the chance to bellow before its entire body was broken.

Ultimately, the heavy Sword Rhinoceros fell down to the ground.

It was no longer able to move and its body painted the ground red.

A one thousand year old Sword Rhinoceros wasn’t something a Provisional Palace cultivator, like Li Qi Ye could stop.

Even an Inner Longevity cultivator wouldn’t be able to.

Unfortunately, it met Li Qi Ye.

“Comparing bodies with me”

Li Qi Ye came closer and smiled.

Such an impact was not worthy of mentioning to Li Qi Ye.

The Hell Suppressing Godly Physique — it could even suppress hell itself.

Immortals and devils wouldn’t be able to avoid it.

Just imagine, to have the qualifications to be one of the twelve Immortal Physiques, how frightening must the Hell Suppressing Godly Physique be!

Even though Li Qi Ye’s Immortal Physique was not completed, he still cultivated a supreme immortal physique in this world.

One could only imagine the power.

Li Qi Ye opened the beast’s body and took the beast marrow and bones.

To a cultivator, even though Heavenly Beasts were frightening, they were also rare and precious.

The beast marrows could be used to refine Physique Pastes, and the dao bones were needless to say.

A flawless dao bone could be used to create Life Treasures, and these Life Treasures would be able to keep the power of the Heavenly Beasts.

For example, the dao bones of a Sword Rhinoceros.

Once refined into a treasure, it would have the strength of the Sword Rhinoceros.

After collecting the beast marrow and dao bones, Li Qi Ye went on his way.

However, he couldn’t go far before being surrounded by more Heavenly Beasts.

As he was slowly getting farther to the west, there were more Heavenly Beasts nearby.

Earth Wolves were Heavenly Beasts traveling in packs — very brutal and aggressive.

Unless the Wolf Monarch gets killed, they would become even more bloodthirsty as the fight went on.

The rustling sounds increased and more and more Earth Wolves showed up and surrounded Li Qi Ye.

“Three hundred year old Heavenly Beasts, not worth my energy.

Worthless things, you even want me to take your beast marrow and dao bones.”

Surrounded by the wolves, Li Qi Ye was still calm and spoke.

“Rawrrrr—” The response to Li Qi Ye was the howls of a five hundred year old Earth Wolf.

It immediately rushed and, with a bite, aimed for the neck of Li Qi Ye.

These wolves were more than just a simple pack.

Their claws were like swords, fangs like sabers, and with firm and resolute furs, they were extremely hard to injure.


Li Qi Ye didn’t bother giving it a glance.

His Invisible Dual Blades came out and each swing instantly cut the Earth Wolf’s neck.

Blood began to flow like a spring.

It didn’t even have the chance to scream.

This blade was fast, ruthlessly, and accurate!

Li Qi Ye had experienced millions of years of ups and downs, what type of Heavenly Beasts and Longevity Spirits had he not seen What strengths and weaknesses of these beasts were he unaware of

“Rawr…” Smelling the fresh blood, the Earth Wolves became angry and a group of them pounced at Li Qi Ye.

“Fine, I will use all of you to practice my speed.”

Li Qi Ye uttered a long roar and his Fate Palace emerged.

The Kun Peng jumped up! At this moment, Li Qi Ye turned into a long shadow and shuttled amongst the wolves with an incredible speed.

The Heaven Transformation within the six variants turned into extreme speed and freely flew in the sky.

At the maximum velocity with the most profound technique, this speed could become as fast as a real Kun Peng.

However, the fastest speed in this world was certainly not the Kun Peng, but one of the twelve Immortal Physiques — the Soaring Immortal Physique.

Its velocity had surpassed the realm of speed, but under the limitation of speed itself, the Kun Peng could be considered number one with its Heaven Transformation.

“Poof–” Each blade equated to one dead wolf.

Under the Heaven Transformation, Li Qi Ye’s movement was faintly mysterious, and the wolves were no long able to keep up.

However, as the stench of blood permeated the air, more and more Earth Wolves arrived.

Suddenly, there were thousands of them.


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