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Chapter 1023: Bing Yuxia

The king currently had many followers and admirers.

Some even said that his entourage was even bigger than Jikong Wudi’s.

The reason was very simple — it was due to the difference between the two.

Jikong Wudi was a supreme genius who came from the Space Trample Mountain.

In addition to his triple saint aptitudes, he was destined for greatness.

It gave him the ultimate advantage.

In the eyes of many, he was the descendant of an Immortal Emperor with a golden spoon in his mouth upon birth.

He was not in the same world as ordinary cultivators.

The Mortal King was different since he came from the Jewel Pillar Sacred School.

Though the school was a great power, it was far lesser than an imperial lineage.

The king’s talents during his younger years were much weaker than Jikong Wudi’s as well.

With an ordinary background and ordinary talents, the king won some and lost some to eventually became famous across the world.

Now, he was on the same level as the unmatched group of Jikong Wudi, Mei Suyao, and Heavenly Emperor Lin.

In the eyes of many people, the king came from humble beginnings and was very similar to them.

Perhaps one day, through sheer effort, they would be able to reach his level and fame as well.

This was the reason why he had so much support from the community.

In their minds, the Mortal King was the War God who would definitely become an Immortal Emperor in the future.

So now, when someone else claimed that he didn’t dare to challenge Bai Jianzhen, this naturally made his supporters unhappy and immediately defend him.

Not everyone found the Mortal King pleasant.

Moreover, Bai Jianzhen was very brilliant at this moment as the number one sword user.

To top it off, she was quite pretty as well.

All of this resulted in her having a lot of fans.

“Hmph, War God That’s only a self-proclaimed title.

It is fine if you call him War Fanatic though.” A Bai Jianzhen fan immediately sneered: “The Mortal King might have a fine battle record, but it was built upon many defeats.

If he had died in any of those battles, he wouldn’t have the same accomplishments today.

The only reason he is still alive is due to his backing.”

“And” A Mortal King supporter fired back: “Bai Jianzhen might be strong, but she is still much weaker compared to the War God.

Their record is two to one in favor of the War God right now.

This is indicative of the War God’s superiority.”

The Mortal King had fought Bai Jianzhen three times.

He was the challenger for the first two bouts and had won both.

Bai Jianzhen’s admirer smiled sarcastically: “Really now Yes, Sword Goddess Bai lost twice before, but don’t forget that on the third duel, her dao of the sword reached the limit and crushed your War God until he had to muster all of his strength just to escape like a baby sucking on his mother’s breasts.

He was being chased so hard that he almost had to hang himself and commit suicide out of fear…”

“… If someone didn’t come to save him, would your so-called War God still be alive Hehehe, he would have become a pile of bones, a dead soul under Sword Goddess Bai’s sword!”

“You!” This made the king’s admirer turn ugly.

After losing twice to the Mortal King, Bai Jianzhen challenged him later on with all of her might.

Under her rage, she was able to exert the limit of the sword dao.

It was simply a display from a berserk god.

Even the experienced Mortal King couldn’t match her.

That duel was the most miserable defeat the Mortal King had suffered.

He was covered in injuries after being completely defeated by Bai Jianzhen.

He ran for countless miles while she chased right behind and trapped him into a corner.

Eventually, someone secretly rescued the king successfully.

No one dared to underestimate Bai Jianzhen after this battle.

They even called her the number one sword user!

Someone saw her carrying her sword and speculated: “I wonder if Sword Goddess Bai will challenge Zhan Shi at the plateau this time.”

Zhan Shi, a peerless genius, came from the Rampaging Divine Mountain of the western Desolate Wasteland.

Bai Jianzhen, on the other hand, came from the Sword God Sacred Ground in the same region as well.

As the saying goes, a mountain does not have room for two tigers.

Zhan Shi had challenged Bai Jianzhen before.

He lost the first time and won the second.

However, Bai Jianzhen’s dao of the sword is now untouchable.

Her Supreme Sword Dao was a source of dread for just about anyone.

Thus, many people guessed that she would challenge Zhan Shi to wash away the shame of defeat from the past.

A big shot from the last generation stated: “Zhan Shi is going to the Four Buddhas Temple.

I heard he wants to challenge the Buddhist law over there and use his dao foundation to withstand its power of conversion!”

“So strong, to dare to challenge the Buddhist law in that temple.

I’m afraid even Jikong Wudi wouldn’t dare to do so.” Such news startled many people.

“Zhan Shi is different, he is on a different path than Jikong Wudi.” Another big shot from the western region who knew about Zhan Shi spoke.

He analyzed the situation: “Zhan Shi is following the footsteps of Immortal Emperor Bu Zhan.

One step, one battle; he’s taking his time with each step while building a solid dao foundation and sturdy dao heart! He is not aspiring to be strongest in the same generation but rather to be unbeatable after each battle as the last man standing.

Among the current youths, Zhan Shi is perhaps the one with the lowest cultivation.

However, with respect to perseverance in a bloody battle, Zhan Shi will be the ultimate victor.”

“Zhan Shi’s endurance, Bai Jianzhen’s dao of the sword, Jikong Wudi’s supreme nature, the Jewel Pillar Mortal King’s love for war, and Heavenly Emperor Lin’s astonishing talents…” A talented youth with a high status helplessly spoke: “To be in the same generation as them is truly a tragedy.

This is a time where devilish talents could be found everywhere, regular geniuses are as numerous as dogs and simply not worth mentioning.”

“Don’t forget about the Icy Feather Palace Master.” A cultivator from the Hundred Cities interjected.

“Bing Yuxia is coming too” Someone else was surprised: “She’s someone who isn’t afraid of messing with anyone.”

“Right…” The eastern cultivator arched his chin and said: “Look over there, that’s her coming.”

Having heard that, many people turned around.

They saw a divine chariot slowly approaching.

There was a pretty young man sitting on it.

No, it was a supreme woman cross-dressing as a man!

Who else could it be besides Bing Yuxia She was surrounded by beauties at the moment.

One in her embrace and a few more charming ones sitting next to her.

Witnessing Bing Yuxia being adored by so many beauties on her chariot left people envious and others speechless.

She had become the palace master of Icy Feather, but she was still unbridled.

It was well known that she liked the fairer-sex, it wasn’t a secret at all.

“Palace Master Bing, long time no see.” When Bing Yuxia arrived, a transcendently pure aura emerged as well, heralding the emergence of a cool and elegant character.

He seemed to be from a different world.

An air of intelligence characterized him, so he appeared to be a scholar more than a cultivator.

Someone recognized him and exclaimed: “Heavenly Emperor Lin is here too!”

The person accompanied by this pure energy was the most famous genius in the southern region referred to as the number one of the Barren Earth, Heavenly Emperor Lin!

“So you are that Lin guy.” Bing Yuxia only gave him a quick glance since her focus was still on the beauties next to her.

She leisurely spoke: “You already had a good name, yet you still claim to be a Heavenly Emperor.

That’s not a good omen.” Bing Yuxia’s arrogance was famous.

She acted like this no matter who she was speaking to. 1

“Palace Master Bing is messing with me.” Heavenly Emperor Lin did not become angry.

He gallantly laughed in response: “This is only a title given to me by others, a title that can’t reach the apex.”

“So Do you want to fight I heard the Buddhist Funeral Plateau has been very lively recently, I don’t mind adding on to the fun.” The untethered woman was full of arrogance.

“They’re about to fight” A spectator became excited after hearing this and murmured: “The fourth fight, I wonder who will win.”

“I bet my money on the palace master.” Someone immediately placed their bet.

Another followed suit: “My money is on Lin Tiandi.

He recently came to the Godwar Mountain and had a huge harvest which puts him at a great advantage.”

Prior to this, the two had fought three times.

The first was a draw.

The second was Bing Yuxia’s defeat while Heavenly Emperor Lin lost the third.

This meeting could be said to be between two rivals.

Another battle would definitely cause the crowd to heat up with excitement.

“Geniuses are everywhere right now, my insignificant dao can’t reach the apex or enter your sight.” The heavenly emperor didn’t become angry.

He gently shook his head and said: “Among the younger generation, I’m afraid Li Qiye is the number one.

There’s no need to show off my weak cultivation.”

“Li Qiye…” Everyone glanced at each other in astonishment after hearing the emperor praising Li Qiye this much.

“I know that this jerk would come back to shock the world.” Bing Yuxia smiled after hearing this all-too-familiar name.

Despite dressing like a guy, her smile was still incredibly enchanting and caused many hearts to beat faster.

“Good, you still have some good insight.” She looked at the emperor to say: “That Li guy is even more powerful than your imagination.”

“To be praised like this by you, he must definitely be unfathomable.” The emperor nodded and said: “I have some business to attend to so I must set off first, see you later.” With that, he flew away with his boundless pure energy.

No matter what, Heavenly Emperor Lin’s charm was truly unmatched.

He didn’t have the domineering style like other geniuses.

His temperament was unique and made him appear out of the ordinary.


Author explicitly stated that Tiandi is a title with this sentence now, so it is Heavenly Emperor Lin. 


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