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Demons of the fog One must learn III: Pain isn't a weakness

Author:Hordward Category:Unreal Update time:2022-09-08 18:23:38

Several minutes before the Albrak...

Vardus was passing through the halls to get out. Right now he was in his room to wear his clothes for the sad event.

Once he took his way, he passed across the Throne room. Thinking about the event was not the priority he had in mind, in fact the only thing that was flooding in his head was his mother.

The memory of her soft hugs now forever gone was tearing Vardus apart. His mother was his everything, eventhough he had a brother and a father. Yhe fact that his mother was really devoted and interested in him was his happiness.

Hordward was born first so one day he had to be the King, thats why he had to train every day and was covered in attention by his father and the entire kingdom. But when it came to Vardus, he was just the second born, to the kingdom he was known just as the brother of the next king.

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