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After some minutes


The blockage started to crack rapidly untill it broke.

With the sound of a glass shattering the blockage was broken and all the jammed energy started to rush through it without any pause.


Elder guru was sweating profusely when he came back.

Thick beads of sweat ran down his forehead and even his complexion looked unhealthy ly pale.

\Shit, it was dangerous to break the blockage. I probably used 40% of my blood.... Damn it, it will take me a year to recover...

..... *sigh* I only wish the price I paid will be fruitful\ thought guru.

Elder guru sat in lotus position and started to calm himself down while also observing the changes in Leos body.

With the 40% energy of the guru, Leo has recieved a boost in energy supply.

His previously white hair has started attaining their usual dark black colour while his pale complexion has also started to regain its original colour.

He continued absorbing this energy continuously while elder guru was preparing for the trail of the Yoshida family.

*Deep inside Leos consciousness*

\Where...am..I\ asked Leo in a half awakened state.

Looking around he could see a spotless white land with nothing on it.

Probably he was the only one there.

He slowly stood up and walked randomly in any direction.

After walking for what seemed like a few hours Leo came across an absurd view.

The seemingly patch of white land was sharing a border with a pitch black patch of land.

The most absurd thing of all was that the black land seemed to be alive and was slowly devouring the white land.

The black land seemed like it was oozing with

some black vapour which was getting thicker the more it devoured the white land.

With confusion still evident on his face Leo swept his gaze upon the area and suddenly something caught his eye that made his situation even more confusing.

He saw a pitch black pearl the size of a head floating in the black lands.

Seeing this black pearl Leo thought of something and looked in the patch of white lands.

His speculation was correct and he indeed saw a white pearl floating in there.

But the difference between them was that the white pearl looked a little passive while the black pearl was hostile and devouring the white lands.


Suddenly over Leos head appeared another pearl.

But this pearl was multi coloured and had an oppressive aura around it.

Leo also marked that the pearl had red, green, black, white and purple hue to it.

Also there were some portions in the pearl that were colour less.

The situation that Leo was in got weirder and weirder until the multi coloured pearl released a bright radiance and shadowed both the black and white lands.

After the light died down Leo saw that the black pearl has stopped being hostile and is now calmed down where as the white pearl which looked life less was now glowing with same intensity as the black pearl.

It seemed like the arrival of the multi coloured pearl created an equilibrium between both the pearls.

Utterly confused Leo was looking here and there when suddenly his legs gave out and he fell there life less, eventually transformed into light particles and vanished.

*In the real world*

The guru was just about to leave when he felt strong energy fluctuations.

Looking back he saw Leo being engulfed by dense energy which had both miasma and elemental energy.

Sensing miasma made elder guru worry about Leo because the miasma had still not been cleared even after the purification using this dense energy.

\Looks like it was futi....\ just as guru was regretting his action he felt another huge surge of energy coming from Leos body.


This time the fluctuations was big enough for guru to take defensive measures.

Slowly Leo started to emit dense and pure elemental energy which were a mixture of different elements.

They were so dense that some part of the room caught fire, some had dazzling lightning, a part of room got devoid any light, a part had deep cut mark where as around Leo thick patches grass had grown.

This scene was a little hard for elder guru to digest but when he digested all that he had seen he could not help but had a wide grin on his face.

\hahahahah I expected nothing less from ethereon and crellas son, but seriously its like nature has merged both of ethereons and crellas power into this boy. oh! I can wait until he control his inner demon. hehehe how monsterous would he be then\ said guru.

In the next minute the energy died down and Leo was jolted awake from his dream in a panic state with sweat covering his body.

\You finally decided to wake up huh, hurry up and put on some clothes we have a meeting to attend. I don think you are tired now are you\ scoffed elder guru.

Clutching his fist a couple of times Leo muttered \tried... not even closed , I have never felt better. Lets go and get this meeting done\.

With this he stood and wore his robe and tried to follow behind elder guru when....


He fell face flat while releasing an irritated groan.

Standing up he looked at his foot which was sunk deep inside the ground as he fell.


Looking at this the reaction from elder guru was quite comical as if his soul has left his body. Inside he was cursing fate to have made Leo this much of a monster...

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