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Chapter 197: Elemental Elves – Evangeline! Innate advantage! The Lord was the strongest Undead Imprint!

Even in the Anti-Angel Alliance, there was no hope of winning with the help of Saint-ranked powerhouses and demigods.

If there was an enemy, that even Olivia and Erica could not resist.

Then he would directly use the [Divine Magic Cannon] to fire.

In short, even a demigod would die.

Of course, Lin Yi did not think that the Castle Lords of the [Anti-Angel Alliance] would receive the help of demigods.

Besides, it was still unknown if there were demigods in the Dark Forest.

After all, even the ruler of the Dragon’s Nest, according to Olivia, was only at the peak of the King rank.

“The Lord is the strongest”

Olivia looked at Lin Yi in shock.

Who would have thought that the Castle Lord that their Elven Tribe chose to join would actually stand at the peak of the castle’s power

However, when she thought about it, she felt that it was normal.

The castle’s forces had descended on the Endless Continent, and it seemed to only have a total of ten days.

In just ten days even she found it inconceivable for Angel Castle to possess such a power.

If the other Castle Lords were to develop so quickly, the castle forces would dominate the entire world in less than a year or two.

That was too terrifying!

Angel Castle was the strongest.

At the same time, Olivia was also honored.

Fortunately, he had made the right choice back then and did not reject Erica’s suggestion.

To be able to follow such a Castle Lord was extremely fortunate for her, and even for the entire Elven Tribe.

At this moment, Olivia was also filled with hope for the future.

Lin Yi smiled and said, “Did you underestimate the strength of Angel Castle or overestimate the power of our castle”

Olivia shook her head and said, “My Lord, forgive me, I was just surprised for a moment! If you think about it carefully, as the Lord of the strongest castle, it’s normal.”

Lin Yi smiled.

He was just joking, not angry.

Olivia asked again, “Lord, you seem to have other war plans besides the upcoming Castle Alliance”

Since the allied army of the castle was not in the eyes of the Lord.

Then the Lord had other war targets.

Lin Yi looked at the Dark Forest and said, “After we destroy the Anti-Angel Alliance, we will immediately attack the Goblin Kingdom and we will destroy this local kingdom’s forces in the Dark Forest!”

“Goblin Kingdom”

“If it’s an expeditionary battle, I’m afraid I can’t help! The Goblin Kingdom is about 800 kilometers away from here, far beyond my attack range.”

As a military building of Angel Castle, she could only move within the territory of Angel Castle.

In other words, she could only move freely within 20 kilometers.

Therefore, even in Lin Yi’s position, the Elven mother tree, Olivia, was only the guardian of Angel Castle.

She did not need to participate in the war with the outside world.

“You don’t need to fight!”

“With the strength of our castle, it is enough to destroy the Goblin Kingdom!”

Lin Yi looked at Olivia and suddenly asked, “Did you feel something special when you were breeding Elemental Elven Evangeline Can we increase the probability of breeding Elemental Elves”

Olivia shook her head.

It indicated that she had not discovered any special circumstances.

She was a little surprised to be able to produce an Elemental Elf, Evangeline.

Suddenly, she looked at the flaming dragons that were trying to hatch eggs not far away and said, “Since the arrival of these flaming dragons, the magic power of the fire elementals in the castle has increased several times…”

“Evangeline’s breeding; it might have something to do with that.”

“Because I can absorb the elemental magic of heaven and earth.”

When she spoke up, her eyes lit up.

“Lord, do you think that the Elven mother tree has indirectly bred Evangeline because it absorbed too much fire elemental magic”

“There should be a connection!”

Lin Yi agreed.

After all, Evangeline was a fire Elemental Elf.

Lin Yi said, “Olivia, try to absorb the other elemental magic powers in the world, such as the very dense light elemental in the castle, and even the Divine magic power! Let’s see if we can produce any Elemental Elves.”

“Good Lord Almighty!”

Olivia immediately agreed.

She was also looking forward to this conjecture coming true.

This was because once it was true, she would have the initiative to increase the chances of breeding Elemental Elves by absorbing a large amount of elemental magic power.

This was extremely important!

After finishing the chat with Olivia.

Lin Yi went to observe the progress of the flaming dragons.

Under the nourishment of the dragon breath of the six flaming dragons, the color of the fire dragon egg became even darker, and the red light it was emitting grew stronger and stronger.

It looked like a burning flame.

“Tomorrow, this fire dragon egg will hatch!”

Lin Yi did not disturb the flaming dragons who were trying to hatch the egg.

Instead, he turned and left the castle.

He was going to find a few wild monsters to loosen his muscles and test his king-ranked strength.

Right now, he was already a King.

There was almost no need to worry about his safety.

After all, he had the Elven mother tree, Olivia, and [Sky City] on his back.

The probability of danger was close to zero.

Time quickly passed.

In the blink of an eye, it was evening.

Lin Yi also returned to Angel Castle on time.

Blood dripped from his body.

He looked relaxed as if he had only gone for a stroll.

He had killed quite a few wild monsters, and even the undead had killed a dozen of them.

All he could do was collect the energy stones.

At this moment, Olivia suddenly flew over and said to Lin Yi with a serious expression, “Lord, there seems to be an imprint of the undead on your body!”

“Undead Imprint”

Lin Yi was puzzled.

“What is that”


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