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Chapter 2349: Sorry About Last Night

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After a pause, the soldier said, “Its a young woman who brought her son to the city alone.”The mother and son are currently at the chiefs office.”

“Thats great.

Your colonel and I are also looking for the chief to discuss some matters.” Jiang Yao pouted her lips in the direction of the office building.


Lu, have you felt much better after resting for a night Why didnt you rest a little longer” Jiang Yaos health was probably the biggest concern of the entire army.

When the young soldier spoke, he paid more attention to Mrs.

Lus expression, but it did not seem much better than the previous day.

However, that was also very normal.

After the previous days incident, no one was in a good mood.

“Oh, right! The chief said that that organization had already agreed to your conditions.

He asked you to set off in two days.” The young soldier sighed.

They were about to set off.

Those who were mentally weak would probably be so afraid that they would not be able to get out of bed.

However, Mrs.

Lu could still force a smile and talk to him.

Her voice was still as gentle and soft as before.

It was truly rare.

The young soldier looked at Lu Xingzhi and saluted him.

“Colonel, we will wait for you and your wife to return triumphantly to the army! Colonel, you must take good care of her.

You must also take good care of yourself, Colonel!” Lu Xingzhi returned the military salute and smiled.

Then, he held Jiang Yaos hand and strode away.

Just as the young soldier had said, when Lu Xingzhi held Jiang Yaos hand and brought her to the chiefs office, there was indeed a young woman and a five-year-old child inside.

Judging from their clothes, they were probably from an ordinary family.

“That is the Divine Doctors student youre here to see.

You can call her Doctor Jiang.

That is her husband, the most outstanding soldier in our army.

He has made countless contributions.” When the chief mentioned Lu Xingzhi and Jiang Yao, he was very proud.

That couple could be said to be the model couple in the army.

Lu Xingzhi had been in the military for many years and had performed countless meritorious deeds.

As his wife, Jiang Yao had also performed many meritorious deeds.

If the chief had to describe Jiang Yao, she could be described as a woman who was not inferior to a man.

Even though she did not know how to fight, she was quick-witted and had a body of medical skills.

She had also performed many meritorious deeds for that countrys army.

“Doctor Jiang.” The young woman immediately held her sons hand and stood up to look at Jiang Yao.

She quickly said, “Im sorry for last night.

I was provoked by others and brought my child here to cause trouble.

I thought about it all night and still felt that it was our fault.

I cant feel at ease if I dont apologize to you.”

“Doctor, Im sorry.” The five-year-old boy also apologized very seriously.

The two were full of worry.

Such an undisguised expression made Jiang Yaos heart move slightly.

It was a little soft but also a little warm.

Before she left, those two gave her a sense of positive energy and made her feel warm.

“Which of your family members was kidnapped” Jiang Yao asked.

“My mother,” the young woman explained, blushing.

“My mother went with her masters family.

She was supposed to take care of her masters family, but she did not expect that to happen.”

Jiang Yao nodded.

From the womans words, she guessed that her mother should be someones servant who was there to take care of her masters family.

She did not expect something like that to happen.

“I grew up with my mother.

My mother brought me up by working as a servant in other peoples homes to earn money.

Unfortunately, my life was not good.

My husband had an accident shortly after I got married, and I was still pregnant.

After that, I was chased out by my husbands family.

When my child was still very young, my mother was also the one who worked hard to take care of me.

So when I heard that my mother had an accident, I couldnt calm the anger in my heart, so I was inspired to come here..”

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