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Chapter 2348: Perfect Timing

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Okay, lets go see what Mom made this morning.” Lu Xingzhi put Jiang Yaos phone into his pocket and led her out of the bedroom.

The dishes on the breakfast table were very sumptuous.


Jiang was a person who could not stay idle.

Early in the morning, she picked some vegetables in the yard and made a few dishes.

She hoped that Jiang Yao could eat more.

Halfway through the meal, Jiang Yao suddenly placed her spoon on the table and told Mrs.

Jiang about her departure.


Jiangs initially smiling face suddenly froze.

Then she nodded slowly and acknowledged her.

“I guess its unlikely that Qian Yunen will be sent back intact, so we have to make a trip to Jindo City first,” Jiang Yao said.

“We can also meet Qiaoyu and the others.”

“Okay.” Mrs.

Jiang was like a machine that only knew how to nod repeatedly.

Her lowered head covered her slightly red eyes.

“Mom, I am always lucky.

I will definitely come back in one piece.” Jiang Yao stood up and went to Mrs.

Jiangs side.

She put her hands around Mrs.

Jiangs waist.

“Didnt you say you found someone to read my fortune when I was young The fortune-teller said that I had a rare good fate.

So no matter what, I can always turn the situation around.”

Jiang Yaos mother was comforted by Jiang Yaos words, and her tears started to fall.

She patted Jiang Yaos arm heavily, and her tone was filled with heartache.

“You and Xingzhi always make us worry.

You will only make our hearts ache.”

Of the three children in the family, Jiang Yao was the youngest and the one Mrs.

Jiang was most worried about.

The older her daughter got, the more worried she got for her.

“Mom, Im sorry,” Lu Xingzhi said.

He was very sorry.

He married Jiang Yao, but he always put her in danger.

He was not a good husband and son-in-law.

“You did not let me down.

I know.

You have been working hard and doing your best.

You did not let anyone down.” Mrs.

Jiang shook her head and wiped her tears.

Lu Xingzhi had sacrificed his life for the army.

He did not let down the country or the army.

At home, he had given all his love to his wife, Jiang Yao.

Therefore, he did not let down Jiang Yao.

He was also very filial.

He also did not let down his elders.


Jiang knew that many things could not be perfect in that world.

“Ill keep an eye on the house for you.

When you come back, the house will be clean.

Ill tidy up the yard for you, and when you come back, youll be able to eat the vegetables I planted for you,” Mrs.

Jiang said.

“So the two of you must come back together and let me continue to take care of you.

I still have to take care of my grandson.

Lu Chenyang, my grandson, will be very good-looking.”

The news that the Divine Doctors students three roommates and the real murderer in the vicious murder case in Yuan City were released spread very quickly.

The local radios began broadcasting that matter non-stop as soon as they were sent out.

Lu Xingzhi brought Jiang Yao to look for the chief while Mrs.

Jiang helped the two pack up their clothes at home.

She did not know where they were going or what season it was, so Mrs.

Jiang packed up several sets of clothes.

“Colonel, Mrs.


Lu Xingzhi and Jiang Yao did not go out for long before they met a soldier who called out to them from afar.

He smiled and said, “Perfect timing! Two people from last night wanted to see you.

They wanted to apologize to Mrs.


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