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Chapter 2347: Turn Off Your Phone

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“So it depends on whether or not you want to bet on it.

You were certain that I could cure the person, right How can you expect me to be certain if you are not sure But I can tell you with certainty that my teacher, the Divine Doctor, is no longer alive, but I have inherited most of her medical knowledge.

If I cant cure it, then no one will be able to cure it in the next few years.

Of course, I am not a god; I am just a doctor.

I cant cure all diseases.”

“Its easy to say that youre not a god.

Then, wouldnt it be easy for you to take back your roommates and Qian Yunen and then say that you dont have a cure”

“But arent my people already in your territory Arent there more than 300 lives in your hands Do you think Im easy Im a doctor.

Its my duty to save lives.

If I can save them, why wont I save them Are you trying to ruin your own reputation Are you trying to ruin your own life Are you trying to ruin the lives of more than 300 people”

Jiang Yaos smile spread like wildfire.

“You went to look for Du Chen in Jindo City.

Since you know to look for Du Chen, you should understand how bad his condition was, right He had seen almost all the doctors in the world, but did anyone give him hope Everyone told him he would be like that for the rest of his life, but I made him stand up again.

Isnt that enough”

The other party was obviously an arrogant person.

He hung up the phone without saying anything.

Obviously, no matter how arrogant Jiang Yao was, he could be even more arrogant than her.

“Turn off your phone and go to bed.” Lu Xingzhi pointed at the clock on the wall.

“If he calls again and cant get through, itll make him anxious.”

Why was he always the one who hung up on his wife


I cant let others think that Im in a hurry.

I also have to make him think that his schemes do not suffocate me.

If I turn off my phone, hell think I dont care about him.

Its only about treating a patient.” Jiang Yao agreed with Lu Xingzhis suggestion, so she quickly turned off her phone and followed him to the bedroom.

Jiang Yao and Lu Xingzhi understood what that call meant.

They would soon leave the army base.

“Have a good rest.” Lu Xingzhi kissed Jiang Yao on the forehead and said good night.

Then, he gently hugged her in his arms.

The night was cold and windy.

The next day, she opened the window.

The sky was so low that he could reach the dark clouds in the sky.

“Its going to rain soon.” Jiang Yao retracted her hand from the window.

In the next second, a pink scarf fell on her shoulders.

She did not need to guess to know that it was Lu Xingzhi.

“Do you want to wear a hat and gloves” Lu Xingzhi shook the other two pieces in his hand and asked.

Jiang Yao quickly shook her head.

It was too exaggerated to wear gloves and a hat at that time.


Jiang was calling the two of them out in the living room for breakfast.

Jiang Yao answered and slowly opened her phone.

There was a text message with an unknown sender number in the inbox.

Jiang Yao finished reading it in one glance.

Then, she tugged at Lu Xingzhis clothes and handed the phone to him.

There was not a hint of joy in her voice.

“We can leave soon.”

The text message said that they would release her roommates within 24 hours.

They wanted Jiang Yao to leave within 48 hours.

Otherwise, even a one-hour delay would result in the death of one person.

The text message was sent at around three in the morning.

It was then seven in the morning, and nearly four hours had passed.

Therefore, Lin Qiaoyu and the others would be back in 20 hours.

Qian Yunen would also be sent back with them..

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