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Chapter 2346: Non-negotiable

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As expected, the call did not come from an ordinary person but from the organizations boss.

“Doctor Jiang, dont you like the gift I gave you tonight”

Jiang Yao snorted after she heard it.

“It seems that youre not well-informed either.

Dont you know that your useless subordinates were scared out of their wits and ran away”

The other party suddenly fell silent.

His breathing became heavy.

It was obvious that he had not expected that.

He did not know that what he had intended to show off and threaten had suddenly become a joke, so he was a little angry.

His breathing became heavy and then slowly calmed down.

It was apparent that he had adjusted his emotions.

“Doctor Jiang, I can only agree to one of your three conditions.

That is to have your husband and two of your bodyguards come with you.”

“I wont go if any of the three conditions are not met.” Jiang Yaos attitude was not very good, but her tone was very determined.

“Theres no room for discussion.

When you return my roommates and Qian Yunen, I will leave the army base with my husband and go to you.”

Without giving the other party a chance to speak, Jiang Yao quickly followed up and said, “At worst, I wont save anyone.

I wont care about my roommates, nor will I care about the 300 hostages.

Similarly, I wont treat the people you want me to treat.

If youre worried that people will condemn you and youll be forced to compromise, then youre worrying too much.

Ive been out of contact for so many days, but no one has found me, right Didnt I have to rely on myself to come back I saved people and became their benefactor.

Do you think I need them to protect me I have great medical skills.

Do you think anyone will not welcome me as their doctor

“If my husband is willing to follow me, then I will bring my husband and all my family members and leave.

If my husband is unwilling to follow me, I will divorce him and bring my closest family members with me.

After ten years, who will remember this When that time comes, I will live an incognito life.”

Jiang Yaos words blocked the words that the other party had yet to say.

Did they not take her roommates and those 300 hostages Everyone knew about that.

If she did not go, everyone would scold her.

Jiang Yao told him that she and her family had a stable escape route.

If she was ruthless, she could also live her own life without any worries.

Therefore, Jiang Yao let the other party know that her three conditions were not open for discussion.

If they could not meet them, then she would drop everything.

Sure enough, the other party was silent for a long time.

Then he suddenly hung up the phone.

Before that, Jiang Yao could still hear the other party cursing in a low voice.

Lu Xingzhi took Jiang Yaos phone and placed it on the coffee table.

He pinched

Jiang Yaos nose and said, “My wife is really smart.”

“Do you think he will believe me” Jiang Yao asked uncertainly.

“He will believe you.” Lu Xingzhi held Jiang Yao in his arms.

“Just wait and see.

He will call you again in two days.”

Lu Xingzhi overestimated the other party because the other party called back after only five minutes.

When Jiang Yao saw that, she was immediately amused.

“Have you thought about it” Once she picked up the phone, Jiang Yao asked arrogantly.

“Are you sure that you can cure all diseases What if I agree with your conditions and you cant do it”

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