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Chapter 2341: Good Behavior

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“She caught a cold when she came back yesterday, but shes pregnant, so she cant take any medicine.

She can only endure it.” Mrs.

Jiang brought out the dishes for everyone.

Then, she revealed a somewhat awkward smile and said, “Its okay.

Shes a doctor, so shell take good care of herself.

Everyone, eat and drink more tonight.

I dont know if the dishes I make are to your liking.

If you have anything you want to eat, you can tell me.

Ill make them for you.

If anyone likes spicy food but cant eat spicy food, Ill make something else too.”

“Auntie, dont cook too much.

We cant even fit all the dishes on the table.

How can we finish all of them” Zhou Junmin pulled Mrs.

Jiang to sit down and then stuffed a bowl and a spoon into her hands, saying, “Lets eat.

Dont worry about feeding us.”

“Thats right, thats right.

None of us are picky with our food.

Besides, Auntie, your culinary skills are so good that everything you cook is delicious!”

One by one, the young brats spoke sweetly, making Mrs.

Jiang laugh.

However, Mrs.

Jiang did not feel at ease eating either.

In the end, she still went to the kitchen; halfway through, she cooked more soup and dishes for everyone.

She was pleased to see that everyone else was having a good time.


Jiang prepared some fruits when she realized there was nothing else for her to do.

She placed a large bowl of fruits on the table outside before entering Jiang Yaos bedroom with a small plate.

There were no loud voices from the people drinking and chatting outside because they cared for Jiang Yao, who was resting in the bedroom.

After applying makeup, Jiang Yaos face was as white as paper.


Jiang would have been heartbroken if she had not watched Jiang Yao gradually change her complexion when she saw Jiang Yao lying on the bed with a sickly look.

“Eat some fruits,” Mrs.

Jiang said.

“Ask Xingzhi to get a durian for you tomorrow.

Zhou Junmin got you two durians when he went to the city for a meeting yesterday.

That child is very thoughtful.

He looks lively and honest.

I wonder if he has a partner yet.”

“Who do you want to introduce him to” Jiang Yao took the fruit plate and asked with a smile.

“Xiaoxiao, that girl is very likable,” Mrs.

Jiang said.

“Xiaoxiao seems to be dating someone,” Jiang Yao said.

“As for Zhou Junmin, I really dont know.

He always said he was alone, but it seems that he once dated someone in Jin City, but it probably did not last long before they separated.” “Well, forget it.

Its useless for me to worry about other peoples children.”

Jiang Yaos mother shook her head helplessly.

“Actually, Xiaoxiaos father wouldnt be willing to let Xiaoxiao marry a soldier.

Being a military wife is too hard.

Seeing you like that, your father and I sometimes regret it.”

“Mom, if I dont regret it myself, then why do you regret it Xingzhi is very good, better than anyone else.” Jiang Yao threw herself into her mothers arms and acted coquettishly.

“Have you ever seen a husband spoil his wife as much as Xingzhi dotes on me”

“Thats true.

Your father and I have lived for so many years and have never seen anyone as blessed as you.

You dont know how envious the people in our village are when they talk about you and Xingzhi.

In the past, people laughed at parents raising a daughter like you—a loser.

Now, they compliment us when they see your father and me walking around.”

“Thats right! The man I have is the best in the world.” Only Lu Xingzhi and Jiang Yao could say such unscrupulous words..

If he were there, if he heard those words, Lu Xingzhi would shoot up into the sky!

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