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Chapter 263: Can it be aiming for our livestock!

There were two monster dens near our wasteland village.

The forest to the north was one, and the mountains to the east was the other.


Because of those places, the chances of being attacked by monsters was higher for our village than most other places.

The orc horde and the Tree Dragon’s attack on us were just but a few examples.

However, thanks to our ramparts and our outstanding soldiers, it was rather rare nowadays that we felt threatened by a monster attack.



I was in my unit at the top floor of the palace when Satin contacted me with that message via telepathy.

I then hurried toward the balcony and looked eastward.


“Woah, it’s true!”


The thing headed our way was a monster that had an overall length of 5, maybe 6 meters.


“That’s probably a wyvern.”


Selen said so after following me to the balcony.


“You mean the dragon subspecies”


Their scales might not be as tough as a dragon’s, but it’s still plenty tough.

An arrow shot from the ground probably won’t cause much damage to it, if any.”


The elves were usually the ones who took care of flying monsters, but just like Selen stated, even their arrows were being deflected by the wyvern’s scales.

Like that, the wyvern was able to skip past the village’s first layer of ramparts with ease and has arrived in the agricultural area in the village’s outskirts.


“It’s headed for the pastures.”

“Can it be aiming for our livestock!”


Fearing so, I, along with Selen, teleported to the pastures at once.




When we arrived, we saw the wyvern descend with great speed toward one of the cows in the pasture.

It was probably expecting to seize the cow with its sharp-taloned feet and fly away with it, but that was not what happened.

After all, the cows in the village were gigantic.


“……the cow’s almost the same size as the wyvern.”


Unsurprisingly, the wyvern was unable to carry away the cow.





After flailing for a little bit, the cow managed to free itself from the wyvern’s grasp.

The cow—that was now much like a raging bull—counterattacked immediately after by charging at the wyvern.




The wyvern crashed to the ground and tumbled for a while.




The other cows also rushed at the wyvern to help their fellow cow.

Seeing itself outnumbered, the wyvern took to the skies.

And then, after perhaps confirming that it was suicidal to continue attacking the cows here, the wyvern flew away.



“Ah, you’re here too, Philia-san.

The wyvern has escaped though.”

“…I should still be able to reach it, I think.”


Philia-san said so as she let loose an arrow toward the fleeing wyvern.

The wind-clad arrow flew at a frightening speed and pierced the sky.

However, the wyvern somehow managed to sense the impending danger and even evade it by ever so slightly changing its flight.


“Hmp, it avoided it.”

“Shall we chase after it It might come back and cause some other trouble, after all.”

“Even if we chase after it, what then Look, it’s flying higher now, so my arrows won’t even be able to reach it anymore.”


Before offering an answer, I brought Selen and Philia-san with me to the ramparts via teleportation.


“Okay, so what are we supposed to do now”



I then used 3D Reposition on the rampart that we were on.




Unlike the normal Reposition where I could only move facilities along the ground, 3D Reposition allowed me to move facilities in all directions.

I could even lift facilities off the ground.


“I see…”

“You can do even this!”


This way, we can attack it at close distance.”


I positioned the rampart in the wyvern’s way and even made it get closer to the monster.


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