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“Chapter 253: Shield”

(Shiori’s POV)

– Shiori, where do you think my nucleus is located


– Where else but your heart That’s where Shamsheel’s was, and where Ernika’s and maybe Rifaiv’s is.


– Right.

The Gauntlets of the Volcano.

The Helmet of Darkness.

The Armor of the Sea.

The Boots of the Clouds.

The Sword of Light.

And the Shield of the Forest.

We were nothing but objects when we were created, until the Creator gave us a life nucleus.


I’ve heard some of this story from Ernika before.


– Let me ask you once again.

Where do you think my nucleus went


– “Went”


Ever’s arm, which I had just slashed, rolled forward until it fell down the hole where Nagami-kun and the others were.


– You… changed the position of your nucleus!


– Spot on.


The sages themselves can’t move their nucleus on their own.

They’re merely weapons.


Someone else would’ve had to move it.

Someone with the right skills to do so.


– …Nagami-kun.


– Hahaha.


Ever’s laugh was enough of a response.


From what Ernika has told me, Ever and Nagami-kun have a very close relationship.


It wouldn’t surprise me if she tricked him into moving her nucleus without him knowing anything about it.


– You have my thanks, Shiori.

I can now go back to my true form.


I grabbed my sword once again and tried to stab Ever, but Ernika stopped me.


– There’s no point in doing that.

You won’t be able to hurt the shield.



– Tch.


– Come on, Ever.

We were given such beautiful bodies.

Treat them better, will you (Ernika)


– I seem to remember him telling us to live our lives freely.

I will do as I please.


– Ahh, you’ve always been like this.


– I don’t want to hear it from the religious lunatic.


Ernika giggled and walked away.


– Hey, where are you going (Shiori)


– Back home, of course.

Ever outsmarted you.

Let’s go, Lloyd.


– Gladly.


Ernika started up her teleportation magic.

The destination: The Sacred Land.


She was running away.


– Hah And you’re okay with that We’ve got the gauntlets but we still need the shield.

What about your orders


– I might receive my deserved punishment, but I believe retreating is the best course of action.

It’s sad that this will be the last time we see each other.


She knows.


She understands that I’ve revealed my true intentions.

I can’t go back anymore.

Retreating is not an option for me.


Nagami-kun has strong friends.

I have the upper edge for now, but if I have to fight against all of them at the same time, even someone as perfect as me would struggle.


This is my only chance.

I will do everything in my power.


– …Don’t ever forget.

I will find you and kill you.



– Hehe, I will be waiting for you, then.

Farewell, little loner.


Ernika gave me the most wicked smile unbecoming of the Sage of Light and disappeared.


Not just her, Ever had disappeared too.

Only a giant tomb and me in this room.


– …Fine.

I’ll do it myself.


I crafted as many potions and stimulants as I could and drank them all at once.


– Ha… Hahaha… Wait for me, Nagami-kun.

You’ll be mine.


I won’t be alone again.


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