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“Chapter 212: With Meirir 2”

I take back what I said about Dyke being a good guy.


– Uhh…………


– …


Even if the vapor was hiding a lot of her skin, I could easily make out her body.


Speaking of which, this is the first time I’ve seen her naked.


Might not be the time to be thinking about that.


– Ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-




Both of us are so flustered that neither knows what to do.

We just turned our faces away.


– W-Why are you here! I reserved this bath…


– What I thought it was reserved for me.


– …


– …


– “Come to the Bright Bath by yourself.

I want to thank you” (Takaya/Meirir)


– Did you hear about his parents too (Takaya)


– Yes.

He convinced Roar and me to lend him money.


– That little…


So Roar, Meirir and I are paying for Dyke’s part…


– I’ll get out of the bath.

Feel free to enjoy your reservat-


I was about to get up when Meirir grabbed my wrist.


– Uhh…


– It’s fine.

I’m submerged from below my shoulders.

You can’t see anything anymore.

Can we stay together a little longer


– …


– What Are you embarrassed about taking a bath with your old sis



I have never been more embarrassed in my life.


But I can’t possibly back out now.


– O-Of course not! I’ll stay here longer than you.


– Oh, really now It’s a competition, then~


We just sat on the bath close to each other, looking at the sky.


Not a single cloud.

All the stars in the sky are tinkling…


Yet they’re not the constellations I know.


I really am in another world…


– Takaya…


– Hm What You wanna quit already I’m just getting started.


– Ah, you’re so dense.

No, it’s not that.


After a short pause, Meirir looked straight into my eyes.


– …Do you want to see my birthmark


– !!


“Her birthmark is in a bit of a dangerous place”


– W-What are you blushing for!


– Well…


– It stands out a lot, so I always try to hide it.


Meirir raised her ponytail and exposed the nape of her neck.


It’s small, but compared to her siblings’, Meirir’s birthmark is bright red.


– Is this why you wanted to come with us to Wols


– So, you knew…


I might’ve been staring at Lyld and Myirin’s marks for way too long.


– I know I’ve been cast under a shadow with so many girls in your life recently… But I’m still one of your friends.


The distance between us disappeared to the point where our shoulders were now touching.


– Takaya, do you know why we have this birthmark


– …No.


It’s exactly because I don’t know that I’ve been so fixated on it.


– Is it fine to tell an outsider


– Weellll~~ I probably shouldn’t, but if it’s you…


Meirir readied herself.


I’ll get to find out abou- Huh


A circle of white light appeared in front of us.


– Is this… (Meirir)


– Yeah, it’s her.


The magic circle, the light… There’s no way to mistake her.


– Look at who we have here! If it isn’t my disciple Takaya! And he’s alone with a girl in a hot spring! Boy, I’m glad to see you’re having a good time.


– Grandmaster.


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