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“Chapter 153: Shimazu’s History 2”

(Narrator’s perspective)

Running away from the humans, the Oni wandered aimlessly through the ocean.


Only a few survived.

Women, children, and the sick.


“Why Why did it come to this We just wanted to live peacefully.”


A few days had passed.

Two days, three days, they didn’t know anymore.

But the humans didn’t seem to be chasing after them.


Still, their lives were not fully saved yet.


They had to run away from the village with nothing but their clothes, so food was scarce.

Fishing wouldn’t be nearly enough to keep them alive.


Oni might be stronger than humans, but even they have their limits.


Friends that were happy to be alive were now staring at the sky barely able to process any thoughts.


They prayed.

Not that they believed in a god, but if there was one, they would pray to them until their hands decomposed.


“Please… Someone… Anyone… Save us.”


But no matter how hard they prayed, no one came to their rescue.


That night, the Oni witnessed the first death from hunger.


They weren’t able to have a proper burial, but they decided to sink the body into the ocean.

They didn’t want to honor the rumors by resorting to cannibalism.


A thunder struck the boat during a storm and shattered it to pieces.

The remaining Oni were swept away by the waves.


One of the Oni wished to be swept back into their village.

It would be a much faster and painless death.


But even that wish wasn’t granted.


At last, the remaining Oni opened their eyes, only to be greeted by warm sunlight and light pink petals.





(Takaya’s Perspective)

– They reached Shimazu…


– I believe they changed the name of the island many times before it became Shimazu.


It seems that they arrived in this world during a storm.


“At first they were skeptical, but once they saw the inhabitants using way more advanced magic, they realized they were in another world.”


– From there, our ancestors were able to live the life they hoped for.

Even if they were different, discrimination was nonexistent.


And thus, generations of Oni amalgamated with the inhabitants.


That’s basically the story.


– Shimazu was described as a beautiful island… What happened


– It used to be just like they described it.


“They were suddenly transported into another world.

They had children, grandchildren, and they were ready to live their life to the best.


But suddenly, seven celestial bodies flashed in the sky.”


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