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“Chapter 144: The Isolated East Island”

– Ugh… It’s so cold…


A freezing temperature assaulted us as Mike, Ever and I arrived at a white landscape.


– It’s always this cold.

Some things never change.


– Where are we


– Shimazu.

Akane’s birthplace.

Residents here are descendants of… Oni, I think


In front of us was a huge red shrine arc leading to a set of stone stairs.


– Akane’s village is located ahead.

I didn’t tell her you were coming, but she’s a good girl, I’m sure she’ll take it just fine.


– I thought you’d want to stop me.


– I don’t want to force her.

If she wants to stop being my disciple, so be it.

Whatever makes her happy.

That doesn’t apply to you, though.

I’m not letting you quit.


– Thank you for the unnecessary favoritism.


A big part of my growth Akane mentions is thanks to her.


I know Akane said I’ve changed, but I don’t believe that to be the case.


I’m still the same spoiled kid who needs to be saved constantly.


Which is why I need my disciple partner.


– I won’t be able to see Akane I’ll feel lonely… (Mike)


– I’m sure she’ll think about it again if we ask her.



– You have one week.

Do what you feel like you have to do.



– Thank you so much, Grandmaster.



– Anything for my precious apprentice.


Ever went back to Bay Road, leaving Mike and me alone in front of the stone staircase.


– Let’s go.



TLN: I don’t usually like leaving names/terms untranslated, but I believe leaving it as Oni would be for the better.

I’m sure most of you are acquaintanced with them, but just in case, here‘s an explanation of what Oni are.


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