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“Chapter 130: Raid 2”

I made sure to fix the paralysis potions into actual restorative items.


– What’s wrong Making a potion should be a piece of cake for you.



– I have to extract the poisonous effects, and the tools for that are back at the guild.

I’m trying to do it another way.


– Is that a poisonous chameleon plant


– I’ll add it to the potion.


– Won’t that reinforce the poison


– Yeah.

Usually drinking this would cause severe paralysis and diarrhea.

But let’s see if it works.


I ground the chameleon plant and mixed it inside the bottle.


A black sludge formed on the top side of the bottle, leaving the blue liquid below.


– What! How! (Roar)


– And now we filter it… Voilá.

Could you try it


– Mmm… Same bitter taste as usual.



– I was able to separate both sides by adding an extra ingredient.


If potions are made with ingredients A and B (as an example), and poison has ingredients A/B/C, by adding an ingredient D, I returned the potion to its original formula.


By the way, the paralyzing poison used for these potions was scale powder extracted from Raichouga Moths.

Not lethal in the slightest, but it has no color, no smell, and no taste.

Perfect for the occasion.


– What a human that Mizott guy is.

Do you think those potions will work (Mumuruu)


– No.

Or at least we won’t be the ones using them.

I’ll turn them into a soporific.


– What


– Allow me to explain…


* D O N N N *


A tremor shook the earth enough to make us lose balance.


– So here’s the leader…


A gigantic longhorn boar along with two small boars were looking at us from afar.

Something tells me Mumuruu killed one of the leader’s offspring.


– That’s HUGE.

How are we supposed to defeat that with no weapons! (Mumuruu)


It would be accurate to describe the size of the leader as an elevated hill.

It could smash through a castle gate with ease.


– B W H O O –


– Takaya, this doesn’t look good… (Dyke)


– Don’t worry, I have a plan.


– Of course you do~ What’s the plan (Mumuruu)


– We run away.


– HUH! (M/M/D/R)


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