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“Chapter 129: Raid”

Longhorn Boars, often called Longhorns, usually live deep in the mountains.


As their name suggests, they have long sharp horns which they use to reach for berries on trees.


Longhorns are omnivores.

It’s very rare for them to approach human territory, and even if they did, longhorns are docile as long as they don’t perceive any danger.


That’s how it should be.


– Yeah… This is bad.


The moment we stepped into the village we were greeted by rotting corpses of pigs and cows with claw and bite marks.


– 3 of them.

Not very far away.

They sensed new prey.



– Hmm.

Leftovers from another guild, I suppose.

How big are they (Takaya)


– Two small ones and a normal-sized one.

What do we do (Mumuruu)


– We’ll hunt the big one.

We need the other two for something else.



– Sorry Mumuruu, we can’t do much without weapons.


– Don’t worry.

Just make sure you’re useful for Takaya later.


Mumuruu shook the ground with a kick and flew high onto the sky.


With a single strike, she pierced the big longhorn with her silver spear.


Shocked at the sudden danger, the other two boars squeaked and ran away.


– Just as you said, the spear broke after one hit.



– Ha… Hahaha… (M/D/R)


Come to think of it, this is the first time the trio of idiots has seen Mumuruu’s strength.


– Takaya… do you really need us


– Come on, don’t say that.

Mumuruu is strong, but she’s also hard-headed.

I need you guys for the more tactical things.


Even when we were hunting our food, Mumuruu got annoyed at her pray escaping too quickly and decided to leave the job to Meirir and Roar.


– Now it’s your turn.

We’ll use the horns and tusks from the boars.


– What… Takaya, are you aiming for the boar leader


– Yeah.

I thought it would be a good idea.


The leader should also be accompanied by over a hundred other longhorns.


Obviously, that’s a lot of enemies, so we’ll need proper equipment.

The boars’ horns and tusks are mediocre at best as materials.

Definitely not as good as steel or iron.


– F H U O O O O –


A loud roar made the nearby buildings tremble.


The two longhorns we left alive must’ve called their friends.


– Seems like the leader was close.

Shall we put our next plan in motion


– … (M/D/R)


I was trying to pack everything into my bag but I felt the stare of my friends.


– …Uh, what’s wrong


– Nothing! It’s just… you’re more… audacious… than usual.

Right, guys (Meirir)


– Something like that, yeah… (Roar)


– Right.

But at least it’s a good thing.



Letty’s words echo in the back of my mind.


“You can be pretty reckless sometimes, did you know that”


– I’ll always be by your side regardless of which Takaya you are~ (Mumuruu)


– Thank you.

I think.


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