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Chapter 8: Making a Detour

“Come to think of it, aren’t we supposed to get a treasure chest for beating the floor boss”


Ace grunted in affirmation.

“Can you lead us there”


He started to walk towards our new destination.

“Shall we go, Rei”


I began to pet Rei and he responded energetically before following me.


“This is…” I unconsciously held my breath.

After we had returned to the floor boss’s space, there were five treasure chests sitting there.

Placed within each chest were various equipments that could only be gotten from high-quality dungeons.

“I see.

Did they react to the members who originally entered the room”

The chests contained a sword, some armor, a robe, a staff and, lastly…

“A ring”


“Should I wear it”


I didn’t really understand, but surely the four other equipments corresponded with the four party members, meaning it was not a bad guess that the ring belonged to me.

As soon as I put the ring on, that voice sounded in my head once again.

The ring of hell has been equipped.

You are now able to freely make a familiar’s form visible or invisible.


‘I have always been able to see their figures from the start, but I’ll try making them visible as a sort of test.’ 



Ace and Rei were in high spirits.

‘Was I the only one that has been able to see them’ He wondered.

‘I see.

It was good to get and equip this ring.

Now the question was whether it would be better to see the Minotaur’s spirit or some luggage floating in midair.

I wonder which one would set people more at ease.

Well, I think it would be surprising to have a Minotaur walking around the streets, so I’ll only show Rei and hide Ace.’

“I’ll give these things to the other party members to avoid any future problems.

I can come back here later anyway.”


“Are you saying I should be careful I know.

I won’t come back immediately.”

It’s a dungeon where an S-ranked party couldn’t do anything but run away.

It didn’t seem possible that I’d be able to do anything, even if Ace had joined and Rei had become stronger.

“I couldn’t enter this place anyway while going solo.

I’ll take it slow, yeah”




It seemed like they were going to give their best right from the start, so I gave them my thanks as we started on our way back.

We easily made it out of the dungeon without a truly hard fight during our journey thanks to the help of my two strong companions.

With the Minotaur in front and the one-horned wolf behind.

Ace would literally crush any monster that appeared in one of his hands, but in the first place, few monsters appeared to try and fight him.

As for me, I mostly did nothing and only leisurely walked along.

“Should we go to the guild just like this”

There are a number of different things that could happen while these two are with me and, since they’ll be doing things with me from now on, I should get used to it.

I had only kept Rei visible until now, but let’s show Ace’s form when we arrive at the guild.

“What kind of reaction do you think they’ll have when they realize I’m still alive”


“It’s fine.

I don’t really care anyways.”

As expected, it was still shocking that Fade, my childhood friend, pretty much tried to kill me.

Nevertheless, it won’t be good if I don’t go.

“I’m not thinking of trying to get revenge, but it would be fine to scare them a bit, right”


Between Ace and the treasure I’m giving them, it should surprise them just enough.

I thought about how to give my report as I continued towards the guild.


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