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Chapter 4 The Party’s Judgment (Part 3)

“Kyuaaaaaaa! Gaa!”


“Kyuaaaaaaa… Gyaaa… Gyo!”

“Rei! Stop it! Why won’t you stop”

One-horned wolves were B-ranked monsters, and Rei was an excellent partner who stayed behind with me.

But of course, there was no way he could compete with a Minotaur, much less challenge five of them at once.

“Stop! Please stop! Why don’t you just run away”


‘My partner is going to be trampled down in front of me.’ I thought to myself.

“Wait… why…”

Rei ran around and managed to dodge a few of the attacks from the Minotaurs, but was finally caught by one of the Minotaurs with its strong arms.


“Rei!” I screamed.

The axe the Minotaur was holding moved as if being sucked towards Rei’s head as it was brought down mercilessly.



“Rei! Rei!”

I unconsciously rushed towards where Rei laid lifeless.

I paid no attention to the Minotaurs as they ran towards me.

Right now, I just wanted to be by Rei’s side.


And in my final moments, I saw the Minotaur’s axe coming down as if in slow motion.

“I’m sorry… I’ll be with you soon.”

I shut my eyes as I held Rei’s unmoving body close.

However, the final blow that I was waiting for never came.




When I opened my eyes, a mysterious scene was before me.

Rei, who should’ve been dead in my arms, had flicked away the Minotaur’s axe and had bitten into the Minotaur’s neck, tearing its head off.


That was the Minotaur’s death cry.

But it was strange.

Rei was definitely in my arms, so how was there another Rei over there!




That thing that looked like Rei had overwhelming strength.

Without minding the Minotaurs attacks, it accurately struck their vitals, slaughtering one after another, until finally, the last one went down.



“Go… gan…”

The Minotaurs huge bodies crashed onto the dungeon floor as their cries reverberated through the dungeon.


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