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Chapter 23: Investigation Request(3)

I had previously acquired one special skill related to Tamers.

  ‘【Wide Area Contract】’

Originally, Tamers could only make a contract with one creature at a time, but the skill made it possible to make contracts simultaneously with everything in the range.

It could be a flock of birds in the sky, a pack of wolves on the ground or a swarm of insects for recon.

It was a convenient skill that was particularly useful for taming in these kinds of situations.

Successfully widened the area of effect of Necromancy

As expected.

It seems that it was possible to strengthen the skill just from thinking about it.

“This is a good spot.

Let’s try it out once, yeah!”



The two gave cries of affirmation and I pressed down on their backs and used the evolved skill.


You have succeeded at using Necromancy.Acquired 『Pain Resistance』through Zombie Necromancy.Acquired 『Flexible』through Bone Soldier Necromancy.

Acquired 『Hunger Resistance』through Ghoul Necromancy.Acquired 『Defense Strengthening』through Crush Armor Necromancy.Acquired 『Rebirth』through Skeleton Necromancy.Acquired 『Physical Resistance』through Ghost Necromancy.

Acquired 『Blood Recovery』through Bloodhound Necromancy.


I got the feeling that I had been connected with someone or something that I couldn’t see.

But the voice didn’t stop there.

Acquired Extra Skill 『White Inferno』through Lich Necromancy.Acquired Extra Skill 『Lightning』through Wraith Necromancy.

“This is…”

【Extra Skills】.

It seemed like I had gotten high level magic based on the traits of the individual I was connected to during Necromancy.

Besides the magic system that had the four main elements, there were pieces of Original Magic that had names themselves.

If you obtained even one, you were considered a force to be reckoned with.

The names of the two I received sounded familiar… ‘wait!’

“Weren’t 『White Inferno』and 『Lightning』the names of the magic from two generations of Sages!”

I suddenly saw something sparkling right before my eyes before flying up and returning to the heavens.

“That was unexpected…”

Tamer and Necromancer seemed to have similar skills, but there were still some big differences.

And it seemed like this was the biggest one.

While the intent of a Tamer seemed to be to work together after the connection, it seemed a Necromancer was particularly skillful at taking their abilities.

If I didn’t actively wish for it to not happen, I would take their power and they would disappear.

It seems the thing my two partners were trying to convey to me on our journey was that only Ace appeared because I didn’t want all of the Minotaurs.

Well I think that’s roughly what happened at least.

Depending on how you think about it, Necromancy could be considered a special form of exorcism, separate from holy magic.


“Well… I don’t know if that was a real Sage or just a fake, pretending to be one, but….

either way, someone had memorized the Sage’s Original Magic and became an undead.”

Rei suddenly tried to warn me of something.


Ace appealed to me as well.

“I know.”

There was already a presence right in front of me.


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