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Chapter 22: Investigation Request(2)

“Here, huh”


I sighed from fatigue after the hard journey and stroked Rei, who had come up beside me, before again looking back at our destination.

It took a few days of walking while following the map given to us by the guild for me, Rei, and Ace to arrive at the ruined village where undead seemed to be lurking.

For some reason, the surrounding air also seemed evil and corrupt.


“What do you feel”


“I don’t feel anything at all.”

I had learned a few things during our trip.

The first thing was regarding my ability to communicate with Rei and Ace.

Just like a Tamer, I was able to roughly understand their intentions.

We were also able to understand each other’s state of affairs while cooperating in the midst of a battle.

Basically, their thoughts would come to me.

The basic emotions they were feeling were the main thing, but I could understand if they had something to convey to me even if I didn’t know exactly what it was.

For example, there was that time Rei wanted me to go do something with the dead Minotaur bodies.

However, if they were making meaningless noise or didn’t want to convey their intentions to me, it was hard to understand their situation

“So, where is the place you two want to go”



I could properly understand something like this.

Rather, they basically pulled me along to get here.

You didn’t have to be a Tamer or Necromancer to understand that much.

“Whoa wait wait, there’s something here!”


SFX: Crash

I came face to face with a skeleton and a zombie, but the two were blown away before I could say anything about it.

That was all that the fight amounted to.

Succeeded at Necromancy

Acquired the Bone Soldier Skill『Beginner Swordsmanship』through Ability AbsorptionAcquired the Bone Soldier Skill『Beginner Spearmanship』through Ability AbsorptionAcquired the Bone Soldier Skill『Abnormal Status Resistance』through Ability Absorption

Acquired the Zombie Skill『Physical Strength Increase』through Ability AbsorptionAcquired the Zombie Skill『Hunger Recovery』through Ability Absorption


“I got them all just like that! Why!”


Rei howled.

The howl seemed to hold within it his purpose.

“You’re saying that Necromancy gives me all my opponents’ abilities when they die Is that how it is”


Ace supplemented that information.

“Ahhh… what you’re saying seems definitely true…”

If you look at how Ace came with me after simply killing him, then there was certainly different standards than a Tamer had.

“So something just needs to die for me to be able to get everything through Necromancy”


“Yeah, if that’s really true, then we should try some stuff out.”

Rei had proposed to me to make use of an old trick from when I was a Tamer.

I had a skill that I could use as a Tamer to temporarily see the form of creatures around me that I couldn’t see at the moment.

It seemed I could do the same even as a Necromancer.


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