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Chapter 17: Statements(4)



“Well then.

From this point forward, Land-san wants to go solo so he will be leaving the party entirely.

And so, since Land-san joined a party when just starting out as an adventurer, we have to now meet the rules for going solo, and you’ll have to start between B-rank and D-rank.”


“Between I had thought that it was C-rank, is that not right”


“It isn’t.

It is not fixed to C-rank; instead a few days from now, we will make a decision on your official rank, taking into account your ability and current condition.

Of course, if you accumulate enough achievements within the next few days, it’s even possible to be an A-rank or S-rank… like if you, for example, exterminated every dragon at a dragon’s nest…”


That’s impossible.

Still, at this point in time, B-ranks could receive requests meant for A-Ranks.


“What should we do”


“A Minotaur is a dangerous monster at the top A-ranked monsters.

And Rei-chan looks to have become quite strong you know”


“Ahh… we defeated 5 Minotaurs.”




Nina-san dropped the documents she had been holding.


“Wait please! There were truly 5 Minotaur corpses”


“Is it really that unreasonable”


Rather, how else did she think the Minotaurs had been defeated


“Well… uh… if that’s the case, then Land-san alone has power equivalent to an S-rank.”


“Is that so… But this is where a Tamer’s problems arise as the strong ones are Rei and Ace, not me.”


“I’d like to measure Land-san’s fighting ability, seeing as you weren’t perturbed at all when Roig-san grabbed at you.”


“Measurements… Something that’s similar to what you do when you join the guild”


Incidentally, I remembered there being a sort of examination in order to try and determine your approximate rank upon joining the guild.

That’s nostalgic.

Still, at that time, Fade was more or less the one who did everything, and I was vexed about suddenly being acknowledged as a C-rank.

There were big differences between now and then even if these differences stopped growing a while ago, but…


“It is fundamentally the same as that examination, but in order to be recognized as someone who has the ability of an S-rank, the examiner must be someone of S-ranked skill.”


“I see…”


“Those who are of S-ranked are, well how should I put it… they all have certain uniqueness…”


She was ambiguous with her words, but well, all S-ranks were basically monsters.

I heard even the guild has troubles controlling them.

Well, it’s not especially necessary that I’m acknowledged as S-rank is it…


“Among all of them, there is a relatively normal one who should be just right and has plans to come through this area.”


“A normal one… no, well, no one is normal when they reach S-rank but…”



Now, now.

And so, before we can judge whether you pass or fail, you will have to do the usual fight.”


“Huh… no way…”


“Yes way.

The guild cannot just let you go without knowing the height of your abilities, so please fight just this once!”


I had fallen into an unexpected situation.


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