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Chapter 16: Statements(3)


“If that’s the case, the guild will have to add some members to the party, so that they won’t lose their S-rank certification”


“I’m sorry but…”


“No, that’s a natural decision and it’s not something Land-san should have to worry himself about… but…”


She let out a deep sigh that made her look even cuter.


“Even so, the guild still wants an S-rank party.”


“Yeah, although this place is far away from the imperial capital, it is on the frontier in a margrave’s territory, so when it came to national defense, I’m sure they were thankful to have S-ranked adventurers here as permanent residents.”


It’s common for those who take actions across the entire continent to have a home base, and they will usually stop moving around as much when they are solo adventuring at an S-rank level.

If a party reaches that point, and this happens frequently, it seems to give the guild peace of mind in case of emergency.


“Land-san, we could choose members from an S-ranked party to…”


“It will be hard to do with my power alone, but I am going to go solo from now on…”


“Is that so That’s unfortunate.”


It really was too bad.

I was happy she thought so highly of me, but being the leader of an S-ranked party is too much responsibility for me to handle.

I think me being a luggage carrier was just about right.


“I think Land-san has received a lot of unfair treatment… I believe that if you got together with an especially strong B-ranked adventurer, that you could probably form an S-rank party.”


“That’s an over exaggeration, isn’t it…”


Ever since I started adventuring I have always been in a party.

The reality was that I didn’t know my true strength when alone.


“I think that Land-san was definitely the star of the party.

You just need teammates who properly understand that.”


“I see…”


Well, it’s fine to consider what she’s saying and be a little happy isn’t it I had thought about it sometimes when I was a Tamer, but there’s a part of me that thinks I should be able to do everything with a party of only familiars.

Whether or not she knew my thoughts, Nina-san had asked me with upturned eyes.


“If I introduce someone will you accept them no matter what”




‘If she goes that far, it would be impossible to decline.’ I thought to myself.



I’ll do my best to be able to introduce Land-san to someone.”


“No no.

I’m fine with going solo for a while…”


“For example; someone who is studying necromancy.”


I immediately became worried.


“Or maybe someone who is an expert in dragons and can help Land-san become a dragon tamer.”


Now I was even more worried.


“Anyway, I will gather more information about Necromancy and Tamers.”


“Err… thank you.”


I finished our conversation for now while having the feeling that I would be introduced to a candidate for party member soon enough.


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