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Chapter 10 Return Report (Part 2)

Roig felt looked down on and yelled out as things didn’t go the way he had expected.

“Don’t get carried away you bastard!”

“Stop it Roig”

Fade tried to stop him, but he wouldn’t just let it go.

“Why didn’t you properly do your job and protect our luggage when we were struggling! Huhhhh!”



That was a surprising word to hear come from Roig’s mouth.

I hadn’t seen or even considered those four struggling while I was leaving the dungeon.

“Roig did poorly as the vanguard, and Quella got injured because of it.”

“Oi! Mei, would you shut up!”

“Quella did”

I could certainly see some blood that had gotten stuck on Quella’s robe and it didn’t seem like it was blood splatter from anyone or anything else.

“Ahaha… I’m fine now.”

Healers were fundamentally poor at using their magic on themselves.

At the very least, there was no such leeway to try and heal themselves when in a dungeon.

But it was unexpected that they would be cornered to that extent.

“Well, if you’re fine now, you can just change your robes.”


I gave a signal to Ace to take out the robe from the treasure chest and had him place it on the desk.

“Just now… What was that”

Fade started to ask about the incredibly strange sight of the floating luggage, but Quella’s shout drowned out his voice.

“This robe is just as good… no, even better than my current robe!”

“What! Isn’t Quella’s robe one of the church’s sacred artifacts”

“Where the hell did you…”

Meiru had already started talking before I could answer Fade’s question.


It was a reward for beating the floor boss.”

“Haaahhh! You mean those 5 Minotaurs!” Roig raised his voice.

“There are some other things too, so wait just a second.”

Roig smiled maliciously as I started to get everything together.

“Hooo So you actually can be useful once in a while.

If there are other things like that, then this shouldn’t be a waste of time.

Oi! Did ya get that Leave everything right here, yeah”


“Yeah you heard me! It was your fault that we struggled to get back barely alive, you small fry! You’re not useful for anything! Just like always! You shouldn’t get any of the loot.”

“Hey, you idiot!”

Fade had tried to stop Roig from going on further but it was already too late.

It had already been made public in the guild that the party’s loot was not going to be evenly distributed.

“I’ll hear about this topic in detail from Land-san.”

“Oi you! You get it… right”

Roig tried to grab my arm again, but Ace stopped him.

“What’s this”

Something unseen had seized his arm.

This was a useful thing to know for battles.

I then made Ace visible using the power of my ring.


SFX: EEK!!!!


“This is…”

All four of them stood with stunned expressions.

“The dead Minotaur became your companion.”

“Wha… you should be a tamer, right! How is this guy following you when he’s dead”

“And didn’t you also say Rei was also dead”


For some reason, the look on Fade’s face had warped into one of agitation after seeing this incredible sight.


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