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Fade, a swordsman who excels in both offense and defense, and also holds the party together with his charisma.

Meiru, a genius mage who graduated from the nation’s top magic academy with the highest grades in her class.

Head Knight Roig, the former leader of the Kingdom’s knights, and is also known as the kingdom’s shield.

Quella, the youngest but best known miraculous saint.

And then there’s me, the luggage carrier and tamer, Land.

Compared to these four talented people, I was, regrettably, an ordinary person.

The only reason I was in this party was because I was Fade’s childhood friend.

But I knew things were reaching their limit and it was only a matter of time.

“Fade! How long are we going to pamper him” Roig’s rough voice echoed from the next room.

The inn had 3 rooms.

Fade and Roig in the men’s room, Meiru and Quella in the women’s room, and the other was a stable and storage shed and also, my room.

Due to the nature of tamers, familiars always followed them.

In the beginning, a bed was prepared for me as well, but before I knew it, I was being treated the same as my familiar.

“Well, that’s fine, but it’s kind of sad that the four of us aren’t called upon until we’re all in one room.”


The one-horned wolf, Rei, was licking me as if to comfort me.

He was my partner who usually carried the luggage of the party members, and when in battle, he protects me and acts as a wall.

Even now, he didn’t let his guard down and even sent out instructions to the nearby wolf-type monsters.


“That damn dog is so loud; we can’t even get a peaceful night’s rest!” Roig didn’t seem to understand what was happening at all.

“I want to do something about it as well, but…” Then came Fade’s voice next.

I knew from that moment that even Fade was beginning to dislike my presence.

But even so, the two girls in the party were adamant about not kicking me out of the party.


Land is also trying his best; we can’t just kick him out.”

“…Land is a good guy.

He prepares our food…”

As far as Meiru was concerned, I was something like a house maid, whose real value came from the food she prepared and the work she did around the home.

In short, the only reason I am still able to be here today is largely due to Quella’s compassionate heart.

“Well… whatever.

I’m going to sleep.”

“Ah, tomorrow is finally the day we enter the god-slaying dungeon.”

“A dungeon that can destroy even gods… I’m getting fired up!”


“Hey! Land! I know you can hear me! Make sure that dog doesn’t bark again!” Roig was yelling at me.

“Well, Rei.”


“It seems tonight’s watch will have to be done without companions.”

When did this happen It’s been a while since I was first called the party’s luggage carrier, but I think I’ve done a decent amount of work, even if I have to say so myself.

Recon, night watch, luggage carrier, scouting… All these I could do thanks to being a tamer.

I intended to contribute as a handyman to that extent, but for that reason, I couldn’t keep up with the four in pure combat ability.

It seems that I was the only one who thought that it couldn’t be helped because I couldn’t gain experience points like the rest of them.

“Well, I guess it can’t be helped.”


Only Rei was with me, licking my cheek to comfort me.

I understood that, one way or another, after this next dungeon was over, I wouldn’t be able to be in this party anymore.


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