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“Your Excellency, the Dragon Gate has arrived.

The Dragon Transformation Pool is ready.

Its time!”

Just as Lin Xuan was looking at the terrifying Dragon Gate that descended from the sky in shock, the divine dragon lady walked to his side and held his arm.

She said shyly, “Are you ready”

The unintentional touch made Lin Xuan a little embarrassed, but the divine dragon lady did not mind.

She even chuckled and leaned forward, straightening her back.

Now that there was a chance to become the Dragon Queen, how could she give it up Even if the Dragon Queen could not make it, the Dragon Consort would have a chance, right

A mysterious fragrance wafted into Lin Xuans nose, disrupting his state of mind for a moment.

This was a dragons body fragrance, a physical talent developed by the few big shots at the top of the dragon race.

It had a terrifying attraction to creatures of the opposite sex, and this body fragrance would adjust according to the emotions of both parties.

Without a doubt, the divine dragon lady wanted to do something freaky with him.

Fortunately, she also knew that there were priorities at hand that needed to be checked.

She also had some understanding of the huge force of the pocket dimension, but she was not clear about its specific origin.

However, the Dragon Clan, Phoenix Clan, Demon Clan, and so on had all been taken care of by the pocket dimension when they were weak.

Even though the Dragon Clan had now transcended from the pocket dimension, they still maintained a good cooperative relationship with it.

Lin Xuan had come here through the dungeon space.

According to the rules of the dungeon space, he could only stay in the Dragon Worship Court for three days, and these three days were very important.

The Dragon Transformation pool and the Dragon Gate leap were waiting for him.

It was not that the dragon race did not have the ability to force Lin Xuan to stay in the Dragon Worship Court, but this required the ancestral dragon to come out and negotiate with the law, and they also had to pay a considerable price.

However, the ancestral dragon guarded the dragon world and couldnt be easily moved.

At the same time, he used the powerful channel of the dungeon space to spread the dragon bloodline.

The benefits were intertwined, so it was better not to interfere with other peoples internal rules.

In the end, it was not necessary.

The cultivation path was about life.

Nature was the heart, and life was the body and soul.

In terms of importance, the heart was still the most important.

Moreover, in terms of the choice of cultivation path, the Dragon Clan might not be comparable.

In short, Lin Xuan could not stay!

The divine dragon lady was not worried because she knew very well that even if Lin Xuan was just a pawn in this game of chess, he could still break through the limit of the dungeon space and become a free person with the terrifying talent of the Dragon King bloodline.

As for becoming a major race in the heavenly planes like the dragon race, they had to find a way to reach the heaven-rank.

Only then would the entire race be able to break through the restrictions of the dungeon space!

Lin Xuan and the divine dragon lady walked in front, and behind them were many powerful dragons who had transformed into human bodies.

Behind them were the fated people from the other world.

Well, it was very quiet now.

After all, the gap was visible to the naked eye.

Although the Dragon Transformation Pool was called a pool, it was actually a vast ocean that stretched as far as the eye could see.

The water in it was a little red, and as soon as Lin Xuan got close to it, the heaven-defying azure dragon bloodline in his body had a significant reaction.

Not only that, but even the grand magus bloodline also started to react.

Lin Xuan could still handle it.

The sub-dragons seemed to have lost their minds when they came to the side of the pool.

Their eyes were red and they wanted to charge forward madly.

The divine dragon lady turned around and gave them a cold look, and they immediately retreated.

One of the powerful dragons extended a hand to press down on the python which could no longer hold back the call from the depths of its bloodline.

The opportunity to transform into a dragon was right in front of it, and it could not wait any longer.

Unfortunately, it was pressed to death because Lin Xuan, the Dragon King, had yet to enter.

With a cold snort, the divine dragon lady turned her head around with a smile on her face.

“Your Excellency, you should enter first.

The deeper you go, the stronger the effects.

Although your potential will still be limited by the rules of the dungeon space, once you break through the restrictions of the dungeon space, they will become your foundation as the Dragon King! Good luck! Ill be waiting for your return!”

With great difficulty, he nodded awkwardly at the divine dragon lady and plunged into the bottomless Dragon Transformation pool.

The warm and comfortable Dragon Clan bloodline energy seeped into his body, and his body, soul, and energy all became revitalized.

After familiarizing himself with the rhythm of the Dragon Transformation Pool, Lin Xuan headed towards the depths of the pool, where more bloodline energy gathered.

After Lin Xuan swam far away, the divine dragon lady nodded with a cold expression.

“The Dragon King has already swum far enough.

The rest can go down now.

Remember, dont disturb the Dragon King, and dont be too greedy to go too far.

You must know that going too will lead to bad consequences.”

With a casual wave of his hand, many sub-dragons and pythons impatiently jumped into the Dragon Transformation pool and swam as far as they could.

As for the remaining humans and insects, after a slight hesitation, they chose to go into the water.

The deeper he swam, the greater the pressure.

The light red color had now turned bright red, similar to fresh blood.

The bloodline energy surged into Lin Xuans body in a frenzy, wanting to transform his physical body.

A layer of fine dragon scales appeared and then shed.

This cycle repeated several times.

[It has been detected that you are using a special item.

In the Dragon Transformation Pool, the power of the dragon bloodline is changing your form.

It has been detected that you have one specialty — Innate Constitution.

The transformation of the dragon bloodlines power has failed.

Your physical body has been strengthened!]


Lin Xuan was shocked when he suddenly received a notification from the dungeon space.

This was the first time he had received a notification from a dungeon.

In the past, the notification would only appear at the beginning or after the end, and this notification was not simple.

Changed form

He was going to transform into a dragon!

Even though the dragon race was very strong, Lin Xuan still did not want to change himself.

In terms of looks, he still wanted to be a human, even if there was a limit!

The Innate Constitution was a unique talent, and it came in quite handy at pivotal moments.

Since he was no longer afraid of being transformed, Lin Xuan let go of the worry in his heart and continued to advance deeper.

He had to admit that he had gained a lot this time.

His diamond body had been pushed to its limit, and all that was left was to wait for the leap into the glazed body.

Furthermore, Lin Xuan had a faint premonition that the Dragon Transformation Pool this time around might give him the opportunity to attain that very body.

That was because the surrounding temperature was getting higher and higher!

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