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Chapter 2688 - 2688 Regarded as a Great Emperor

2688 Regarded as a Great Emperor

Heavenly Venerate Tool, supreme might.

Ling Han stood with his sword in hand.

It was speckled with rust like a knife that had been kept for a long time in a woodshed, but who would dare to underestimate this sword now

This was a supreme precious tool, and killing Celestial Kings was like childs play.

So what if Ling Hans strength was low Even if it was a 10-year-old child holding a peerless Divine Sword, the consequences of an adult taking it on point-blank would still only cause him grievous injuries.

Furthermore, Ling Hans strength wasnt feeble at all, and not in the least inferior to the peak of the Ninth Heaven.

In fact, he could even suppress them in reverse.


For a while, blood rained from the sky, mourning the passing of the two Celestial Kings.

All the Celestial Kings were trembling.

They had never thought that the situation would have developed to such a state.

“Now, do you all feel the pain” Ling Han said menacingly, and he slashed out again without the slightest hesitation.

Since he had already started killing, why would he restrain himself anyway.

He wouldnt mess with people voluntarily, but if anyone were to mess with him, he would hit them until they experienced bone-deep pain.


Ling Han burst out with the power of Body Art, and his speed was astonishing.

He was slashing out with the Divine Demon Sword in hand, not needing any technique at all.

This was the invincibility of an ultimate weapon.

Immediately, the 30-odd Celestial Kings fled in all directions.

There was already an example laid out in front of them.

Two great Ninth Heaven Celestial Kings were easily cut into halves—easily as crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood.

When the destructive power of the supreme precious tool swept past them, any Celestial King would only be killed on the spot.

Who would want to be the third one

They were originally just an unruly mob, and naturally they would be united when they had the upper hand, but in the face of danger, they would naturally care only for themselves, with no regard to the life or death of others.

However, Ling Han was even faster.

He caught up with one, slashed out with the Divine Demon Sword, and, sure enough, this Celestial King was cut in half.

Blood splattered all over, and once again triggered a great natural calamity.

The last time Ling Han had started killing like this, he had depended on the Black Tower for a power boost to slaughter many Celestial Kings in the Foreign Realm.

After so many years had passed, he could finally slaughter Celestial Kings with his own strength.

Moreover, they were all Ninth Heaven Celestial Kings, and their bearing was on a different level completely.

After climbing in the world of martial arts for so many years, Ling Han had finally reached the pinnacle of the Celestial Path, and possessed the qualifications to look down on the rest of the world.

He could be regarded as a great emperor!

Ling Han kept up his hot pursuit, and the awful screaming continued.

He caught up with one Celestial King after another, and they were each slashed by his sword.

With his strength and the power of the Divine Demon Sword, no one could block any of the swords attacks.

However, by the time Ling Han had killed the 11th person, the remaining Celestial Kings had already escaped into the distance, and it was impossible to catch up to them.

However, he had killed 11 Celestial Kings in one battle, and scared off the remaining 20 or so, and they were all Celestial Kings at the peak of the Ninth Heaven at that.

Wasnt this enough

“Hes the strongest Celestial King by far, no”


Even if He Yufeng were to come over, he wouldnt succeed.

He would only be beaten up badly and flee in disgrace.”

“Its not that He Yufeng is weak, but that the Heavenly Venerate Tool is too powerful.”

Who would have thought that Ling Han would actually take out a Heavenly Venerate Tool, one so incomparably domineering that it resolved the situation, and firmly establish his status as a great emperor of Celestial Kings.

“After this battle, it is likely that there wont be another Celestial King who would dare to challenge Ling Han.”

Amu and the others also shook their heads.

If it was a fair fight, they would naturally not be afraid of Ling Han.

However, if it was a Celestial King with a Heavenly Venerate Tool in hand, even they would be helpless.

This battle had far-reaching consequences.

The noble clans involved were all trembling.

They didnt expect Ling Hans strength to be so powerful.

Which of them would dare to cause trouble to Ling Han again

More than 10 Ninth Heaven Celestial Kings had died in vain.

Who asked them not to be disciples of the martial academy

If the Heavenly Venerates in the Realm Battlefield wouldnt return, Ling Han would really be able to do anything he liked in the whole realm, and probably even Pseudo-Heavenly Venerates might not be able to suppress him, right

As Ling Hans figure descended, he cast a glance at Yun Aokong and the others, and said lightly, “Dont worry, I wont touch any of you.

As long as you dont take the initiative to provoke me, you will remain under the protection of the martial academys rules.”

Only then did Yun Aokong and the others breathe a sigh of relief, feeling the sensation of cold sweat on their foreheads.

“But all of you will report the location of your ancestral grounds,” Ling Han added.

What did this guy intend to do He wouldnt charge towards their home bases, right

“Why the delay” Ling Han glared at them.

Yun Aokong and the others dared not say anything else, and quickly revealed the whereabouts of their respective clans.

As a matter of fact, they couldnt believe it.

Would Ling Han really dare to make a move against their clans One ought to know that they were all Heavenly-Venerate-level forces, and their background was extremely powerful; it wasnt something that a puny Eighth Heaven Celestial King could even imagine.

Once they had left, Amu and the others came over.

“Junior Brother Ling, it seems that you are stuck at a bottleneck before the Ninth Heaven,” Du Shiyi spoke first.

“I have been there; this level is very hard to describe.

Some people have passed through it after tens of thousands of years, while there are others who still remain at the same level for millions and millions of years.

Furthermore, the higher ones talent, the more difficult it is to break through.

This is a sign that heaven and earth is targeting you.”

Ling Han nodded; given heaven and earths hindrance, of course it would be beset with difficulties.

“We have also been stuck at the peak of the Ninth Heaven for too long.

We intend to go to the Burst Cloud Volcano for training.

It is an absolutely dangerous place where danger lurks at every step.

You can come with us, perhaps you might find an opportunity for breakthrough,” Amu spoke as well.

Ling Han thought for a while.

“When are you leaving”

“Just in the next few days.”

“Then you all can go ahead first.

I still have some matters to deal with.

Once Im done, Ill meet up with all of you at the Burst Cloud Volcano.”


Amu and the others took their leave, and Ling Han returned to his abode.

He was planning his itinerary as he wanted to make a trip to visit the forces that had besieged him just now, and have them provide him with an explanation for this matter.

So he was an easy target to bully, was he

The over 30 Celestial Kings came from a total of nine forces.

He believed that this was only a small part of the forces that had interfered with the black market chain of profits at the Celestial King Graveyard.

The other forces might have yet to come to settle accounts with Ling Han, or they had yet to make a move.

Ling Han couldnt care less; he only knew that if anyone held out a knife to him, he would return the favor with his fist fiercely.

A short while later, the large black dog arrived.

“Brat, you are so powerful” His eyes shone.

“Just average,” Ling Han replied, smiling.

“Was the Divine Demon Sword really successful in upgrading” The large black dog almost couldnt believe it.

Ling Han nodded.

“Thats right.”

“Great!” The large black dog slapped his paws hard, and then showed a pitiful expression.

“Heavenborn has gone to the Realm Battlefield.

If not, we could go strike a staggering blow tonight.”

Ling Han laughed heartily.

“There are Heavenly Venerates in charge here, it is too difficult to do bad things under their noses.

Its even better that he went to the Realm Battlefield.

As long as we find him, we can do whatever we want.”

“Thats right.” The large black dog nodded.

“Before that, lets go to settle some accounts,” Ling Han said

“Grandpa Dog likes that.” The large black dog nodded happily.

“With whom are we settling the accounts”

After hearing Ling Han list the names of each of the forces, the large black dog couldnt help but twitch.

“Grandpa Dog takes back what hes just said.

You should go on your own as I seem to have diarrhea.”

These were all Heavenly-Venerate-level forces.

Who knew how terrifying their background could be; he definitely didnt want to go seeking death.

“Its alright, all the Heavenly Venerates are at the Realm Battlefield.

Besides, lets bring Wally with us,” Ling Han said with a smile.

“Makes sense!” The large black dog nodded.

Wallys ability to break formations was the best.

With him around, their safety would be greatly increased.

They went to call on Wally.

Wally was reluctant to go at first, but once Ling Han took out three pieces of Divine Metal, he agreed.

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