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However, Su Meng did not believe him.

She rolled her eyes at him and complained, “Since youre worried, shouldnt you be waiting for me at the door of his ward What can you hear if youre sleeping here”

Shen Jian laughed dryly after his thoughts were seen through.

“Just now, Grandpa called and asked us what happened.

I said that we were cooperating with the investigation at the police station.

I didnt tell him that you were hospitalized.”

He knew that if Guo Xiang knew that Su Meng was injured and hospitalized, he would definitely be worried.

Su Meng was very satisfied.

Just then, a nurse walked in from outside.

“This patient, where did you go just now Why didnt I find you It seems that your headache has stopped.” The nurse pushed the medicine cart.

She came to Su Mengs side and said, “Come for an injection.

Well do another check-up tomorrow morning.

If youre fine, you can be discharged the day after tomorrow.

Dont run around after the injection.

What if something happens”

Su Meng was a little embarrassed after being reprimanded by the nurse.

She obediently lay back on the bed and allowed the nurse to give her an injection.

The night passed just like that.

The next day, Su Meng had a check-up.

Just as she was waiting for the results, the police officer called Qi Sha arrived.

“Miss Su, Im really sorry that I didnt protect you well yesterday and caused you to get injured.

Hows your body” Qi Sha looked energetic and his face was rosy, as if he had just experienced something good.

Su Meng looked at his face and immediately understood that he must have made a great contribution or received a raise.

“Im fine.

Hows the case Have you found out the result” Compared to her health, Su Meng was more concerned about Lu Sis case.

Qi Sha said, “Because all the evidence has been found.

Lu Si has told us everything.” With that, Qi Sha looked at the ward.

The door was closed.

This was a VIP ward, so the soundproofing was very good.

Qi Sha continued, “That family of four was killed by Lu Ning, and Lu Ning was killed by Lu Si.

That girl called Fang Yin also provided evidence.”

The case was too exciting.

Shen Jian was so scared that he sat on the chair and hugged the back of the chair tightly.

Su Meng frowned and asked, “Lu Ning killed that family to rob the house”

Qi Sha nodded, and Su Meng continued to ask, “But why did Lu Si kill her own brother Was it for money or…” Su Meng thought for a moment and continued to ask, “Or was it because she was abused”

“Neither,” Qi Sha said slowly.

“Lu Si was protecting that girl named Fang Yin.”

Hearing this reason, Su Meng and Shen Jian were both stunned and confused.

Qi Sha sighed.

“Sigh, Lu Si and Lu Ning were born into a family in the countryside that valued sons over daughters.

Their parents only knew how to suppress Lu Si and gave everything to Lu Ning.

They only knew how to ask for money and even hit and scold Lu Si.

Later, Lu Si couldnt stand it anymore and left quietly.

She didnt expect Lu Ning to find out and leave with her.”

“Their family was very poor.

When they left, they didnt have any money on them.

They didnt even have money to eat.

Later, they met Fang Yin and became friends.

Fang Yin would help them occasionally.

Lu Ning saw that Fang Yins family was rich and wanted to kidnap her like on TV, but was stopped by Lu Si.

Later, in order to protect Fang Yin, Lu Si plotted how to fake a suicide.”

“However, as for why she killed that family of four and how she killed them and took the property for herself, we havent come to a conclusion yet.

We still need to investigate in more detail.”

Su Meng nodded.

She could help with feng shui, but she could only rely on the police for the case.

No matter what Lu Si did in the future, it had nothing to do with her.

As for what Lu Si said about having nightmares, it was just as Su Meng thought.

It was because Lu Si was in front of the mirror when she killed that day.

The person who smiled at her in the mirror was herself that day.

She was frightened by herself and it left a shadow behind.

“You guys have contributed a lot to this incident.

Officer Lu said that he would personally thank you and pay you guys in the future.

Since you guys are fine now, Ill go back and report back.”

As Qi Sha spoke, he got up to bid farewell to Su Meng and left immediately.

Shen Jian saw Qi Sha leave and staggered over to Su Mengs side.

He said with lingering fear, “Boss, what kind of luck do you think I have I just received my first job and Im already caught up in a murder case.

And there are so many lives.

Its exciting.

Its too exciting.”

“Thats why your luck is getting better and better.

Youll be fine even if you meet a murderer,” Su Meng comforted him.

The matter with Lu Si came to an end.

As for whether or not she would tell Su Meng the result, Su Meng didnt care.

As long as she helped the police, it would be fine.

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