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Abandoned by the AlphaI Became the Lycan King s Mate Chapter 161 - Kidnapped

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[Margarets Perspective]

I turned my attention to Elizabeth and said, “Turn around. Ill see if I can untie you.”

I tried to find a gap in Elizabeths knots, but I didnt have any experience with ropes. It was hard. In the end, I had to admit that I had to give it up for some other plan.

I directed Elizabeth to bring her hands around from behind as I had done. It would make the body feel better.

Elizabeth also tried to untie the ropes on my hands. She tried to use her sharp and long nails to create some space between the knots on my wrists, but they were tied too tightly.

I closed my eyes and tried again to find a connection to Donald in my mind. Our special senses as mates allowed us to bridge the distance between us. I felt the wall again, but it didnt seem as strong as before. This meant that the potions effect on me was weakening. When the wall disappeared, I would be able to connect with Donald.

Thinking of this, I finally saw a glimmer of hope in this helpless situation.

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I turned to look at Elizabeth. She was sitting in the shadows as if she was in a daze. I couldnt see her expression, but she was definitely panicking. Elizabeth had never even been properly involved in training. She must have been terrified to be kidnapped like this.

I moved closer to Elizabeth and touched her calf with my knee.

“Elizabeth!” I whispered.

I had to get her to pull herself together. I couldnt leave here on my own. Even if I could get a message to Donald, it would take time for him to get here. And until then, no one knew what would happen. Elizabeth couldnt remain in a daze like this.

Elizabeth didnt react to my words. She continued to sit there in a daze.

“Elizabeth!” I raised my voice slightly.

Elizabeth finally turned her head toward me, as if she had just heard my voice.

“Are you calling me” Elizabeths voice was sharp with shock. “I thought I heard something else. Margaret, where are we Why are we here”

“We were kidnapped by Angel,” I said.

Recalling the scene where Elizabeth appeared in front of me after being controlled by Angel, I asked curiously, “Why were you with her”

“I—I was packing at home, and then I went down the stairs. I saw that Anthony was down, and I was terrified… and then, then I was knocked unconscious,” Elizabeth said incoherently.

I was confused. Elizabeth had been with Armstrong, and then Armstrong had appeared alone. Why was Anthony there too

I reached out and pressed Elizabeths hand, which had been pulling at the rope around her wrist. I said slowly, “Tell me slowly. What happened”

But Elizabeth burst into tears. “I really dont know whats going on,” she cried. “Margaret, you have to find a way to get us out of here. I dont want to stay in this hellhole anymore.”

“Keep your voice down.” I raised my arm to wipe the tears from Elizabeths face.

“She probably just wants to capture us and wont do anything to us,” I comforted Elizabeth. “We have to find out whats going on first. Ill ask you questions. Answer me, okay”

Hearing that Elizabeth had finally stopped crying and responded softly, I asked, “After Donald and I left, you and Armstrong parted ways, right”

Elizabeths sobs suddenly became louder again. My arm that was against her face was wet with her tears.

“Dont cry, dont cry,” I coaxed, already guessing what happened between her and Armstrong.

I sighed inwardly and let the matter drop. Then I made a guess. “Then Anthony went to our house to look for you, didnt he”

I felt Elizabeths head move. I couldnt tell if she was nodding or shaking her head.

I was about to ask her again when I heard Elizabeths slightly hoarse voice. “Yes.”

“And then you guys—”

“Then Anthony helped me pack. We heard the doorbell downstairs.” Elizabeth followed my lead. “He went down alone for a long time. All I could hear in the room was that he was talking to someone. I thought the other voice sounded familiar even then. I was about to go out and take a look when I saw Angel and Anthony, who had fainted.”

I listened in silence.

Elizabeth continued, “Then I screamed loudly and tried to run back to my room. But before I could reach my room, I saw Angel in front of me. She was faster than a ghost. After that, I was lying here.”-

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