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Chapter 2419: Its Too Dangerous Here

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The audience slowly left the opera house, but they still praised the show in their conversations.

The operas new performing style was slowly getting popular in Rodus upper society.

The exquisite stage, interesting story and lovely singing all gave the night life a hint of color.

After the show, they could even eat some supper and have a drink on Romo Street.

The once desolated Romo Street, had risen again due to the popularity of the two taverns and the Black Cat Opera House.

All kinds of F&B and entertainment projects began to settle in Romo Street and it slowly became a new popular commercial area in Rodu.


Vicki watched the audience with a sated smile.

After roaming the streets where no one cared about them, it felt good to finally experience a full house.

Then, her gaze landed on the last figure in the crowd and she went white.

She turned around and tried to run away.

“I brought you the red braised pork and rice.

Are you sure you dont want them” Ferdinand said with a smile.

Vickis footsteps faltered and she turned around.

She said with a sheepish smile, “What brings you here, Grandpa”

The audience had all left and the actors, who were about to leave the stage and rest, became energetic once they heard Vicki.

They all turned to look at that middle-aged man.

Although he was standing below the stage, all of them were naturally in awe when they saw the man in front of them.

It was an air of power.

They had followed Vicki for more than one year, but they seldom heard Vicki talk about herself.

However, they all knew that their maestro was different from them.

She really came from a wealthy family and was most likely a real-life Miss Black Cat.

They didnt expect her family to come looking for her today.

“Maestro, well go in to rest first.

Take your time and chat slowly.” The actors left them alone smartly.

Angela, who wanted to stay back and watch, was pulled away.

Only Ferdinand and Vicki were left in the huge theater.

“Why Are you not happy to see me” Ferdinand smiled faintly.

“How can I not be Im just too happy.” Vicki had given up.

She immediately put on a smiling face and jumped off the stage.

She hugged Ferdinands arm lovingly and coyly said, “I missed Grandpa a lot.”

“I dont know how much I can trust you now.” Ferdinand shook his head, but his eyes were filled with an indulgent smile.

“Of course you can believe me wholeheartedly.

What evil thoughts can Little Vicki have” Vicki replied matter-of-factly.

Her gaze landed on the insulated takeaway box and her eyes glowed a little.

“Did you go to Mamy Restaurant”

“I went for a meal and bought a helping for you too.” Ferdinand passed the insulated container to her.

“Thank you, Grandpa.

Youre the best.” Vicki accepted the takeaway box.

“Lets go sit in my office.”

Ferdinand followed Vicki across the theater to her office.

“The red braised pork, and its still hot.

It smells great.” Vicki opened the insulated box and immediately marveled.

Then, she lamented, “Its a pity that Big Sister Xi isnt here.

Her favorite food is red braised pork.”

Ferdinand sat across from Vicki and smilingly asked, “Are you and Xi Mamy Restaurants regular customers”

Vicki chewed on the red braised pork with puffed out cheeks as she answered, “Were not really regular customers.

I have only been to Mamy Restaurant twice, but Boss Mags culinary skills are unforgettable.”

“Its indeed a marvelous taste.” Ferdinand nodded in agreement.

Vicki swallowed the meat and curiously asked, “But, Grandpa, did something serious happen Why did you come to the Norland Continent personally”

Xi had mentioned the matter of that Almost-Extraordinaire mech to her before, but given her grandfathers status, such a matter didnt require him to come personally.

“My precious granddaughter has left home for over a year without any news and she still refuses to come home after we found her.

So, do you think I shouldnt come personally” Ferdinand asked her seriously.

“I-I cant leave for now.” Vicki blushed.

“You saw it for yourself today too.

The opera house has just opened and we already gained the love of so many audience members.

If I go now, the opera house will have to close immediately and all my troupe members will be out of a job.”

“Todays performance was indeed not bad.” Ferdinand nodded with appreciation.

Vicki felt so gratified.

It wasnt easy to get praise from Grandpa, even her dad was usually scolded by her grandfather.

“Did you come for that mech this time” Vicki asked.

She didnt believe that her grandfather would make this trip for her deliberately.

“Seems like Xi has told you plenty.”

“You have mistaken Big Sister Xi.

I got this information from Big Sister Xi with all my might.

After all, you said that I have to keep track of current affairs.” Vicki quickly took the blame back onto herself.

“The mech is one reason.

The other reason is to meet with that young man Alex,” Ferdinand said with a smile.

He didnt pursue it.

“Boss Mag is a good man.” Vicki said with a righteous indignation, “I think some fellows from Underground City are too much.

How dare they cross over to murder.

They have no regard for the rules.”

“Rules are what the strong use to restrict the weak.

Some people always think that they are the rule setters, so naturally they arent going to follow them.” Ferdinand stopped smiling as well.

“Is this matter connected to the military” Vicki sneaked a peek at Ferdinand and suddenly felt a little nervous.

Boss Mag slashed that Almost-Extraordinaire mech and even detained it.

This was an antagonistic move to the power behind the mech.

If this matter had something to do with the military, her Grandpas motive for this trip would be unpredictable.

“Currently, we couldnt find any evidence that the military is involved in this matter.” Ferdinand shook his head.

Vicki heaved a breath of relief.

At least, this meant that her grandfather wasnt behind this.

“However, I have indeed come to take that mech back.

We should be able to get even more information from that mech.

Its regarding that mysterious organization, Immortel.” Ferdinand didnt conceal his disgust when he mentioned Immortel.

“Immortel!” Vicki went white.

Immortel was a very mysterious and powerful organization in Underground City.

Apparently, it was founded by an Extraordinaire.

The group was very powerful but no one knew where they were.

An Almost-Extraordinaire mech that even the military didnt possess, suddenly appeared out of nowhere and crossed the borders to kill.

Only that mysterious organization, Immortel, would have that kind of power in Underground City.

“I have another objective for coming to the Norland Continent.

Its to bring you back to Underground City,” Ferdinand said to Vicki, “Its too dangerous here.”

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