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Chapter 2418: The Big Boss First Gourmet Experience.

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In his long lifespan of over 1000 years, Ferdinand had met many geniuses, fought countless dangerous battles and eaten many expensive foods in his life.

However, todays grilled fish had subverted his usual understanding about food.

From getting to know the insane spiciness to getting lost in its taste after he got used to it, his chopsticks began to search for the fish meat and equally interesting side ingredients.

He actually couldnt stop.

“I didnt expect there will be people who can eat together with Miss Vivian.

Thats the insanely spicy!”


The first bite will get your soul and your butt is going to hurt the next day.

Thats what this insanely spicy grilled fish is.”


The surrounding customers were looking at these two people with admiration.

These were the true warriors.

After eating half of the spicy grilled fish, Ferdinand ate half a bowl of rice to suppress the spiciness in his mouth.

His gaze landed on the red braised pork at the side.

He forgot about the three other dishes when he concentrated on eating the spicy grilled fish.

The red braised pork was held in a black terracotta bowl.

The wild boar meat was cut into long cubic shapes and the thick gravy dyed the wild boar meat a deep red color.

The interlaying fat and lean pork looked enticing.

This dish that appeared in Xis journal, attracted Ferdinands attention as well.

Ferdinand popped a piece of red braised pork into his mouth.

The tender pork melted almost immediately in her mouth.

The lean meat was chewy and not dry.

The pork skin was soft and sticky.

It wasnt hard to bite down on.

It was exquisite.

“This taste!”

Ferdinands eyes glowed.

If the spicy grilled fish had brought an intense excitement to the taste buds and body, then this red braised pork was like a gentle maiden that enveloped him into her arms and consoled him gently.

One bite was definitely not enough, so he took another piece of red braised pork and savored it slowly in his mouth.

All his daily meals were nutritionally balanced and designed by dieticians.

While taking into account the taste, every food items nutrition values and amount were carefully calculated.

In the past 1000 years, he had indeed lived very healthily.

But at this moment, he suddenly realized that such preciseness seemed to have killed something.

For example, the taste that made one happy, the taste that made one excited and the sense of surprise that made one enthusiastic.

He ate different kinds of food every day, but the process of eating was just like a procedural step.

There was no expectation nor surprise.

However, at this place, be it the spicy grilled fish or the red braised pork, they brought him an unparalleled surprise.

In Underground City, the philosophers often debated if the technology had only given them the pros In the past, Ferdinand couldnt be bothered about such questions.

If technology didnt bring them convenience, how could these philosophers, who had full stomachs, have the time to raise such questions

However, he couldnt help thinking, were they really all pros

He ate the red braised pork with two bowls of rice.

He felt he couldnt get full no matter how much of the soft and fragrant rice he ate.

The eggplant with garlic sauce was different from what he had imagined.

There was actually no fish inside!

On the rectangular plate, there was a fish split in half, and a thick golden-red sauce was covering it.

The glistening sauce seeped into theflesh perfectly.

That fish, which looked and smelled perfect, was actually made of eggplant!

However, this didnt affect its scrumptiousness at all.

After putting the eggplant into his mouth, the four tastes of sour, spicy, sweet, and savory exploded in his mouth almost simultaneously.

Each taste was so distinct but they actually blended together in such harmony.

They gave the taste buds a powerful stimulation.

The soft eggplant melted almost immediately in Ferdinands mouth.

After the wild palate feast experienced by his taste buds, Ferdinand swallowed it and there was a lingering fragrance in his mouth.

A vegetarian dish had tasted like a meat dish and its taste was so widely arrayed that he almost bit his tongue.

It was slightly more savory, so it was the best to eat with rice.

Ferdinand ate another two bowls of rice before he felt a little full.

Vivian, who was still seriously eating the spicy grilled fish, couldnt help looking up at him.

She was amazed with this gentlemans appetite inwardly.

He could eat more than the orcs at the next table.

Only the chilies were left for the spicy grilled fish.

Finally, he ended with a bowl of savory tofu pudding.

Ferdinand burped with satisfaction.

He hadnt experienced the satisfaction brought by food for a long time.

“Its indeed interesting.” Ferdinand looked up at Mag, who was still busy in the kitchen, with increased amusement in his eyes.

How could there be such a genius in this world He had advanced to the Almost-Extraordinaire level against all odds on the Norland Continent and could even cook marvelously.

He had tasted the Norland Continents food 100 years ago.

No one races food was comparable to the food cooked by Mag.

“Miss Vivian, may I ask, when does the restaurant close for the night” Ferdinand asked Vivian, who had just finished eating her grilled fish.

After pondering for a second, Vivian replied, “I think its nine in the evening.”

“Alright, thank you.” Ferdinand nodded with a smile.

He looked at Vivian and thought for a moment, before taking out an exquisite dagger and placing it in front of Vivian.

Vivian looked at that simple yet intricate black dagger and puzzledly asked, “This is”

“This is a small gift of appreciation for your recommendation of the grilled fish, Miss Vivian.” Ferdinand got up with a smile.

“I hope to see you again.”

“Then, I will keep it.

Thank you sir.” Vivian didnt reject it.

Ferdinand said that he was in the metal business, so such a little item shouldnt be something very valuable.

Ferdinand settled his bill and left with a helping of red braised pork and rice.

Since it was still early, he decided to go to Rodu to visit his granddaughter first.

In the kitchen, Mag looked at Ferdinand, who was walking away gradually, through the glass with a thoughtful expression.


Rodu, the Black Cat Opera House.

On the brightly-lit stage, the opera actors were immersed in their acting.

Their excellent singing mesmerized the thousands of audience members, making them move along with the plot.

In a dark corner, a middle-aged man quietly appeared and watched the show on the stage judgingly.

The person was Ferdinand who had just come out from Mamy Restaurant.

The long distance between Rodu and Chaos City was completely negligible with the battleship.

“Black Cat Isnt that her username This lass is already out of control at home, and she actually wrote such a ridiculous plot” Ferdinand was looking at Vicki, who was immersed in her acting, with an indulgent smile.

Ferdinand watched the opera seriously for a while and observed the audiences expressions around him.

He couldnt help but nod.

“However, her performance has indeed improved in the past year, and she has even received so much recognition from so many people.

No wonder she doesnt want to go back.”

The bell for the end of the show rang and the lights gradually turned on.

Vicki led all the actors in taking a bow.

Everyone stood up and clapped for a long time.

Ferdinand also stood up gradually and clapped.

The last time that he watched Vicki perform seemed to be her school performance when she was 10-years-old.

Time passed by in a flash and this lass had already grown up.

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